Skandagiri night trek, Bangalore: Route map guide

Skandagiri hill lies north of Bangalore in Chikballapur district in the same range of Nandi hills. Skandagiri trek information is given below:

How to Reach Skandagiri trek?

Search for “Papagni Math, Karnataka 562103” on google maps. Google will guide you with a google map route until there. Papagni Math is the temple at the base of the trek.
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Skandagiri is situated around 65 Kms from Bangalore.

Skandagiri Trek information:

Level of the trek: Easy to medium
Trek length: 3-4 Kms
Time to Trek: 3 hour

To the right to the Papagni Math, take the immediate left and walk for 100 meters on the plain path before you hit the trek. Keep walking until you find the rock with marking “TO HILLS”. Do not forget to turn left from planes into a very narrow path to the hills. There are arrows marks throughout the Skandagiritrail, Just make sure you do not miss them.

Skandagiri sunrise clouds fogs

There is no need of taking a guide. The trail is pretty easy and straight forward. If you can keep following the trail, you will reach to the top easily. Local people offer the trek guidance for around 300-400 rupees. It is better to rely on GPS and find your own way if you are in a group of around 4-5 people at least. You can also park your vehicle near to the Papagni Math. But be aware of the localities misbehaviour.
Bike parking charges: 50
Car parking charges: 200
Tempo traveller: 400

On skandagiri night trek

But there are chances of theft and broken windows glasses. Until you do not have a driver who is not going to stay inside the car, do not leave your car behind, especially on the night trek.
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The area around is famous for thieves. 
There are some small shops at the top but the prices are very high like 50/water bottle; 30/maggi plate; 50/small apple juice etc. These shops are closed at night but are open in the morning.

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22 Replies to “Skandagiri night trek, Bangalore: Route map guide”

  1. mammu

    Hi Team,

    we are planning for a day trek to skandagiri on this sunday,
    Is it allowed are banned
    could you please give more details on this


  2. Robert Rajesh

    HI, We planned to skandagiri this week. Can u please tell me whether day time Trekking Allowed or Restricted ??

  3. Ramya

    Hi ,

    Me and my friends are planning for a night trek to skandagiri on 11th june.. need some details about this.. Are they allowing people for night trek now a days? how much it might cost if we go with our own transport..??

      • Mounica reddy

        We are planning for night trek at june 30…is there any possibilites for night trek or completely banned and also can give any one of the contact number for more information

  4. sharathkumar

    We are planning for night trek on 25th night
    Is that OK

    Do we need any certificate on trecking

    • trekkerp Post author

      NO you do not need any kind of trekking on skandagiri… its okay as well… sometimes policemen might trouble you so be safe

  5. Naveen

    Myself and few of my friends went to Skandagiri in October and we were blocked by the village people as there was some incident.,.. I would like to know is the trekking allowed now in skandagiri??

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Naveen,

      Skandagiri trek has always been one of the most controversial treks near Bangalore. Most of the times, people make it and many a times, people are also unable to make it.
      Officially, Skandagiri trek is banned. The reason being a lot of Incidents because it is one of the favorite points for people having suicidal tendencies. I hope you are getting me what am I trying to say here. It purely depends on our luck. However, there are also and in fact a lot of trekking places around Bangalore just like skandagiri. Here is the link:


      Try some of these places. They are realy good.

  6. Oliver

    We went to skandagiri on the 3rd oct 2015(Saturday), parked our vehicle in the Chikkaballapur town and took autos to the foothills. 5 of us left from bangalore it took us 2hrs from hennur via the route you suggested. I followed your reviews and found it very useful so i thought we’ll go.

    The ride was amazing, but it started pouring once we reached chikballapur. Due to the rain and since we reached at 10pm the autos demanded 200 rupees for a one way fare. But seeing no other way to reach the destination we reluctantly took two autos.

    The route from the town was pitch black as there was a power cut in the town, the road and the surrounding region was also not visible. Only for a second when the lighting struck could we see the surrounding in a flash. The ride was scary as the roads we flooded and very narrow, the auto driver claimed to have taken us on a route through the village which was one of the three route suggested on google maps.

    1km before papagni math one person came with a flashlight and blocked the road, he claimed to be a forest official and prevented us from going any further. He was pretty strict and said that all treks are cancelled even during the day as a leopard had attacked cattle in the surrounding region. This seemed too fake, but we had to listen, we tried persuading him but he refused.

    With no other option we had to return disappointed. Since we took the same auto he demanded us another 200 to go back, or else drop us there. But at 10:45 stranded in a place none of us knew we paid 300 to each auto for both ways.

    This seemed difficult to believe as so many other people have trekked before and enjoyed the trek and the sunrise. I thought this whole experience was a scam to loot the tourists. Easy money for both parties the auto guy could have had a agreement with the official. But i don’t want to be judgemental about the proceeding but would take it as a learning experience. Can you please let me know if they have actually banned trekking to the hills or these guys are making a business giving us false information.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Yes you can go for this trek throughout the year but best time to go for the trek is after monsoon and in winter. Due to unfortunate incident at skandagiri, now-a-days police camp there to prevent people from going for the night trek.

      However people still got there.

      • Rahul

        Hello !! My name is Rahul Trekking is an awesome experience !! I love trekking Escpecially with my Friends
        and they love too..Skandigiri trek is also good!!
        Would like to go Trekking Tour in Nepal with my friends would be an awesome experience….!!!

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