How to fill Thai immigration form? Thai immigration card guide

Thai immigration form/ card is given inside the flight by cabin crew once you board the flight to Thailand. Thai immigration form has two parts: Arrival card and departure card.

You only need to fill in the arrival card while arriving in Thailand. Departure card needs to be left blank. About the departure card, we talk later in the post. The New Arrival card and departure card looks like this:

Thailand New Arrival and Departure card - Immigration Card

Here is the Old Arrival and Departure Card:

Thai Immigration Arrival-Departure Card

Step by step guide on how to fill Thai immigration form:

Family Name:

The family name is similar to your last name or surname is given in the passport. For example, if your name is Vaibhav Singh Rajpoot. Rajpoot will be your last name or family name. Vaibhav Singh will be your first name and middle name respectively.

Visa number:

Visa number field should be left blank. However, if you have already taken the visa in advance, which is rare, you can fill out the visa number.

Address in Thailand:

Many of us would not have an address in Thailand. In this case, you can fill out the address of the hotel you have already booked or you intend to book.

There is also another side of the leaflet where you need to fill in the further details. Another side looks something like this:

Other side of the Thailand immigration arrival form

Type of flight:

Mostly it is a scheduled flight. Charter is for those who come with a chartered plane. That means they come in their private plane.

From/ Port of embarkation:

This means the place or city from where you have boarded your flight to Thailand.

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Next city/ Port of disembarkation:

In this field, you need to fill in the name of the city where you intend to go after your Thai visa on arrival date is expired. For different countries, Thailand offers different duration of visa on arrival stay. For some countries, it is 30 days. For India, it’s 14 days. For example, if you are going to Malaysia after staying in Thailand for 14 days, then you should fill in Malaysia’s city name as your next city. In case, you are returning to India after the 14 days of visa on arrival then the Indian city where you will land should be your next city.

Understand that this form is not your visa on arrival form. Visa on arrival form is different. As the name suggests, this form is for the immigration purpose and it does not guarantee your visa. However, it is submitted along with the visa form once you arrive in Thailand.

Here is the link to Thailand Visa on Arrival Guide

Departure card:

Once you submit the Thai immigration form along with visa form at the visa on arrival counter. They keep the arrival form. Departure form is pinned along with the passport.

So you need to fill in the departure card while you are departing from Thailand. In case you lose the departure card, you can also get them at the airport immigration counter once again.

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  1. Rawle Maynard

    Thanks for the informative info. Will be traveling for the first time to Southeast Asia. Bangkok Thailand here I come.

  2. MortenRB

    it was good, but charter flights means if your plane is chartered by a travel company that maybe flies in on thursdays and saturdays. those are not public open flights. And of course if you fly a private jet…


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