Kovalam beach shallow sea dive, East coast road, Chennai

Who doesn’t want to meet the horizon on to the sea? Who doesn’t want to twine the fishing nets and share spaces with fishermen? Who doesn’t want to float on dark Turquoise seawater for hours while looking above an azure sky?

Boat for mid sea diving

Kovalam sea diving:

Location:                    Kovalam beach, Chennai
What you need:           A group of fun-loving and on-time people, water and glucose
How?                           Talk to fishermen for shallow sea dive
Gears:                         Provided by the fishermen like life-jacket
Do not:                        Do not eat heavily before sea-dive to avoid dizziness

, in a bunch of forty people, decided to go for shallow sea dive to Kovalam beach sometimes also called as cave-long beach near Chennai. It is a fishing village 40 kilometers south to the Chennai on East-Coast road (ECR). People prefer to go there because of shallow and cleaner sea-shore.

Life-jackets and boats brought on. In each boat,8-10 persons were supposed to seat. We, 3 kilometers off the shore into pristine water and dropped in there, enjoy the sea now. Explore the crystal clear blue water world roaring in front of my eyes. Find a place on the boat-front and keep fighting on with gushing salty water constantly. The boat was standing at the shore but still mighty tides were able to shake the boat. It felt like we were seating in an oscillating boat.

Leaving for mid- sea diving at Kovalam, Chennai

Our water-car was full, time to explore deeper and wider. Engine whirled. Our water-Ferrari not lesser than Titanic. Vrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom! And our Aqua-Audi began to ride high tides above water; fighting like a lone Spartan warrior crossing through tides and making its own way away from sea-shore. By the way, who enjoys the most? “of course, it was me”.

Ask me why? Sitting at the front alone & feel the strength of mighty tides and splashing waters. Turn around, the shore was vanished and gone. Big trees and buildings looked tiny and hazed and gradually disappeared after some time. And believe me! When I turned back again to see at the front, I already had lost my perception of direction because, in terms of science, I had no spatial reference to recognize any direction so I kept wondering where I was going.

Kovalam sea diving

If I were inside a confession room, I would have confessed that I was scared and confused. Since my human cognition wanted a reply from my eyes about where I was and how far I was from the shore. And my eyes could only find water, water, and only water.

There was no third sound except roaring of the engine getting lost into the roaring of the sea. Sitting at the front, I had already tasted salty sea water a million times and it was like I was especially being hosted by the sea and sea was splashing water over me as I was the special guest that day.

By the time, I could even wonder about more things and possibly rot my mind, I heard very large screaming and when I turned back, I saw another boat following us and people screaming in madness. And you shout out too.

“Hooooooooooooooooooo”. I don’t know what protocol like messages we exchanged but it was sufficient to make our mood to jump into the water.

Mid sea swimming

Three to four boats aligned together like the Roman fleet. It was either boat which was gradually changing its tidal angle or it was my mind which was getting confused all the time. Before I could come out of this enigma, SPLASH!!

And I was in a blue world!! I experienced the real scientific proof that why it is always easier to swim into a sea? And, there were series of splashes….everyone, into the water. The warm water. Cladded into a life jacket, there was lesser freedom to swim but there was more scope to float. I tried swimming and got tired after 15-20 minutes. No problem. I was free to float.

I think, my lost spatial reference and cognitive perception had infused some spirituality in me. And I, so as to receive it, I lied flat over water with open eyes into the sky. I know, I might be sounding like a Charlie but I would suggest you too, to feel the feel what I felt. Staring at the sky for minutes sometimes used to make me lost in the rapture of the miracle that I was expecting to witness.

Sometimes, My ears submerged inside the water. it felt like I was a part of Steven Spielberg’s Saving private Ryan’s first war scene where after the bomb-blast, ear loses its hearing power and mind loses its cognitive power for a while and recaptures it gradually.

But whatever was it, I must confess it was an out of world experience. When I used to realize the mellifluous stupidity that I was doing, I had to come breaking out of the ecstasy and hold on the with the present moment so that not to get flown away with time and tide.

Mid sea diving

And, floating was, of course, not the best option to catch with time and tide. But, I had to rather catch the life-line like rope extending meters into the water and slowly pull myself along it and reach to the boat and enjoy again. Going on through a thousand sweet moments, I could not realize that we had been almost there into the sea for the last two hours. Now fishermen, insisted us to get back to the shore.

Get back on the boat. Still irresistible? Dive again. Fall strongly in love with the blue angel. While diving into the sea was the easier job but getting back into the boat demanded a plethora of physical power to pull ourselves into the boat, out of the water. Most of the times, fishermen or someone from the boat would have to pull you up.

After almost half an hour, we were returning back. Just before getting on to the shore, fisherman dropped us again a few meters away from the shore and we came to the shore together having fun collectively.

Chennai sea diving

Alas, all good things must come to an end and we reluctantly left the sea. Most of those who stayed back decided to have lunch together, just to prolong the fun. Our destination was our favorite restaurant where hot coffee was waiting for us.

Our tired bodies could not extend the day any longer and so we left… after sharing a common promise of having fun together again and signs of a new beginning?!!………

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27 Replies to “Kovalam beach shallow sea dive, East coast road, Chennai”

  1. Sivananda Ganapathy

    How about mobile phones… And camera s . Is it charged extra .. and can we bring them along

  2. Kishore

    Hello Hi – Can you pls let me know how to contact. I need for 20 people on may 5th 2018 Morning Near Mahabs.

  3. Arif

    Plannig 2 visit this weekend…
    Is it safe for couple.. ?
    Can v join group of people there.?
    Wht is th best timings?

    • trekkerp Post author

      This place is definitely safe for couples and on weekends, there should not be any problem. It is best to go in the evening.

  4. Setric

    Hi, We are planning to come for sea diving. Probably a group of 10 people. Can you please send me the rate fare and contact number.

    • trekkerp Post author


      I am not in touch with the diving guy any more. However, you can try enquiring at the covelong beach with the fisher men 🙂

  5. rajesh

    Could you please mail me teh contacts of the fisherman there. Which will help me to organize the event with my friends.


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