Golden Ears Peak Hike

The Golden Ears peak hike is one of the most beautiful & hardest hikes near Vancouver. It is often called by other names such as Golden Ears summit hike, Golden Ears hike, Golden Ears trail, etc. Hikers usually start this hike from the West canyon trailhead side.

Golden Ears Hike Summary

  • Round trip: 24 km
  • Time: 12 hours
  • Elevation gain: 1500 meters
  • Season: July to September
  • Camping allowed: Yes
  • Difficulty: Difficult

Golden Ears Hiking Guide Video

First 3km on Golden Ears Hike

The first three kilometers of the Golden Ears hike are pretty flat and easy. The hiking trail is wide and graveled. You also cross two bridges made across water streams. After almost three kilometers, you reach the junction of lower falls & the Golden Ears Trail. Take left from there. The trail becomes a bit steep after that. Also, the trail is no wider and is full of boulders.

Golden Ears Trailhead
Golden Ears & Lower Falls Junction

Golden Creek Lookout at 4km

The Golden creek lookout, or also called the Gold creek lookout, is located at 4km i.e. 1km further to lower falls & Golden Ears trail junction. You get a nice view of the east and west side of the gold creek.

Gold Creek Lookout

East canyon trail & Golden Ears trail junction @4.7km

At the next junction, the East Canyon trail joins the Golden Ears Trail. Continue on the Golden Ears Trail. Hikers doing the Golden Ears Canyon loop hike take the East Canyon trail to cross from the West side of the Golden Creek over to the east side of the gold creek to complete the loop trail. The trail continues to be steep from here.

Golden Ears & East Canyon Trail

Last drinking waterpoint @5km

As you continue, you will cross multiple small water streams. At 5km, you will see the last drinking water point. There is also a signboard there. The hike continues in this area and this area is called Alder Flats.

Last drinking water point on Golden Ears hike

Alder Flats @ 5.7km

Hikers often pitch their camp here overnight and attempt to complete the Golden Ears peak the next day in the morning. The trail becomes a little steeper and bouldery after the Alder flats. Since this is a camping ground, you will also see a washroom towards your right on the way near campsites. The terrain also becomes rocky after Alder flats.

Golden Ears Peak viewpoint @7.5km

At 7.5km, you will reach a point that offers a very clear view of the Golden Ears peak. The trail takes right up from here starting with some stairs. The trail beyond this point becomes very steep & technical as there are multiple steep stairs and tree roots that you will have to cross.

Staircases on Golden Ears Hike
Tree Roots on Golden Ears Hike
Technical Steps on Golden Ears Hike

Another viewpoint @8.5km

The technical part ends at around 8.5km and lasts for about 1km from the previous point in the previous paragraph. At this point, you get a 360-degree view of the nearby peaks as well as the trail continues along a ridge.

Pitt lake view @10km

Along the way, you will also get the Pitt lakeview. Though there are multiple points along the hiking trail from where you get an astonishing view of the Pitt lake.

Pitt Lakeview from Golden Ears Hike

Golden Ears Peak Cabin @ 11km

At 11km, you arrive to the Golden Ears Cabin. Besides the cabin, there are a few campsites as well. The cabin has washroom facility but you are not allowed to stay overnight in the cabin as the cabin is only for the emergency.

Golden Ears Hike Cabin near Peak
Golden Ears Peak view from Cabin

Golden Ears Hiking Tips

  • Please make sure to carry enough water as the hike is very long and hard
  • Please make sure to start your hike as early as possible as the hike takes a long time
  • At some sections of the hike, it might become very slippery after the rain. So, please keep that in your mind.
  • ¬†Golden Ears Park is open from 7 am to 11 pm so if you intend to complete this hike in a day without camping or being locked behind the gate in the park then you must start early.
  • The West parking lot can fill up fast so please make sure to start early

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