Tada falls Travel & Trekking guide from Chennai

Tada falls near Chennai is also called as Ubbalamdugu Falls is in Tada sub-division, Nellore on the border of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. After Nagalapuram waterfalls, Tada falls is one of the top trekking places around Chennai. Tada falls information is given in full details below:

How to reach Tada falls?

Tada falls Distance from the famous cities:
Chennai: 90 Km
Tirupati: 80 Km
Nellore: 130 Km
Bangalore: 330 Km

Tada falls by bus from Chennai:

SETC buses ply from Koyembedu, Chennai (bus no.114) which drop you at Varadaiah PalemĀ (the last human settlement on the way to TADA falls). From Varadaiah Palem, Tada falls forest department check-point is around 8 Kms. Book an Auto from VaradaiahĀ Palem to the Tada falls forest check-point. It costs around 150-200 rupees depending upon your bargaining skills.

Bus route No 200 ( Chennai to Tirupati) also goes through this route. Alight at Varadhaiapalem to go to the waterfalls. 114 is from Chennai to Sri Kalahasti and follows the same route. Besides, there are APSRTC buses going to Sri Kalahasti Temple which stop there.

Tada falls By Train from Chennai:

Trains towards Sullurpeta from Chennai Central pass through Tada railway station. The Frequency of the local train is good and almost one train every two hours. If you are going by train to Tada from Chennai. Check for the last train from Tada to Chennai for returning as well, once you get down at Tada railway station.

Tada fall by car from Chennai:

If you are planning to go by your car to Tada falls from Chennai, search for ā€œTada Falls Parking Lot, Andhra Pradesh 517541ā€ on Google maps. The google map will directly guide you to the Tada falls parking point. From the there you can

Tada falls route map

Tada falls Trekking Guide:

Total trek distance: 10 Km
Difficulty level: Medium
Trekking Time: almost 2 hours
Best time to visit: Mid July- January

Below I am sharing a map from the Tada falls parking lot to Shiva temple. Well, it is just half of the trek route. Beyond Shiva temple, I will be writing the Tada falls trek guide in words.

Tada Falls Trek route from Parking until Shiva temple

Just after almost 200 meters from the parking, you will cross a water stream. After crossing the stream, you will have to continue walking along the trail. The trail is pretty clear and visible except at some points where there are only rocks and there are no helping signs for the trail also.

After another half an hour to 45 mins from crossing the first stream, you will cross the same stream another time. You will reach a Shiva temple after crossing the stream.Ā Ā The simple funda is to follow the stream in case you feel you are lost.

Tada falls Shiva temple, source-Internet

After Shiva temple, the trail is not proper. There will be some people around Shiva temple, ask the direction from them. Just after the Shiva temple, you will again have to cross the stream and then look out for the trail. Trek level is difficult from here as there is no proper trail and you will have to keep hopping across the rocks and boulders to reach to the waterfall. However, always try to listen to the waterfall sound.

While returning fill your water bottles as it becomes hot while returning. Try to start as early as possible to spend more time at the falls.

Other facilities around Tada falls:

Last ATM point, snacks/ water purchasing shops are at Tada town. Always remember that Tada fallsĀ is called ā€œUbbalamadugu fallsā€ locally.Ā For a nice meal, go to Swathi restaurant(A/C) opposite to the SBI ATM and next to TADA police station.Ā Leave behind a comment if you want to know more.Ā I also found this link interestingā€¦..

Tada falls final pool

Best Time To Visit

As the total trekking distance is around 10 km to 11 km and the trekking path is mostly rocky and a little muddy so the best time to visit is from August to December. During this period the sun is little less intense and the trekking terrain is trekkers friendly. Also, while trekking on this route, please try to take someone who has good experience in trekking as this is no simple trek.

Try to avoid this place during the months of March to June.

Tips Before Visiting

  • This is no simple trek so avoid elders, children and someone who can not trek hard.
  • Try to start your trek early so that for safe return you start back as early as possible as it takes around 3 hours to just return back,Ā 
  • No shops you will find on your trekking route so try to carry enough water, snacks and first aid along with you.
  • If possible then try to hire a local guide from Varadaiahpalem village.
  • Try to travel in a big vehicle or in SUVs to reach the base point of your trek from Varadaiahpalem village.

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  1. Digvijay

    Hi, I’m planning a days trip with my wife and on e other couple in April second week.
    1. Is it recommended in terms of safety.
    2.Advisable to drive in own car ?
    3.Availability of water in falls and pool during this time ..
    Pls guide

    • trekkerp Post author

      I am not sure yet… Recently one incident happened where three students got drowned in the pool. I dont think night camping would be allowed in Tada falls

      • Yasin

        Tat student incident happened at Nagalapuram. Yet camping is not advisable as other dangers are there.

  2. P.Ranjeesh

    People going by Bus please note- Bus route No 200 ( Chennai to Tirupati) also goes through this route. Alight at Varadhaiapalem to go to the waterfalls. 114 is from Chennai to Sri Kalahasti and follows the same route. Besides there are APSRTC buses going to Sri Kalahasti Temple which stop there.

  3. Shankar Narayanan

    Hey admin. We have planned for a trip to Tada Falls. I wanted to ask regarding the depth of water to reach the main waterfall.

  4. aasish yerra

    Hi.. we are planning to go to TADA this weekend.. will water be there ?? and also need some suggestion whether its better to travel on bikes or other means of transportation like (bus or train) ???

  5. Aritry

    Can I get a bus from Adyar? Or Madhya Kailash? Do you know how early the bus service to Tada starts?

  6. Vivek Menon

    Is it possible to camp there? We’re planning to take a few tents, a grill and some food with us. Possible to pitch a tent near the waterfalls and stay there a night?

  7. venkatraj

    i am planning to on July 2nd, will have have season around that time to see water falls around in TADA trekking ?

  8. Dhagi

    hi Bro , Gonna make my first trek along with my friends next month , will ther be water . Need info abt animal awareness from your experience ??

  9. sandeep

    Hi, Could you give some more instruction on how to reach thada by bus from chennai. I tried to search for the 114 number but I coudnt find any. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  10. karan

    very nicely described information.. south india is really very beautiful.. must visit udaipur once.. you will find very beautiful places..


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