Best One Day Cycling trips from Bangalore

Bangalore is situated in between the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats makes an ideal place for traveling towards the Western Ghats or the Eastern Ghats. Here is a list of some of the best places around Bangalore for the cycling trips. These trips can also be completed within a day.

Ideally, these trips range from 70 to 150 Km which can be comfortably covered in a single day which is regularly into cycling. Places around Bangalore for the Cycling trips in one day:

Makalidurga trek railwa track

Distance from Bangalore: 60Km
Ghati Subramanya is located at a distance of around 60 Km towards the north of Bangalore ahead of Dodaballapura. Once you reach there, there are a few important places which can be covered around:

  • Sir M.Vishweshwaraiah Dam
  • Ghati Subramanya temple
  • Starting point of the Makalidurga trek

At the starting point of the Maklidurga trek, there is also a railway track. The view is awesome there.

  • Kaiwara National park

Distance from Bangalore: 75 Km
Kaiwara national park is situated at a distance of around 80 Km from Bangalore in the North-East towards Chintamani in Andhra Pradesh. There is a lot to see near Kaiwara. Some of the places of interest which can be covered on cycle nearby are:

  • Kaiwara lake
  • Temples around
  • Thathayya cave
  • Kaiwara zoo

Kaiwara is also famous for greenery and cool weather over there.

  • Nandi hills

On the way to Nandi Hills

Distance from Bangalore: 70Km
Nandi hills are already famous among the Bangaloreans for the short weekend outing. There are also cycling groups in Bangalore which organize regular cycling trips to Nandi hills.

  • Sri Kailasagiri

Distance from Bangalore: 80 Km
Kailasagiri is a small hillock just ahead of Kaiwara national park on which you can easily ride with your cycle. From the hill top, you get a nice view of the Chintamani town as well the Kaiwara national park hills.

  • Hoskote lake

Distance from Bangalore: 25 Km
Hoskote lake is located just before the town of Hoskote towards Kolar. It is famous among people who like bird watching, parasailing, photographers etc.

  • Antara Gange

Anthragange hill top

Distance from Bangalore: 70Km
Antara Gange is situated to the East of Bangalore just before the town of Kolar. However, if you are planning to cycle there, you won’t be able to go beyond the parking lot where people park their vehicles before going for the Antara gange trek.

I would rather suggest you going towards the Teerhalli and Paparajanahalli which are on the another side of the Antara Gange hills. You can also just explore around for the caves.

  • Chikka Tirupathi

Distance from Bangalore: 40 Km
Chikka Tirupathi is famous for regarded as next to the Tirumala Tirupathi because these both places have the same God. Know more here about Chikka Tirupathi

  • Kelavarapelli reservoir

Distance from Bangalore: 50 Km
Kelavarapelli reservoir is situated towards the south East of Bangalore near Hosur town in the Krishnagiri district of Tamilnadu. The dam is very scenic and offers an awesome view with birds, palm trees, water, and dam construction.

  • Muthayala Maduvu / Pearl valley

Distance from Bangalore: 40 KM
Muthayala Maduvu also known as the pearl valley is situated towards the south of Bangalore near Anekal. It is known for its small stream of waterfalls which falls like a pearl. That’s why this place is known as pearl valley.

  • Mahadeshwara lake/ Thattekere lake

Distance from Bangalore: 45 Km
Mahadeshwara lake also known as the Thattekere lake is also situated towards the south of Bangalore. I would say this is one of the most beautiful lakes around Bangalore which is not so polluted.

  • Muninagara dam

Muninagara dam Distance from Bangalore: 40 Km
Muninagara dam is situated just at the edge of Ragihalli state forest in Ramanagara district of Karnataka towards the south of Bangalore. Though this dam is not as big as Mahadeshwara lake still it is beautiful.

  • Manchanabele dam & Savana Durga forest

manchanbele dam and savanadurga in the background

Manchanbele dam Distance from Bangalore: 35 Km
Manchanbele dam is one of the most beautiful dams around Bangalore situated at the foothills of Savana Durga forest. The way from Savana Durga foothills to the Manchanabele dam is also beautiful because it passes through a reserve forest.

  • Thippagondanahalli Dam

Thippagondanahalli dam distance from Bangalore: 35 Km
Thippagondanahalli dam is situated to the west of Bangalore on the Magadi road. It is also situated towards the north of the Manchanabele dam. The bridge over the dam is the most attractive and spectacular part. This dam is bigger and more beautiful compared to Manchanbele dam.

  • Turahalli forest

Thurahalli forest cycling

Distance from Bangalore: 20 Km
Turahalli forest is just situated in the vicinity of Bangalore near to the Nice road. It is full of Eucalyptus trees and there are also a few viewpoints from where you can see the Bangalore. Read More here about Thurahalli forest

  • Nelligudde kere

Nelligudde Kere distance from Bangalore: 45 Km
Nelligudde Kere is situated towards the South West of Bangalore on the Bangalore Mysore roadnear Bidadi in Ramanagara district. This reservoir is famous for high bunds around the reservoir which form a long circular viewpoint and can also be easily accessible from anywhere.

  • Shivagange


Shivgange distance from Bangalore: 55 Km
Shivgange is famous for the Shiva temple at the top and a small hike. There are many short treks around Bangalore. Also, know more about the Shivagange trek.

  • Avalahalli state forest

Avalahalli state forest distance from Bangalore: 25 Km
Avalahalli state forest is situated towards the north edge of Bangalore at the border of the Bangalore town after Yelahanka town. Within the city, it is a good place to take a breath.

  • Hasiru valley

Hasiru valley distance from Bangalore: 45 Km
Hasiru valley offers one of the most scenic valley view nearer to Bangalore. It is situated towards the south of Bangalore after Anekal. It also lies in the same direction and the road on which the pearl valley is situated. On the Google map, you might not see a road beyond Hasiru Valley Adventure park. But there is an offroad and that offers one of the best views of the valley.

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