Thai visa on arrival application form card guide for Tourist visa

Here is a complete guide for the tourists traveling to Thailand for Visa on Arrival procedure and all the required documents needed.

List of required documents for Visa on Arrival in Thailand:

  • A flight return ticket showing the departure from Thailand in 15 days or less than that.
  • A valid passport. A valid passport is a passport which is valid for the next six months. That means It should not expire in next six months. Every passport will have an expiry date at the back of it. Just make sure that the passport is not expiring within next six months.
  • One passport size color photographs against the white background of size 40 mm by 60 mm. This photograph has to be given at the visa on arrival counter along with the application form once you arrive in Thailand.
  •  1000 Thai Baht (Baht is Thai currency) as Visa fee.
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  • Evidence of sufficient finance. 10000 Baht or 250 US dollars per person if traveling alone or 20000 baht or 500 US dollars per family

Thai Visa on arrival procedure:

Before I start explaining, there are two kinds of form that I would be explaining, one is Thai immigration form and another is the Visa on arrival form.

You get Thai immigration form in the flight which has two parts, arrival card, and the departure card. However, visa on arrival form can be obtained from the visa on arrival office at any of airports in Thailand.

You submit the arrival card of the Thai immigration form along with the visa on arrival form. Departure card is submitted when you are going to leave Thailand.

Thai Visa on arrival procedure:

  • Once you board the flight to Thailand, you will be given Thai immigration form in the flight. Just fill it and keep that safe. This form has two parts, arrival part, and departure part. So fill out the arrival part. It’s an easy form. If you do not know what to fill or how to fill in the immigration form, ask someone or may be your Indian co-passenger.
  • Arrival part of the Thai immigration form is submitted along with the visa on arrival form and the departure part is submitted when you are about to leave Thailand.
  • Once you land, you will see big boards on the terminal which read out Visa on Arrival counter direction.
  • Once you reach to the Visa on arrival counter, you will see a white form there. These forms are the visa on arrival form. There are some entries in that form. You will need to fill out that form. It had fields like a surname, full name, an address in Thailand, passport number, passport expiry date, flight number, the purpose of your visit etc.
  • Do not paste the photograph on it even if it has got a photo place.
  • About the address in Thailand. An address will need a name of the person and an address where you plan to stay. You can also write the name of the hotel where you have planned to stay even if you have not booked that.
  • Once you fill out the form, along with 1000 baht visa fee, a photograph, return flight ticket print out and passport, you give them these to the counter.
  • They will then send you to the immigration officer. Immigration officer sits just next there.
  • They check out the details and if everything is fine, they let you in.
  • About Evidence of sufficient funding. You can exchange currency in India also. Check for the currency exchange rate and buy Thai baht. Take the receipt of the exchange with you. You might need to show at the Visa on arrival counter in Thailand. They did not ask me to show them but they might ask you. Most often, they don’t ask.
  • You can also bring money in dollars. They are easy to carry. Just a few notes of dollars. Don’t worry about the exchange. At the airport in Thailand/ Bangkok, just opposite to the Visa on arrival office, there are 4-5 legal currency exchange stalls. You can exchange your currency as many as you want. They give at a good rate and there are no chances of getting ripped off.

Thailand visa on arrival form

Photograph 4 cm by 6 cm:

The Photograph should be of a light background. I think Thai visa on arrival office sometimes makes an exception on this. When I arrived in Thailand, my photograph was although a passport photograph but was of different size. In fact, many people had smaller photographs and visa on arrival office accepted all of them. However, it’s good to bring the photograph in required size.

Family Name:

A Family name is similar to your last name or surname, given in the passport. For example, if your name is Vaibhav Singh Rajpoot. Rajpoot will be your last name or family name. Vaibhav Singh will be your first name and middle name respectively.

Passport details:

fields like nationality, passport number, date and place of issue, expiry date, date of birth could be found from the passport.

Permanent address:

With time addresses change. Permanent address need not be the same as mentioned on your passport. You can give any address where you are currently living.

Name of address of person for reference in Thailand:

If you have any friend or relative, well and good. However, if you know no one and you are going on your own then you can fill “self” or even “none”. In the address, just put the address of the hotel where you are going to stay first. It might happen that you might change your location but you just need to put in the hotel address. If you have not even booked a hotel, put the address of the hotel where you intend to stay.
In case you are going to live privately with your friend, then you can give your friend’s name and address.
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The Signature should be same as your signature on the passport.

Visa fee:

Visa fee is 1000 Baht. visa fee needs to be given along with the visa on arrival application form and Thai immigration form which you get in the flight. If you do not have Thai currency or Thai baht, there are many registered currency exchange counter at the airport. From there you can convert and exchange your money into Thai baht and pay the visa application fee. There is no credit card or any other currency acceptance system.

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  1. Ramsankar

    If I stay in two locations like 4days in pattaya and 3days in Bangkok can I put two hotel address in the form VOA and immigration form?

  2. Vijender

    Oct 2015 i reach bangkok i field imegration form address bangkok but my friend relative not recive me airport so i go to i phase which troble.

  3. Naveen S

    I’m not able to find the visa on arrival form which is fillable online. Any idea where I can find it? Thanks.


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