Spreewald Boating & Camping Experience

Spreewald meaning the “Woods of Spree” is located near Lubbenau town around 100 Km southeast of Berlin. Located in the German state of Brandenburg, Spreewald is famous for the labyrinth of the water channels which represent the traditional irrigation system consisting of more than 200 small and narrow canals which cover a length of over 1300 Km.

These canals cover an irrigational area of around 500 Sq. Km in total in the Spreewald region. According to geologists, the low-lying irrigational area of Spreewald was formed during the ice-age. Because of the labyrinth of the canals, Spreewald has grown into a major tourist attraction being famous for cycling, canoeing, kayaking, and taking boat rides.

Spreewald is mainly characterized by the ancient forest in the marshlands and low-lying areas whereas the dry land will mostly have the pine trees and meadows can also be found very well. Just like Sundarbans in India, people in Spreewald heavily depend on the tourism. Besides tourism, they also depend mostly on the agriculture, forestry, and fishery.

How to reach Spreewald from Berlin?

Since most of the people in the European countries would have their own cars, they mostly drive from Berlin to Spreewald. However, if you are a tourist, you might not be able to afford a car to the Spreewald from Berlin. The main railway station in that area is Lübbenau(Spreewald) and you can get a direct regional train from Berlin to Lübbenau(Spreewald). This train takes around an hour from Berlin to Lübbenau(Spreewald).

If you have booked a hotel in advance, some of the hotels also offer free pick up and drop service from Lübbenau(Spreewald) railway station. However, most of the hotels are situated closer to the railway station.

Boating & Camping in the Spreewald:

Boating & camping are one of the two mostly done recreational activities in the Spreewald. There would be an area dedicated for the boating and the camping. For camping, you will have to pay some amount to pitch your own tent. There would usually be a common restroom area where you can go to the toilet, brushing, and the morning business.

People on camping usually like to do barbecue and make their own food. For the same purpose, people bring all the stuff in the car including beer, bread, water, sausage etc. While on camping, they prepare their own food and enjoy. There would also be a dedicated campfire area as well.

The boating is mostly done in a form of canoeing or kayaking. If you want you can also take the big boat which gives you a tour of the Spreewald area but along the main canal. Since the big boat is bigger, it cannot fit into the smaller canals.

Since we were in a group of 5 people, we went off two kayaks with a capacity of two and three persons respectively. Since kayaks are smaller in size, you can even further explore the narrower canals. People camping in the Spreewald would usually rent kayaks or cycles and explore the area during the day. In the night, they party.

Spreewald is also famous for pickles and it’s traditional cultures. If you want to explore more and get a feel of the tradition keep an eye on the German festivals and Spreewald area news.

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