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Trekkerpedia was a blog child of Amar Shekhar when it was started back in October’2012. Since then, Trekkerpedia has never looked back and has scaled different heights year after another. Today, Trekkerpedia is one of the most famous trekking & traveling blog in Bengaluru, Chennai, Karnataka and Tamilnadu.

Trekkerpedia in 2017:

The year 2017 has been a great year for us. Not only, we welcomed our new adventure travel & trekking members but also, we on-boarded bloggers from different cities like Delhi and Dehradun. Besides, on boarding trekkers and bloggers, we also collaborated with adventure travel companies in 2016 and for the first time, Trekkerpedia listed out Booking Himalayan treks online.

Personal trekking journey of Amar Shekhar the persona behind Trekkerpedia:

I am Amar Shekhar. Meet a traveler, a trekker, an amateur writer & a photographer by passion. I find my spiritual solace in the lap of mother nature. I like sharing my traveling experiences through this blog. I am sure this would be as much helpful to as different blogs where I once used to look out for traveling experiences.

With more writings, I started trying my hands on offbeat accounts like cultural experiences, explorations, historical heritages and scientific reasons behind the beautiful events behind the phenomenal beauty of mother nature like monsoon in western Ghats, ways to see the nature, camping experiences in the wild.

I hope to inspire others get out of their comfort zone and see the world through my eyes. Even if I could be able to connect you spirituality through my tales, I would be happy and surprised to myself too!!!

A plot of places I have been to…..in India & Europe

Places I have been to in India-About-me-TrekkerpediaPlaces I have been to in Europe- About Me- Trekkerpedia

Getting admitted at Sainik School Bhubaneshwar poured in gallons of adventure and dare to think beyond inside of me. Then I moved over to Kota but most of my times were spent in traveling around on my rickety bicycle and seeing the magnificent forts of Rajasthan. Doing my Engineering from NCR, Delhi, I was never too far from cold holy water of Ganges and valleys of Dehradun.

It was not until my first job in Chennai when I got introduced to the Eastern Ghats as well as Western Ghats. And, I never saw myself having enough out of each new place I went to being it Mahabalipuram, treks in the Western Ghats or through the monsoon rains of Kerala.

I, purposefully, came to Bangalore to explore more of Western Ghats and I must say, I made the best uncanny decision of my life.

In January, 2014, I went to Germany for internship and I had a limitless life there because I already had the best already-made European friends in the world. Within the span of six months I could see half of the European area from old town squares to saxony swiss mountains to over night clubs to days-long camping….

My way of traveling: My experimentals

I like to plan everything before hand from matchbox to road taxes. Nonetheless, the more unplanned-yet-planned the journey would be, the more I enjoy it. I love walking through the narrow streets, sitting alone at the ridge for the sunrise, tasting the last pancake at midnight or just shooting for the perfect picture.trekkerpedia about-me

Well, this has also led me to my spinal cord fracture and other time, more than 20 leech bytes all over my body. But, things happen for good I guess.

Where do I myself in upcoming days?

I really don’t know. I feel that life itself is an adventure. If you know where you would be, you probably are missing the otherside of the fence part of your life.trekkerpedia about-me-

Well, sometimes, I dream of shooting and snaping wilderness; sometimes writing a romantic novel with flares and flavors of adventurism in that or sometimes just losing my identity for days and escaping from the mundane society.

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E-mail: amar_shekhar2005@yahoo.com

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40 Replies to “About Trekkerpedia”

  1. Ajmal

    Hello Mr Amar Shekhar… i am the incharge forest officer of Brahmagiri peak trekking @ Thirunelli- wayanad kerala. Your all information about Brahmagiri trekking is outdated and need to upgrade. Don’t share false information. Please contact me immediately.-


  2. Amit kr. Singh

    Hi, Bhaia i’m Amit kr.singh from ara. I’m study in class 10 in jean paul’s High school.
    I’m your very big fan i can’t explain my fan level towards you.
    and i want to follow your footprints.
    I meet first time you at Ramyash, “Bihta”
    I have been read The girl from the woods twice nd loved ?? it.
    I want to be like you nd i’m always inspired from you can you Guide me please Bhaia i ‘m very grateful to you . ?????

  3. nitin

    hello, iam planning for anthargange night trek with my college friends. Is it safe for night trek? do we need a guide for night trek?, we r coming by bus, so is there place over there for parking the bus

  4. akshay hebbar

    Hi.. I am planning to visit Gandikot, Andhra sometime this month.. I wanted to know if I can plan to camp near hill side? any suggestions you can provide would be great. Is it safe for Women ? Pls share your inputs..

    • trekkerp Post author

      Yes, you can camp near the hillside. Though villagers are really peaceful and helpful but I can’t fully assure the safety of a woman in India.

      • srijith

        Thank you for the informative blogs for the wanderlust & trekkers. I’m planning to go for a ride and camping in Gandikota and Belum Caves in the Second week of May’17. I would like to know your suggestion of the suitable season to travel and enjoy the moments in those locations.

      • trekkerp Post author

        A suitable season would be winter because the Gandikota area because of the rocks gets warm very quickly. Even if you are traveling in the month of may, try to be early.

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  6. Baba

    Too good a site and excellent experience demonstrated !
    Planning for a trek to Kumar Parvata on 16th and 17th Jan 2016. Read about fire accident around Kumar Parvata. What are the chances for 16th and 17th Jan 2016? Would need your help, support, advice and guidance. Thanks !


    Excellent Blog Site. Quick Response and very pro-active when questions are asked. I never expected such a quick response from your end. Great going ! Keep up the good work.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Abhay,

      I searched for you over google and found many results which suggest that you are also an avid traveller. Would love to take advice in future and surely would like to contact again.

  8. anurag baraskar

    hi amar i am solo bacpaking trip in weresthan ghat with dud sagar and gokarn in oct 2015 call 919926340252

  9. Prabhakaran

    Can you please help guide a group of 10 people to trek in thadiyandamol or mandalpatti? the group would be staying in club mahindra virajpet

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Prabhakaran,

      I would be more than happy to do so. Can you please send me the details including dates, number of people, from where you would be joining me or vice-versa; Do you plan to camp at the top?; transportation; trekking gears like tents or sleeping bags if you need @ amar_shekhar2005@yahoo.com

  10. Amit Kumar

    Hey Amar…. It’s great to see you in Avatar of a Born Roamer. I have been a great fan of yours since I came to know about you and met you. Wishing you a great journey ahead…many more destinations to be explored…;)

    • trekkerp Post author

      Amit bhai, nothing is complete without roaming around with the pack of special friends. I wish and here by, with great pleasure ask you to join me sometimes; might not be now even later but I would surely need your presence on some really really bigger ocassion. 🙂 Miss you bro 🙂

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi ravi, sales hour to yedakumeri railway trek is banned now. However, you can take a chance if you get permission at the sales hour station master

  11. Mohan

    Guy, you are blessed, for being able to travel so much! Coming down to India for 3 weeks holiday, starting July 267th. I hope to visit some worth while location to carry memories back to Dubai. I liked your notes on Kumara Parvatha.


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