Big Cedar and Kennedy Falls hikes, North Vancouver

Big Cedar and Kennedy Falls hikes are situated on the same trail in North Vancouver. This hike is located on the east side of Mount Fromme and towards the West of Lynn Creek where the famous Norvan falls hike is there. Below are the Individual Details about both of the hikes.

Big Cedar hike summary

  • Total distance: 7 Km
  • Total time: 3 hours
  • Elevation gain: minimal
  • Dog allowed: Yes
  • Best season: April to October

Big Cedar & Kennedy Falls Hike Summary

  • Total distance: 10.5 Km
  • Total tile: 4 hours
  • elevantion gain: 150 meters
  • Dog allowed: Yes
  • Best season: April to October

As you might have already seen from the above summary that to complete the Kennedy falls hike, you will have to pass through the Big cedar hike. This hike is full of old trees. You will also notice that on the west side of the hike, the vegetation is not so thick and green compared to the east side of the hike because of the sunlight. You can also see the entire hike and trail map guide in the video below:

Big Cedar & Kennedy Falls hike Detail

You walk the first 500 meters on a wide gravel path. After that, you have to take a right and continue for another 500 meters and take another right at the trail fork. Post that, the hike is well marked and is easy to navigate.

Kennedy Falls hike – the First stream

You will cross the first major stream after around 1.2 KM. In fact, this hike is full of streams that start from Mount Fromme and fall into Lynn creek running west to east. Since this hike runs parallel to Lynn creek, most of the time throughout the hike, you can also hear Lynn creek sound towards your right.

Rope Part

The famous rope part is situated almost at the midway near another water stream.

Big Cedar Tree

Big cedar is situated around the two-third mark of the hike. The tree is very big and has a width of around four meters and is said to be 600 years old. Since the elevation gain is minimal till Big Cedar, the hike until Big cedar is easier.

Big Cedar to Kennedy falls

The hike becomes steeper after the Big cedar tree. It also becomes more technical as the trail is full of rocks, stones, and tree roots. Another point to note is most of the elevation gain happens in this part of the hike.

Kennedy Falls

You walk the last 200 meters of the hike almost parallel to the falls. The Kennedy falls are cascade falls. It looks like a milky waterfall when in full swing. This waterfall forms Kennedy creek and joins Lynn creek as well. Overall the hike is a very beautiful hike and a must-do if you are living in Vancouver.

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