Zurich Travel Experience, Switzerland

Switzerland is like a dream paradise for every tourist. I also had the same dreams in my eyes when I was planning my visit to Switzerland. Since Zurich was the nearest city in the Switzerland to Lake Constance and the Rhine falls, I decided to go to the Zurich – the business hub of Switzerland.

When I and Sam decided to see Zurich, the first thing that was on our mind was that Zurich is going to be an expensive city. We had started out the journey from Nuremberg in a car and we had arrived Zurich after covering the Lake Constance and the Rhine falls.

Zurich town view along river Limmat from Lindenhof hill

Entering into Switzerland by car from Germany:

When I was going to visit Prague by a bus or a train (public transport), the vehicle or the train would stop at the border. Then the police will enter inside to check the passport. In some cases, they will take some random passport for the deeper verification. However, the case was different when you try to enter another country by car.

When we were about to enter Switzerland, I was expecting a big check center just like those we have in India like Highways tolls but that was not the case. There were two to three gates where police were standing and they just looked at us and our passports and allowed us to go inside.

Some of the things which I was not aware of that once you enter another country, you have to pay the highway tax. Highway tax was quite high in the Switzerland compared to Germany. So, we needed to use the streets or non-highways. However, those roads are also superb where you can easily drive at around 80 Kph.

Hotel booking experience in Zurich:

When I was looking for the hotels online in Zurich, most of the listed hotels were costly. I mean really costly. So we had decided to stay on the outskirts of the city because we had a car. However, even staying in a room, in the outskirts of the city cost us around 50 Euros. The hotels would not have any receptionist or staff there.

I think that was because hiring a person to take care of it would involve a lot of labor charge. Switzerland and especially Zurich being a costly country would surely involve a lot of cost in hiring someone. But the hotel was nice and had a lot of amenities including a kitchen. Since the food was costly there, we decided to go to a grocery store and prepare our own food.

Later, we found shops & restaurants nearby where we packed our food and ate in the hotel later. One thing which was really surprising for us was that there were a lot of Indian travelers in the Zurich. I and Sam were astonished to see so many Indian travelers in one of the costliest countries in the world.

Food Experience in Zurich:

When we arrived there after covering two other places, we were already hungry. So, the first thing that we were looking around for was the food. We inquired was for the Falafel. It was priced around 8 to 9 Euros compared to 3 to 4 Euros in Germany. Anyway, we had to eat something as we were hungry. The same high pricing goes for the other stuff like coffee and regular food. Thanks to Sam’s father that we had some extra currency in our pocket.

Locals experience in Zurich:

I would not say that locals are impolite but they like to be reserved. Places to see in Zurich are situated nearby. You can grab a map and start seeing the places on your own. However, there will sometimes when you need to ask a street address or when you need to seek help from the locals about the same. Maybe because of the high tourist’s footfalls, locals in Zurich have stopped giving attention to the tourists.

Places to experience in Zurich:

There are a lot of places to experience in Zurich. Most of them are old architectural places like churches and museums from the medieval times.

Lake Zurich:

Though we could not go to the lake Zurich because it was too cold out there but I have heard a lot about this lake. This is mostly famous for the panoramic view of the Alps and small hamlets situated on the outskirts of the Zurich.

River Limmat in Zurich

River Limmat in Zurich

Grossmünster & Fraumünster Churches:

These two churches are the iconic Romanesque cathedral churches in Zurich. They are situated on the banks of river Limmat and they are really beautiful. Grossmünster is situated on the east bank of river Limmat and Fraumünster is situated on the west bank of river Limmat.

GrossMunster church in Zurich

GrossMunster church in Zurich

Lindenhof park and hill:

Lindenhof became one of my favorite places to spend time in Zurich. Even though I spent around just an hour on the Lindenhof hill or Lindenhof park, it was so awesome. You get a panoramic view of the city of Zurich and the river Limmat from this viewpoint.

Lindenhof was also special to me because you can still see the Roman castle medieval walls. Though the city of Zurich has undergone fortification but the Roman walls are still visible from there. If you are a photographer, you would love taking the pictures from the Lindenhof hill. The park has just trees.

GrossMunster church in Zurich

GrossMunster church in Zurich

Zurich Boat Ride:

Bridges in the Zurich are very low hanging when compared to the other cities. For Example, when I was there in Prague or in Budapest, the bridges made over the river crossing through the town were high enough for a ferry to pass. But that was not the case with the Zurich.

Zurich sightseeing boat

Zurich sightseeing boat

In Zurich, the bridges are very low. However, they still conduct a boat sight-seeing ride on river Limmat through Zurich. The thing is that the boat is very low in height. So that it can easily cross the bridges. So if you are wondering if you can take an open ride to see the city in a boat. Then, that’s not possible.

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  1. shailesh Gupta

    Really good experience to see Zurich through your eyes.Though I or some people can’t afford to go and visit those places.You people are creating interface to connect with dots of world.


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