Vasota Trek (Vasota fort) from Pune and Mumbai

Vasota trek, located near Bamnoli, is around 150 Km South of Pune in Satara district and 300 Km Southeast of Mumbai. Vasota fort is also called as the Nandugad fort. It is a part of Koyna wildlife sanctuary and is one of the famous treks around Pune.

Vasota trek also called as Vyaghragad trek (Vyaghra means tiger) is said to be one of the most scenic and adventurous thrilling trek in Sahyadri range in Maharashtra. Vasota fort is almost situated in the center of the Koyna wildlife sanctuary named after the Koyna river which starts and ends with the reserve forest almost forming a bigger lake.

This river starts from Shivsagar lake in the south of the Koyna wildlife sanctuary and ends to the northern tip of it. The Koyna river basin is home to many wildlife animals like a panther, wild dogs, hyena, bears etc. Also, the Vasota fort trek passes through the reserve forest which makes it more adventurous. Vasota trek information is given below in full details:

How to reach Vasota trek?

Distance from Pune: 150 Km
Distance from Mumbai: 300 Km

Driving to Vasota trek base:

Just search on google maps for ‘Kaas Bamnoli Rd, Bamnoli, Maharashtra 415013′. The Google map will guide you a place from where you can leave for the Vasota trek.

Vasota trek by public transport:

You can take state buses to reach Satara from Pune. And from Satara, you get buses to Bamnoli here are the timings for the buses from Satara to Bamnoli:

Satara to Bamnoli Bus timings: 5:45 Am first bus leaves and then consecutive buses leave at 8 am, 9 am, 12 am, 2 pm, 4 pm. The bus fare is 40 rupees per person and it takes around one hour from Satara to Bamnoli.

Bamnoli is the last village en route Vasota fort trek. Once you reach Bamnoli village, you need to catch a ferry towards Vasota fort. The ferry crosses the Koyna river in Koyna wildlife sanctuary. The ferry ride lasts for around 45 minutes.

The ferry costs 2000 rupees one side irrespective of the number of persons sit in the boat. The ferry rate is 3000 per boat up & down. So even if you are in a number of one to twelve people, you will have to pay the same price. Try to begin your trek early so that you can return early. Also, ask the ferry guy to be available for you to take you back to the Bamnoli village.

Bamnoli to Satara Bus timings: 6 am, 7:30 am,9 am,10:30 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 4 pm. You can also do bus seat reservation before.


  • Vasota fort is closed every Wednesday and on the bigger occasions like 31st Dec and during monsoon months. So, please enquire before you commence the trek.

Night Stay in Bamnoli village:

  • You can camp at the Bamnoli at the ferry starting point beside the river if it gets late while returning
  • If you want to stay in Bamnoli here are the details: Hotel Jai Bhairvanath, Bamnoli, Contact person – Dhanaji Sankpal , Contact no – 9421216232
  • One Government (Forest dept) guest house is there whose caretaker is one villager. He is charging 500rs/per room,  which has Big Bed (3-4person) & total 10 people can easily stay in that, toilet facility also there.

Vasota trek information:

The base of the trek: Bamnoli village
Best time to trek: Winter (September to March)
Height: 3842 feet.
Difficulty level: Medium (6 Km)
Time to trek: three to four hours

The trek passes through the forest so try to stick with your group. There are wild animals also. During the monsoon, there will be a lot of leeches as well. Try to reach Bamnoli by 8 AM so that you can return to the boat point for Bamnoli by 5 or 6 PM.

You will also have to take permission from the forest department. The forest entry charges are 40 per person and for camera usage, you will have to pay 100. Guide charges are 300 per person but you can negotiate if you are in a group.

Vasota trek fort camping:

Vasota trek camping is not allowed at night, so you will have to return by the end of the same day.

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