Free visa to Indonesia for Indians

In a major step taken towards increasing cultural and touristic ties in between India and Indonesia, Indonesia is to offer 30-days free tourist visa to Indians traveling to Indonesia.
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Strengthening further the business and cultural ties in between India and Indonesia, Indonesia has taken a step forward to offer free tourist visas to Indians traveling Indonesia. Also, Indonesia wants to introduce direct flight from India to Indonesia expecting that this will increase the incoming indian tourists to Indonesia. Currently India is at no.7 in terms of tourists coming to Indonesia by the next year end, it is expected that India will make to the top 5 if these steps will be implemented towards increasing the tourism ties in between India and Indonesia.

Currently Bali is being the top tourist destination for Indians tourists as well as foreign tourists traveling to Indonesia. Most of the Indians arrive in Bali to spend their honeymoon period. However, Indonesia wants to add more diverse traveling destinations so that Indians will have many other traveling destinations in Indonesia to choose from.

To woo more tourists who plan more towards nearer countries to India like Thailand, Vietnam etc, Indonesia has introduced 30 days free visa for Indians without any visa fee. While in countries like Thailand, Indians have to pay a visa fee of around 2000 rupees. Since most of the Indian tourists look for a leisure stay and like to relax for their period of vacation, Indonesia is also planning to introduce more leisure destinations throughout Indonesia.
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But it is still a sceptical issue if Indians would like to increase their average stay in Indonesia from 5 days to 7 days which Indonesia tourism department wants. Looking at the fact that most of the Indians traveling to Indonesia are working class and five days suit their schedule the best, it is still to be seen if on the cost of such services provided by Indonesian tourism department if Indians would like to Increase their stays or not.

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