Evans Peak Hike & Trail Guide

Evans Peak is one of the most famous hikes in the Golden Ears Provincial Park near Vancouver in BC. This hike is famous for its rugged trail, grind, and panoramic view of the nearby peaks and lakes from the top.

Evans Peak Hike Summary

  • Rating: Hard
  • Round trip distance: 10 km
  • Elevation Gain: 3200 feet
  • Time Needed: 5.5-6.5 hours
  • Type: Out & back
  • Season: July to October

Evans Peak History

Evans peak was named after Mr. Lesley Evans and his elder son John, after they went missing in the area on the 6th June 1966. The search lasted for two weeks and employed some 200 people from RCMP, Search & Rescue, CFB Chilliwack, Corrections, and local residents. It was among the province’s largest searches to date. Mr. Evans was survived by his wife Diane and three children George, David, and Dorothy.

Mr. Evans and his family were known and respected in the community. Family, friends, and the community petitioned the federal government to name the peak, valley, and creek after the family. The government granted the petition in 1969. The original cross plaque was placed on the peak by his sons Sgt George Evans and Sgt Davis Evans and members of the signals platoon from the First Battalion Grenadier Guards in June 1989.

Mrs. Diane Evans ashes were put to rest in the area as per her request by her sons George & David and grandsons Gavin and Daren in August 2003. The original cross and plaque were replaced the youngest son Captain David Evans, members of the 1838 Royal Westminster Regiment Cadet Corps and the Ridge Meadows Outdoor Club in 2014.

Evans Peak Hike Trail Guide

Evans Peak Parking & Trailhead

Hike to Evans peak starts at West Canyon trailhead in Golden Ears Provincial Park near Vancouver. The parking lot gets full early so it is recommended to go early or you will have to park on the roadside leading to the parking lot.

New Day Pass Rule

As per the BC Parks website which says “Some of our most popular parks regularly experience high visitor volumes, resulting in crowded trails and facilities, packed parking lots, impacts to park’s environments and wildlife, local community concerns, and safety issues. In response to these concerns, BC Parks is piloting free day-use passes for the second year in five provincial parks: Garibaldi, Golden Ears, Mount Robson, Stawamus Chief, and Joffre Lakes Parks. You can get the free day pass here.

Trailhead to Viewpoint Trail Fork

The viewpoint trail fork is almost 400 meters from the parking spot. The first 400 meters is also flat. After 400 meters, you will reach the viewpoint trail fork on the left. Follow that trail.

Evans Peak Fork

After you take the viewpoint trail, the trail gets a little bit steeper until the next fork which is 1.8 Kms from the West Canyon trailhead. You will also see markers showing distance covered at 0.5 Km and 0.83 Km from the previous fork. There are also a few switchbacks along this trail. The trail is pretty straightforward and well-marked.

After 1.3 Km, you will cross a stream. From there, the next fork is 500 meters. Take a right at the fork and keep on following the trail. Evans Peak is around 2.5 Km from here. Also, the trail becomes a grind almost till the next fork of Alouette mountain and Evans peak which is around 1.4 KM from this fork.

You will gain an elevation gain of around 1900 feet in this 1.4 Km stretch. Also, this steep trail is full of roots, rocks, loose gravel, dead woods, logs, fallen trees, etc which further makes this trail more grinding and technical. Also, remember that while coming down the trail is hard on knees as well.

Alouette Mountain & Evans Peak Fork

From this fork, the Evans Peak is around 1 Km. The trail gets flat for the next 700 meters from this fork until the last ascend which lasts for around 300 meters. Also, the rope sections are located in the last part of the hike. just before the peak. You will also see a steep trail warning

Evans Peak

Evans Peak is basically a ridge giving you access to the west, east, and north sides of the viewpoints from different spots. Some of the famous peaks that you can see from Evans peak are Alouette mountain peak, Golden Ears Summit etc.

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