Lady Peak Hike & Trail Guide, Chilliwack, BC

Lady Peak is one of the most beautiful hikes near Chilliwack located almost 2.5 hours drive from Vancouver. It offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding peaks and Fraser Valley. This hike is also famous for the Scrambling which is a class 2 Scramble near the Lady peak top and it requires a four-by-four vehicle to reach the trailhead.

Lady Peak Hike Summary

  • Rating: Hard
  • Round trip distance: 7 km
  • Elevation Gain: 2470 feet
  • Hiking Time Needed: 6-7 hours
  • Type: Out & back
  • Season: July to October

Lady Peak Hike Trail Guide

Lady Peak Trailhead

The Lady Peak Hike trailhead is located at the end of the Chipmunk Creek Forest Service Road (FSR), which is around 45 minutes to one-hour off-road drive from the Chilliwack main road. You need a four-by-four vehicle to reach the trailhead. Once you start hiking, you will see the signboards about no campfires or camping allowed in the area. There is also a washroom just 100 meters after the trailhead. There is enough parking spot near the trailhead otherwise people just park on the forest service roadside.

First 1.7 Kms

The hike is almost flat with a minimal elevation gain for the first 1.7 Kms. The hiking trail is pretty obvious. On a clear day, you can also see the nearby surrounding peaks. While you also keep on getting the view of the Lady Peak the entire time as you hike starting from the trailhead.

You will enter very beautiful Meadows almost after a km. As you enter the meadows, you start getting the view of Mount Cheam and Lady Peak together on a clear day including nearby surroundings peaks. Mount Cheam and Lady Peak share the same trail for the first 2.3 Km. Besides magnificent views, the meadows also offer a beautiful view of a small beautiful water stream and a small beautiful lake located in the meadow.

You will also see different wildflowers from the month of June to August all along the trail in the first half. There might be some snow residual as late as Mid-July on the trail but they should not pose a problem and Lady Peak can be hiked without using crampons but it is nice to still carry them in the earlier months.

1.7 KM to 2.3 KM (Lady Peak & Mount Cheam Fork)

The hike gets a bit steeper from the stretch of 1.7 Km to 2.2 Km but it still traverses through the meadows and on the hillside. You will also see wildflowers of different colors and different vegetation.

Mount Cheam and Lady Peak Fork @2.3 KM

The Mount Cheam and Lady Peak fork come at around the 2.3 Km mark. There is no sign at the fork showing different trail routes but the fork and trails are very obvious as you can see two different trails going in different directions. One going straight to Mount Cheam and another taking right to the Lady Peak.

The trail to Lady Peak gets steeper from here and remains steep until the peak. From the fork, Lady Peak top is about 1.2 Km with 1600 feet elevation gain with loose rocks and scrambling. After another 500 meters, at around 2.7 km, you enter an exposed loose rocky trail with minimal vegetation. However, the surrounding view keeps on getting better as you hike up and get closer to the Lady Peak.

Lady Peak Scrambling @ 3Km

Once you climb up to the Lady Peak ridge which is situated at around the 3KM mark, you have to hike along the ridge for the next 500 meters until you reach the Peak. This section of the hike is famous for Scrambling and is rated as Scrambling level 2. You walk along the ridge to reach Lady Peak. At some places, the trail & scrambling can get sketchy as well.

Also, if you are afraid of heights and have vertigo issues, it might make the hiking condition even worse like it did for me. But, overall it’s not so bad experience. You definitely get the reward of reaching the peak in form of a 360-degree view of the surrounding peaks from the Lady Peak top.

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