Lake Constance & Rhine Falls

Lake Constance is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the Europe. It shares the international border with three major countries of Europe and those are Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The sharing of the border makes lake Constance interesting places to visit in Europe.

Lake Constance:

Lake Constance is situated on the river Rhine, one of the major rivers of the Germany on which the famous Rhine falls forms. Also, being situated in the Northern foothills of the Alps, this lake is also fed by the glaciers from the Alps. Lake Constance majorly lies in Germany. It is divided into three lakes which together form it. The three lakes are

  • Bodensee
  • Ubersee and,
  • Untersee (See in German is lake)
Lake constance on a cloudy day

Lake constance on a cloudy day

Tourism in Lake Constance:

Sharing the international border with three countries, lake Constance offers a lot of tourism in its area. Being situated at the northern foothills of the Alps mountain, Lake Constance offers a panoramic view of the landscapes of the lake Constance with the Alps in the backdrop. Besides, there are some specific regions where you can take different sports, touristic and recreational activities.

Spot satellite region is famous for different activities like sightseeing, water, and winter sports like Skiing, Swimming, Sailing etc. Besides these activities, there are cities and towns around the Constance lake where you can take different activities and do sightseeing. Places of Interests around Lake Constance are:

  • Bodenseeufer (Bodman-Ludwigshafen)
  • Immenstaad
  • Friedrichshafen
  • Bregenz
  • Konstanz
  • Mainau
  • Meersburg
  • Reichenau
  • Halbinsel Mettnau
  • Bodenseeufer (Konstanz)

The places of interests listed above include places with churches, market, lake views, Alps views, landscapes, natural reserves, island etc.

Besides the above-mentioned places of interests around Lake Constance, there is also a biking trail of length around 261 km “Bodensee-Radweg”. If you love Biking, you might be riding along this trail as it brings riders to some of the most interesting sites and goes around the whole lake.

Near ferry point on lake Constance

Near ferry point on lake Constance

Vehicles on a ferry on lake constance

Vehicles on a ferry on lake constance

Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls is said to be the largest plain waterfall in Europe situated in the country of Switzerland formed over the river Rhine. The Rhine is the same river which falls into the Lake Constance mentioned above. The Rhine falls has the following dimensions:

The Rhine falls Width: 490 feet
The Rhine falls Height: 75 feet

Rhine falls and water fog

Rhine falls and water fog

Rhine Falls Tourism:

There are several ways in which Rhine falls can be experienced. Following are the ways in which Rhine falls can be experienced:

  • Taking a boat to the falls
  • Watching the waterfalls from the viewpoints made on both side of the Rhine falls
  • Going nearer to the river Rhine on the upper side just before it turns into a waterfall.

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