10 best Romantic Road Trips to Forts around Pune

Pune has recently emerged as an adventurer’s hub among youths. The strategic location of pune amid Sahyadris range of hills make Pune one of the best locations in Maharashtra to go for any romantic road trip drives around. Not all of us always want to do the same stuff again and again. On some occasions like valentine day, new year, Christmas or on a date we need a perfect weekend gateway into the nature to where we can have a long romatinc drive with our prospective partner. We need a romantic place to express our feelings and feel the togetherness amid the nature. That’s why, I have prepared a list of weekend gateways from Pune where to you can have a long romantic drive or a ong road trip in your car or even on bike.

1. Singhad fort

Distance from Pune: 30 Kms (South of Pune)
Height: 4300 feet
Parking Point: Singhad fort parking point
Best time to visit: August to March

Sinhgad fort trek

Source: Wikipedia

Though small but the drive to Singhad fort is a scenic drive from Pune. Singhad fort in recent times has turned into a famous picnic spot. You can see a lot of tourists, bikers and even people with car reaching there and spending sometime. You can easily drive to the peak of the Singhad fort with your car or bike and park the vehicle in the parking area. However if you are looking for little bit of adventure, you can also do a small trek to reach to the peak of the fort.

2. Raigad fort

Distance from Pune: 50 Kms
Height: 2700 feet.
Parking point: Motorable road to bottom of the Raigad fort hill, Take ropeway from bottom
Best time to visit: August to March

Raigad fort trek

Source: Wikipedia

Raigad fort falls under Raigad fort natural reserve. Drive to Raigad fort from Pune is very scenic through Sahyadris range of hills. After parking your vehicle at the base of the hill, you can take the ropeway to reach to the peak of the Raigad fort. While ascending, you can see the virgin beauty of the Sahyadris range of hills from the ropeway. The whole ambeince looks romantic. Sip a cup of tea at the top and wonder with your partner looking the stretch of hills in front of your eyes. If you are looking forward to spend a night into the nature, you can book your stay in the MTDC resorts near by.

3. Rajmachi fort

Distance from Pune: 80 Kms
Height: 2700 feet.
Paring point: Udhewadi village (Parking point)
Best time to visit: August to March

rajmachi fort trek

Source: gadchitre.blogspot.com

Rajmachi fort is situated near lonavala. The parking point for Rajmachi fort is Udhewadi village. From Udhewadi village you can walk easily to the top of the fort in just half an hour to one hour. The walk to the top of the Rajmachin fort is scenic and you will see a lot of grasses and mosses on the way. Be reminded to that Road to Udhewadi village is not in proper condition and it becomes muddy and slippery during monsoon season hence making it difficult to drive. From the top of Rajmachi fort, the view is spectacular and making it a perfect stand and romantic view point for the couples and lovers.

4. Korigad fort

Distance from Pune: 100 Kms
Height: 3000 feet.
Paring point: Peth Shahpur village
Best time to visit: August to March

korigad fort trek

Source: indianphotoz.blogspot.com

Korigad fort is another famous fort which lies in the vicinity of Lonavala. Korigad fort is a part of Amby valley. After parking the vehicle at the Peth Shahpur village, you can start your walk towards the Korigad fort peak. Initially, the walk is a nature walk through the forest for around fifteen minutes and then you take the steps to reach to the peak of the fort. If driven in a group, this fort is one of the most spectacular fort to be visited and spent time with your lover. The drive to Korigad fort is also romantic through the nature and hills.  At the Korigad fort top, there is a plenty of open space as seen in the picture above. You can spend some time at the top and get a 360 view of the range of the hills around.

5. Pratapgad fort

Distance from Pune: 150 Kms
Height: 3500 feet.
Parking point: Wada village, Satara
Best time to visit: August to March

Pratapgad fort trek

Source: Wikimedia

Pratapgad fort is a part of Mahabaleshwar at a distance of 25 kms from the town of Mahabaleshwar. While some of the forts suggested above are more kind of traveling and little adventurous stuff, Pratapgad fort is more kind of proper touristsplace. But yes, you will have to climb 450 steps to reach to the beautiful and amginificent fort. Another good about this fort is you get light snacks and food at the fort top. So if you are driving in monsoon, you might to enjoy the romatic rain under green shawl of nature standing at the fort and looking down the village with your partner.

6. Purandar fort

Distance from Pune: 30 Kms
Height: 4500 feet.
Parking point: Purandar fort
Best time to visit: August to March

Purandar fort trek

Source: www.forwallpaper.com

Purandar fort lies towards south direction of Pune. There is easy drive to the top of the Purandar fort. There is a word of caution for the romantic lovers that some parts of the Purandar fort is also occupied by the military police. So if you want your vehicle or bike to be parked inside the fort parking, you need to have proper lincense and helmet in case of bike. Also the fort closes at 4 pm in the afternoon so make sure you have ample time in your hand so make it to the fort and have some time to roma around. Also, no electronic items like camera or mobile phones are allowed inside the fort. They will be taken aback by the military police at the entrance. Your items will be returned on your return.

7. Kenjalgad fort

Distance from Pune: 80 Kms
Height: 4300 feet.
Parking point: Korle village near bhor
Best time to visit: August to March

kenjalgad fort trek

Source: bhatkanti.blogspot.com

Like Purandar fort, Kenjalfort trek is also located to the south of Pune. Korle village is the parking point for the Kenjalgad fort. Be reminded that after Bhor, a town on the way, towards korle village, the road condition is pretty bad. Roads are broken and it might not be possible for a low ground clearance car to get driven properly on the road. The advantage with the Kenjal fort is that it is secluded and you need to trek for around half an hour to one hour to reach to the fort top. However this is safe. For lovers looking for a lonely place, this fort is a perfect place to talk and sit in loneliness.

8. Ajinkyatara fort:

Distance from Pune: 115 Kms
Height: 3300 feet.
Parking point: Ajinkyatara fort
Best time to visit: August to March

Ajinkyatara fort

Source: http://myodysseys.com

Ajinkyatara fort lies 115 kms to the south of city of Pune. This fort is responsible for holding the TV tower of the city of Satara. There is a direct motorable road to the fort. The drive is very scenic from Pune along the reserve forest but not through it. I would recommend this fort for the lovers who are fond of biking.

9. Malhargad fort:

Distance from Pune: 30 Kms
Height: 3100 feet.
Parking point: Malewadi
Best time to visit: August to March

Malhargad fort

Malhargad fort is to the east of Pune. A motorable road goes to the fort. There is nothing much to explore either to the top. But if you are looking for a lonely lover’s place, you can consider this fort as this is still not known much among travellers in Pune.

10. Panhala fort:

Distance from Pune: 240 Kms
Height: 2800 feet.
Parking point: Panhala fort
Best time to visit: August to March

Panhala fort

Source: Wikipedia

Panhala fort is situated to the far south of Pune at a distance of 240 kms. If you are looking for a long drive, this fort drive is ideal for you. Drive to Panhala crosses through a lot of reserve forests and forested area. Apart from that unlike other forts, Panhala fort’s architecture is different and it is still more maintained than other forts which are made on the hills or in secluded area. After a long drive, you can also consider stay around in some resorts and return next day. There is a motorable road to the fort.

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      Even Lohagad is one the best and clean Fort. Drive through serpent Roads…. Scenic beauty, Pavana dam…… Boating…..


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