Bangalore to Ooty Road trip: A Romantic Weekend Gateway

Come a longer or an extended weekend and people of Bangalore start to look out for places which are the best weekend gateways from Bangalore and Ooty is one of them. If you are also looking for a romantic road trip and an awesome stay over the long weekends, then here is some information for you.

Here is the route information from Bangalore to Ooty (We will talk about these parts of the route in details below): Bangalore – Mysore – Gundlupet – Bandipur reserve forest – Theppakadu (36 hairpin bends) – Ooty

Bangalore to Ooty Road trip:

Bangalore to Ooty Distance: 275 Kms
Road trip time: 7 Hours

Bangalore to Mysore:

  • On a long weekend, try to hit the Nice road as early possible because there will be a long queue in the cities.
  • Just before Mysore, there is a ring road which avoids the city traffic of Mysore and directly connects you to the Bandipur road.
  • This ring road of Mysore is six-lane.
  • Try to drink and drive because police also patrolĀ at night on this road especially over the long weekends.

Mysore to Bandipur:

  • Mysore to Bandipur is a simple double road.
  • Now, the government is converting that road into a two-lane road. So, a lot of construction is going on which will slow down your speed to almost 20 kph at max.
  • Gundlupete is the last town before Bandipur national park.
  • Bandipur national park opens at 6’o clock in the morning. So, try to reach early at the Bandipur national park gates because there will be a long queue there.
  • There is no entry charges at the Bandipur national park.
  • Forest department police checkĀ for alcohol inside the vehicle, so be careful.

Bandipur national park sunrise

Bandipur to Ooty: 36 hairpin bends

If you want to know, here is a link to Bandipur national park: Safari, resort. On this link, you can find more information about stay in Bandipur, safari, cottages and resorts.

There is a shorter route from Bandipur to Ooty that does not pass through Gudalur. This shorter has 36 hairpin bends and starts from Theppakadu inside Bandipur national park.
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Theppakadu is almost 14-15 Kms from the Bandipur national park main entrance.

Once you reach Theppakadu, take a left towards Ooty and enjoy the 36 hairpin bends till the city.
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The whole road is very scenic. And as you drive from Bandipur towards Ooty, the view also starts getting more beautiful.

36 hairpin bends from Bandipur to ooty

Where to get fresh in Ooty?

Near Ooty rose garden, there are public toilets, you can get fresh there.

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