Alouette Mountain Hike & Trail Guide, Golden Ears, BC

Alouette mountain is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Golden Ears Provincial Park near Vancouver in BC. It offers a spectacular view of the nearby peaks, Alouette lake, lower mainland, Northern peaks in Golden Ears, Evans peak, Fraser valley, and a lot more.

Alouette Mountain Hike Summary

  • Rating: Hard
  • Round trip distance: 20 km
  • Elevation Gain: 3900 feet
  • Time Needed: 7-8 hours
  • Type: Out & back
  • Season: July to October

Alouette Mountain Hike Trail Guide

Alouette Mountain Trails

There are two ways to hike to Alouette Mountain Peak.

  • Through West Canyon Trail (9.5Km, 1180 meter elevation gain)
  • From Mike Lake Trailhead (20 Kms, 1190 meter elevation gain)

This blog talks about hiking to the Alouette mountain from the Mike Lake trailhead.

Alouette Mountain Trailhead & Parking

Alouette Mountain trailhead starts near the mike lake parking, almost 100 meters north of the Mike Lake parking lot. You do not need a day pass for parking at Mike Lake. While driving to the Mike Lake parking lot, you will also see the trailhead 100 meters just before the parking lot. There is another trail called Mike Lake Loop trail, which is located opposite the Parking lot.

There are multiple routes to the Alouette mountain peak. But I would suggest trying to avoid Fire Access Road as much as possible. Because if you stay on the fire access road, the entire hike can become as long as 30 Kms. So, if you look at the below, there are a few shortcuts that save a few kilometers.

Alouette mountain trail from Mike lake parking lot
Alouette mountain trail from Mike lake parking lot

Incline trail to Fire Access Roas

There is an initial steep part of the first 1.1Km along the incline trail. This trail later merges into the fire access road. Once you hit the fire access road, there is the minimal elevation gain. Throughout the hike, the trail is well marked.

Ghost Stump

The Ghost stump is situated at almost 3.5KM from the mike Lake trailhead. It took us around 1 hour to the Ghost stump. Following the Ghost trump, you will again come back on the fire access road.

Stephen Canning Lookout

Stephen Canning’s lookout is around 500-600 meters from the Ghost stump on the fire access road. There is a lookout named after Stephen Canning. The view is not that great from this lookout. You can also see a hiking map of the Alouette mountain trail there explaining different shortcuts and fire access roads. Almost 5 minutes after the Stephen canning lookout, you will take another shortcut avoiding the fire access road. From there, the Alouette mountain peak is around 5.7Km.

Beautiful lake fork

The beautiful lake fork comes at almost 5.5Km from the trailhead. In the second half, the hike becomes much more beautiful because of the old-growth forests, fallen trees, wide trunk old trees, narrow trails, a lot of mushrooms, a few wildflowers, etc. Alouette mountain peak is almost 5 km from the beautiful Lake fork.

Pond near the peak

You will cross two ponds which are located almost 1 Km from the peak. Because of the stagnant water, there will be a few bugs near the pond, but not that many. The trail to Alouette mountain peak gets steeper from here for the last part but it does not take more than 30 minutes.

Alouette Mountain Peak

Once you have arrived at the Alouette mountain peak, you get the view of surrounding golden ears peak, lower mainland, Vancouver, Fraser river, Evans peak, etc.

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