Thurahalli forest Guide from Bangalore: Cycling to Thurahalli

Thurahalli forest is located on the outskirts of Bangalore near Hosahalli, Vajarahalli road off Bangalore- Kanakpura road. Thurahalli forest has become famous among the Bangaloreans for the scenic beauty, viewpoints, shortest gateways from Bangalore on Weekend and morning drive.

Thurahalli forest view points

Thurahalli forest from Bangalore:

Thurahalli is situated in the southern part of Bangalore. It is situated off the Kanakpura road. I would recommend going there by your own vehicle as public transport is hardly there to that area. Some more information about the Thurahalli forest is given below:

  • Thurahalli forest entry fee: There is no entry fee to the Thurahalli forest. It is open all the time.
  • Thurahalli forest timings: There is no timings as such but try to reach there before the sunrise or just after the sunrise. The weather will be cool and there will be a lot to see.

Thurahalli forest parking

There is no parking as such but you can either take your vehicle inside the forest or leave it at the entrance itself. There are small trenches dug at the entrance so it might be hard to take your car inside the forest but you can surely take the bike inside. However, it would be better if you could park your vehicle outside the forest, leaving Nature to itself.

Other facilities at Thurahalli forest

There are not any other facilities at Thurahalli forest like a restroom or any shops. So, please carry everything on your own.

Best time to visit Thurahalli forest:

Best time to visit Thurahali forest is any day in the morning. In the summer, around 8’o clock the sun could get harsh while in winter, it could extend until 9’o clock.

Thurahalli viewpoints and things to see:

Thurahalli forest is also famous for the viewpoints from where you can see the Urban forest or the Urban Bangalore along with the view of the nice road, palm groves and the Eucalyptus forest while seating at a peak. The viewpoint is shown below in the map:

Thurahalli forest map

Bird Watching in Thurahalli forest:

Thurahalli forest is also famous among the birdwatchers and bird photographers. You can easily spot, Bee-eaters, Bulbuls, Kites, Cuckoos, Babblers, Drongos, Peafowls. In the morning, you can also see the peacocks cooing, and falcons hovering in the sky. Bangalore Adventure School organises rappelling and canyoneering courses in the Thurahalli forest. You can also join them.

Cycling to Thurahalli forest:

Thurahalli forest has also become famous among the cyclists from Bangalore. Cyclists from the different parts of Bangalore ride to Thurahalli forest. Here are some of the tips if you are also planning to ride until Thurahalli forest:

Thurahalli forest cycling

  • Start in the morning as early as possible. If you can reach Silk board around 5:30 then you can reach Thurahalli by 7 on the average.
  • Cycling in the morning will prevent you from the exhaustion and also more importantly, from the Bangalore traffic.
  • Carry sufficient amount of water. While returning, you might face a lot of traffic as there is a metro construction going on the Kanakpura road, so expect a lot of traffic. The late you return, the more traffic you see.
  • If you think you can take the NICE road, they won’t allow cyclists on the NICE road.

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