Bandaje Arbi falls trek guide: BallarayanaDurga fort, Charmadi ghat

Bandaje falls trek is located in the Charmadi ghat section of the Western Ghats. To reach 200 ft high BandajeĀ waterfalls, one has to trek to it. Best time for this trek is after the monsoon as the waterfalls startĀ to dry up during other seasons.

About the Bandaje Arbi falls trekking, Charmadi Ghat:

Location: Charmadi Ghat section, Western Ghats, Dakshina Kannada district
Distance from Bangalore: 310 Km
Trek starting point: BandajeĀ village near Mundaje near Ujire town
Trek difficulty Level: Moderate

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Total trek distance:Ā 25 Km in total
Time to trek: 9 hours in total
Camping: At the Arbi falls
Best time to trek: Post monsoon

Reaching Bandaje ArbiĀ Falls Trek starting point:

If you want to reach Bandaje Arbi falls trek starting point, you can use Karnataka roadways site to book online tickets to Ujire: is the nearest town to the trek starting point. From Ujire, you can hire a jeep to the Bandaje village. That would cost you around Rs. 750. Bandaje village is also the last pointĀ to pack breakfast & get fresh in the morning.

An alternative route to reach Ujire from Bangalore, in case you do not find a bus, is through Dharamsthala. You can also get fresh in the morning near the washrooms near the main temple. Ujire is just 10 Km from Dharamsthala and you can catch a local bus to Ujire. It would take around 20-25 minutes from Dharamsthala.

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Bandaje Arbi falls Trekking Permission, Charges & Contact:

Permission is required for this trek. Just the permission is not alone, you will also be provided a guide by the forest department which is a mandatoryĀ you cannot avoid that. Guide charges are rupees 1000 per day and individual forest entry charges are rupees 200 per person. But you can also bargain for the Guide charges.Ā 

Sometimes, the jeep driver from Ujire will arrange forest work papers for you and by the time you reach Gowdara Mane or Bandaje village, you will have all the paper works done.

Bandaje Arabi falls Contact details:

Belthangady wildlife range office, Kudremukh national park: 08256-233189
Forest Officer: 99013 46952
Guide ā€“ Sanjay: 97408 83257
Kishore Gowda, Gowdara Mane (Landlord Bandaje): 99019 39829

Bandaje Arbi falls full trek route guide:

Bandaje village -> Bandaje Arbi falls ( 8-9 Kms; 5-6 hours) -> camping at night atop the falls ->Ballarayanadurgada Kote fort (5 kms; 2-3 hours) -> Durgadahalli (2 kms; 1 hour) ā€“ > Sunkasale (10 kms by Auto, 1 hour)

Bandaje Arbi falls GPS trek route guide to Ballarayanadurgada Kote fort:

Ballarayanadurgada Kote fort to Durgadahalli GPS trail:

More details of the Bandaje Arbi falls trek:

  • Start for the trek in the morning on day one.
  • By afternoon, reach the Bandaje Arbi falls
  • Camp thereĀ 
  • Start for the BallarayanaDurga fort the next morning
  • Reach there by noon
  • Reach Durgadahalli by afternoon
  • From Durgadahalli either walk or take transport to sunkasale at a distance of 10 kms
  • From Sunkasale to Horanadu at a distance of 30 km by local bus
  • Horanadu to Bangalore by KSRTC bus

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33 Replies to “Bandaje Arbi falls trek guide: BallarayanaDurga fort, Charmadi ghat”

  1. Ashwin Mathew

    We are a group of 6 planning to trek till Ballarayanadurga Fort the coming Saturday. Do we need to get permission from forest authorities?

  2. Aritra Chatterjee


    We are planning to trek here next weekend (Dec 15th). I had a few queries:
    1. Is it possible to trek all the way to Ballalarayana Durga fort on day 1 if we reach Ujire around 6 a.m.?
    2. Can we camp near the fort (not near the falls)?
    3. Are guide and permission still necessary? Can we arrange all of this beforehand?

  3. virat arora

    hi, i am planning to go on 22nd sept’18(sat) for this trek. will start from bangalore. i am looking at coming back the same day , is it possible to cover this in a days time? if yes, please share timelines that i should follow for a safe and timely return. it will be a solo trek most likely so kindly guide me on that front aswell.

      • Murali

        Hi I am planning to take my car from bangalore. Is there a place at Bandaje village where I can park my car and come back to the same place after trek and take my car?
        I’m not sure if we’re going to return to the start point after the trek? Is that possible?

      • trekkerp Post author

        As per the usual trek route, you do not return to the starting point, however, in a day, you can try to go to the fall and return to the car parking spot. There are places to park the car.

  4. panish


    Could you please share those route maps with my mail id, so that it would be helpful.

  5. Hitesh Shetty

    I’m planning to go to this trekk from bangalore. I wanted to know few things?
    1. Is it necessary to hire a Guide?
    2.Where will be the premission given?
    3. Can we tent and stay overnight at Ballarayanadurgada Kote fort as wel as Bandaje Arbi falls?

    • trekkerp Post author

      1. If you are going for the first time, you should hire a guide.
      2. There is no permission needed as such now
      3. Yes you can tent but better to return

  6. Niroop

    HI. A question on the guide. Is it necessary on the guide front. And if so, does he arrange his own accommodation at the top? Or did you have to share your tent with him?

  7. Manoj Rao

    Hey.. my concern is about route of the trek.. Is it very confusing? what are the things I should take care of to avoid getting lost here.. what about food availability at duragadahalli or sunkasaale after we get back from trek?

    • trekkerp Post author

      Yeah the route is little confusing
      better take a guide to avoid getting lost which I hva mentioned in the blog…. snacks and local food is available at duragadahalli or sunkasaale

  8. Deepti

    I am super excited for this trek, I am start from Bangalore Tomo šŸ™‚ . I will definately try scribbling something this time šŸ™‚

  9. Shashank

    We have planned for this trek and are going by next week. I have done rigorous treks before, but I’m not in a good shape now šŸ™ Do not have much stamina.
    How is the difficulty of this trek?

  10. daniel

    hii…Iā€™m planning to go for a it really necessary to ask permission of the authorities?? and is it safe for 4 people.. like two girls and two guys..and m also planning to pitch my tent there


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