Golden Ears Canyon Loop Hike (Golden Ears Canyon West & East Loop)

Golden ears canyon loop has become one of the famous hikes near Vancouver especially after the construction of the east-west connector bridge which joins the west canyon loop to the east canyon loop. Situated in the Golden ears provincial park, the gold creek loop trail offers a very nice view of the mountains, river, waterfalls, etc.

From Vancouver to the trailhead parking lot

Driving from Vancouver to the Golden ears takes around an hour and 20 minutes to reach the trailhead. Though there are a number of campgrounds and parking lots, however, this is the parking lot where we decided to park our vehicle. Here is the google map location of the parking lot

Golden Ears Loop Hike

Parking lot to lower falls

From the parking lot to the lower falls hike is 2.5 Kms. It is flat, wide, and easy to walk. You basically walk along the gold creek. En route lower falls, you will also get a few nice views of the golden ears. 

view along the east canyon trail

Lower Falls to East Canyon Trail

After reaching lower falls, you will have to climb up to the East Canyon trail. This is an approximately 500 meters steep climb. After that, you take a left and start hiking on the east canyon trail. Once you meet the East canyon trail, the walk is simple. You can hear the water stream sound from the creek to your left but you might not see the water because of the forest.

lower falls

Viewpoint beach (Beyond East-West Connector Bridge)

Once you join the east canyon trail, keep following the trail. After a KM, you will see the east-west connector to your left. It is the bridge that connects the east canyon to the west canyon. Do not take/ cross the bridge yet if you want to see the viewpoint beach. Continue straight for the viewpoint beach. The viewpoint beach is around 750 meters further on the same East Canyon trail. Spend some time on the beach. 

Golden ears canyon loop hiking trail

Golden ears canyon loop hiking trail

Viewpoint beach to West Canyon Trail

Return back from Viewpoint beach to the East-West connector and cross the bridge to enter the West side of the canyon. After crossing the bridge, continue straight for the next 600 meters. You will come across the signboard showing the route to West Canyon parking and another to Alder flats & Golden Ears peak. Follow the sign to West Canyon Parking. Keep following and after another 750 meters, you will come across the gold creek viewpoint. Gold creek viewpoint gives a nice view of the gold creek along with east and west canyon views. 

gold creek view

West Canyon Lower Falls Trail Junction

You will reach West canyon lower falls trail junction approx 750 meters after the gold creek viewpoint. Continue straight to the parking lot. You can also see the lower falls from the west side of the canyon but this is not as scenic as seeing lower falls from the east canyon. 

West canyon steep trail

West Canyon Parking lot

West canyon parking lot is 3.11 KM from the West Canyon Lower Falls Trail junction. 

Golden Ears Canyon Loop Hike landmarks

  • Gold Creek Parking
  • Lower falls
  • viewpoint beach (beyond east-west connector)
  • Return to east-west connector
  • Golden ears peak fork
  • gold creek lookout
  • West Canyon Lower Falls Trail Junction
  • Parking lot

Golden Ears hiking trail summary

  • Total hiking distance: 11 Km
  • Hiking time: Around 5 hours
  • Highest point: 381 meters (1250 feet)
  • Dogs allowed on leash
  • Camping: there are a lot of camping sites near the parking lot. Check their website for more details
  • Best season to do the chief hike: March to November
  • Elevation gain: 13 meters (40 feet)

Golden Ears Canyon Loop Hike Video

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