Nagalapuram Waterfalls Trek Guide from Chennai & Bangalore

Nagalapuram falls is located near Arai village in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh. Nagalapuram is one of the best treks around Chennai. Famous for along the waterfalls trekking in Nagalapuram hills, Below is the Nagalapuram trek information.

Nagalapuram Trek Map for reference

Nagalapuram Trek Map for reference

Here are the GPS coordinates for the place where you park your vehicle before commending the hike Nagalapuram west parking lot

How To Reach Nagalapuram waterfalls Trek?

Reaching Pichatur

First you have to reach Pichatur. From Pichatur town, take the highway 482 going north towards Tirupati. This Highway is also called Tirupati road or Srikalhasti-pichatur road.

Pichatur to Arai village

Take the above mentioned road and drive almost 11 KM to the Arai village. Here is the GPS location of the Arai village. Once you reach the Arai village, you can ask any villager about the nagalapuram trek and they should be able to guide you from there. The motorable roads ends there. 

Arai village to Nagala trek parking lot

Nagala trek parking lot or also called as the Nagala west parking lot on the google map is around 2 Kms from the Arai village. Here is the GPS location for the Nagala West parking lot: https://goo.gl/maps/g5m3HihirEU1ZKNFA Once you have reached the parking lot, you can park your vehicle there and start the trek.

If you have a driver with you, you can ask your driver to wait for you there overnight near the dam if you are planning for an overnight trek.  Forget not to bring some food for him for the night. Chances are there that he would not be alone in the night because on weekends other trekking group’s vehicles will also be there. Else, you can lock your car there and start for the trek for the day trek.

In the summer, you can even drive up to the water stream (refer the map above) from where the trek goes along the water stream. But it is advisable not to try driving on this raw trail with vehicles having low ground clearance. This is basically a kind of tractor trail.

The further trek follows along the water stream. This water stream on some point of its courses turns into waterfalls and water pools. So do not misjudge this trek as going to a waterfall. All the time, you would mostly be walking along the water stream.

Dam on Nagalapuram Trek

Dam on Nagalapuram Trek

Understanding Nagala Waterfalls & pools

There are a total of three waterfalls situated along the nagala trek. The first waterfall is around 30 minutes from the trailhead. The second waterfall is around 1 Hour from the trailhead and the third and the last waterfalls is around 2 hours from the trailhead. All the waterfalls have a small water pool at the base of the falls where you can swim.

The first water pool is not so deep but the second and the third water pool or waterfalls are deep and you need swimming skills. For a safety side, bring floating tubes if you do not know swimming. You might be enticed to jump into the pool, but do not do that if you do not know swimming.

Nagalapuram Trek Information:

Camping on Nagalapuram trek:

Nagalapuram trek is almost a flat trek and it should not be tough to find a 6×6 ft of space just beside the trail. But you might have to clear the bushes to make a perfect camping ground.

Parking on Nagalapuram trek

You can park your vehicle, as mentioned above, near the Nagala dam. Here is the vehicle parking fee as charged by the villagers for maintaining the road until the Nagala dam:

  • Bike: 40
  • Car: 80
  • Van: 120
  • Bus: 200

Guide for Nagalapuram trek:

It’s better to have someone with you who knows this trek well. In the case, if you have not someone like that with you then, there is a person at village Arai. His name is Mari (He understands only Telugu and Tamil), he organizes treks for people his number: 09550010278

Another person who could be of your help is Sarvana (he is the guy who will cut a receipt for parking for the Nagalapuram trek). He also organizes kind of a Treknic (Trekking + Picnic) for people.

Last time in July 2015, when I went I saw him driving 25 people on the tractor to the water stream; carrying biryani and helping them to have fun and a picnic. His charge was Rupees 1500 for 25 people for driving to and fro in the tractor and guiding them on the Trek. He could also be contacted in case you are in plan to go into a group. He

He could also be contacted in case you are in plan to go into a group. He understands only Tamil and Telugu. His number is 09603690134 (Saravanan). It would also be better if you know swimming. You might enjoy more in the water pools.

Going with girls on Nagalapuram trek:

In recent times, eve-teasing cases have come to highlight by some groups of people. So, unless there are not 3 to 4 guys in the group, I would recommend not to go there.


 Nagalapuram falls trek review:

Fours years ago when I went for Nagalapuram trek, it was not so much known and commercialized. There was hardly any garbage dump along the trail. Nowadays, it’s sad to see garbage dumped every 100 meters along the whole trek route. It has become a common picnic point for people. They do not even care to bring back the garbage. My request to you will be to bring back the garbage. Though trek is very nice. Water level goes down in summer or pre-monsoon.

Nagalapuram trek permission:

Legally, you should register yourself at the Nnagalapuram town police station before entering the forest. But I seldom see people registering at the police station. It might be because Nagalapuram has become a very famous trek. But precautions should be taken.

 Important information on Nagalapuram trek

If you are going for Nagalapuram trekking for the first time then here is some information for you:

  • Please take a guide or an experienced person who has already been there before. If you can’t go with such a person then here is some advice which might help you.
  • Once you reach Arai Village, you can ask in the village for some person to accompany you as a guide. Of course, they will ask for some money, be ready to negotiate. If that person is ready to take you to the waterfalls and all, well and good. In case not then chances are higher that he will show you just the route.
  • Ask the person to leave you near the water stream. Or, even if he shows the ways to the water stream, try hearing the sound of the flowing water from a distance.
  • Once you reach the water stream, just keep on walking along the trail. The water stream will always be in your sight towards your left. And it never goes away from the trail.
  • The trail is pretty clear and Straight forward. Keep track of what all you saw on the way, in case you are feeling lost.
  • Until the second water stream, I think you should not get lost because, as I said, the trail is pretty clear. Except at a point where you will have to climb 8 feet rock which is really easy because steps are there.
  • Just before the second pool, one trail goes to the right and eventually to the top of the Nagalapuram hills. Don’t take that trail. Enjoy in the second pool and return. Forget not to carry swimming tubes.
  • I would not recommend going beyond the second water pool if you are a first timer.

My Nagalapuram trek experience:

After finishing my schooling from Sainik (Military) school, I had millions of gallons of adventure in my blood. And finally, I decided to go to the Nagalapuram trek as one day trek with Chennai Trekking club.

When my name was confirmed for the trek, I was smiling at my luck nonetheless, I forgot the sweet pain that I was gonna get throughout the trek while fantasizing about mountains, water pools, thick forest and fun with new people.

They never say that I needed a bulldozer-body and a pack of will-power. Don’t get scared, when you start walking, you start seeing the real demon inside you and believe me, people do it easily and unbelievably.

The trek started with people having fun; chit-chatting; trying to guess the height of the hill & the probable time to reach there. Some were even wondering with wild thoughts of confronting wild animals too. You can’t imagine the unimaginable thoughts of rookies when they start for their first trek of life.

But, I say you, these wild thoughts come only when you are in the field, it never haunts your mind till you are snoring on a sofa and watching some lazy serials.

And, we started walking. We walked, walked and walked and again walked and kept on walking until we met the first pool on the way. Trust me, the vibes and enchanting of running water at that moment would be more mellifluous than your favorite rugged song which you hear every night before going to bed. 

Talking water has never looked so quite like a silent angel with whispers of her wings “but we had miles to go and a schedule to keep; before we sleep; before we Sleep”.

What did I learn? Drinking running water is always preferred in treks especially the water that flows at the top surface.

The ephemeral hallucination of eternal rest that you feel vanishes now. Someone shouts- – Move on, we are lagging behind the schedule, guys”

first serene water pool nagalapuram trekSilent woods and pristine pool

Wild lesson learned: when you are lost in the jungle, try to find a stream and follow it. It would give you water and find you a way to civilization.

Now the gradual gradient in the angle of hiking increases. People have started leaning ahead to maintain the center of gravity and some started using the stick to help themselves. Walk which started leisurely has now turned into a rocky, steeply, grassy and slippery walk. Time seemed frozen and it appeared as though I was caught in the endless vicious cycle of the walk.

The demand for short-breaks increased; the amount of sweating increased; the questions about miles to go also increased. But here is a good thing about it is, people have started lending hands to each other. They have started sharing water, fun and jokes and some are kicking their friends trying to move an idle stone with a single blow.

nagalapuram trek
On the way to Nagalapuram trek:

And, it sounded as if Titanic had crashed and we were now on a rescue mission with captain announcing the procedures. To a seasoned trekker, it might have been a child’s play but for me, it was like organic chemistry exam. If I already kept wondering, he already had galloped 15 feet like a baboon.

Girls find many hands for help and boys struggled to find a single hand (just for fun). With thousands of big-winged birds in the stomach, I traded like Mr. bean, occasionally going “Aaah ah….” and making some Gangnam dance moves, sometimes discovering new dance moves while losing balance and people laughing at you, when you are unable to understand why?

But when you reach the top you also join the laughing gang while you take a look at the person trying to make moves and climb the same ridge.

A manly thought: Women find men more gracious when they sweat and adrenaline rush fastest in their vein. (Learned this as a compliment from co-trekkers)

Looking at the zeal and experience that the seasoned trekkers had, I also motivated myself to be like them and aspire to be *graceful- no terms and conditions apply. The tiring walk through bushes and narrow trails ended up at a serene big pool of water. And what do we see?-  A waterfall.

Most of the members of our group had gotten there before us. I was almost the last one to enter the clearing and found about 90% of the guys inside the water. How could I resist?? Off came the Backpack and Toe-biting shoes. And BAM!! I am inside the chilling and pristine water for the next 1 hour or so. I waddled like a duck; tried diving but I am not so good at stunts. Ha-ha.

nagalapuram waterfalls Third pool on the way

Lesson: Learn swimming. It’s not mandatory but when you know you can enjoy more.

I came out wet, decided not to change clothes since the third pool on the way was not so far as told by trekkers who had been here before. We again started walking in a group like some nomad hunters after soaking like buffaloes in water. Before our clothes could get dry in burning sun we reached the third pool.

And the time was almost 1.30 in the afternoon. The sun was high but to beat the heat the biggest pool was just in front of our eyes. Some winds were making ripples over the clear water through which you can have more visibility than a swimming pool.

Before our clothes could get dry in burning sun we reached the third pool. And the time was almost 1.30 in the afternoon. The sun was high but to beat the heat the biggest pool was just in front of our eyes. Some winds were making ripples over the clear water through which you can have more visibility than a swimming pool.

third pool, nagalapuram trekFourth pool

Someone threw a Peach at us and it was a perfect water game to catch the flying peach. Ripped peach (almost all fruits) float over water, I came to know then only. Tell me have you enjoyed pedicure in the jungle? Not right? I did.

Then I sat at the edge the small fishes started biting and kissing my legs and I just closed my eyes and lied over the rocks to feel the sensation of the natural fish-pedicure. I was totally a different experience, free of cost. You might also like other trekking spots around Chennai

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  1. Abhilash

    We visited last week and they are not allowing night camp as it is banned from January 1st .
    Security is making sure the tents are not taken .

    • Srinivasa

      I could not suggest for married couples, Since it is complete forest area.

      I would suggest you better to look Kailasa water falls which is 15 Km far from this water fall.

      If you looking for further details please reach me #8310186231.

  2. manaohar

    Guys,I need the route to trek and I am new to nagala. can you update any local guide contact details. c So please could you help me the route please. how long does it take to finish trek till 2 pools . can we finish in in 4-5 hrs
    please mail me details

    Thank in advance.

    • Harsh

      Did you went? Do we need permit to camp in the forest?
      Me with couple of friends are planning to visit this weekend i.e. 3rd Dec.

  3. Gladston

    thanks a lot for the details, it was very useful. We went for a trip on 3rd October 2017. The instructions were very good. The guides Mr Mari and Mr Saravanan played a critical role in leading us. We had an awesome trip. My only suggestion is that you remove the outdated incident that is mentioned in the beginning of the post.


  4. Dipanwita Das

    I wish I could able to search your review before we had visited this place yesterday May 1st 2017. The place is dry this time. Some small natural pools are still visible. The more we trekked into the forest the more it portrays it’s lacquer. We did not reach to the final magic pool because a lot of eve teasers. They had started bothering us. On the way back two of them molested one of us after blocking our way where the forest is secluded and we hit them for our defence and had to run. The molesters again followed us to take revenge on us because we had hit them. This time we had found two people to whom we approached help. But without helping us they ran for their life. We had fought against one molester. Another molester had already parted this one and disappeared into the forest. This time one of us tried to click a photo of the molester when he hit one of us on head and was continuously hitting until another of us hit him to save the other. Then the molester slit the hand of one of us but this time the molester became powerless as we had also hit him for our defence. Then we collected the wounded, blooded ourselves and ran for our life. We had not crossed the half of the way to reach the main trekking parking, again we saw the molester running towards us but he was way behind us. Finally as we reached almost 1km towards the main trekking parking some eve-teasers started bothering us. This time we ignored them and reach the main parking. As we were bleeding we had taken help from the couple who do maintain the trekking parking. But this time we did not tell them any molester was following us because last time when we asked for help from two other persons they did not help us. We told them we fall down so we are bleeding. They had done some very basic first aid. We asked them if we can get an auto to nagalapuram village and they helped us to reach nagalapuram village. And finally we reached our home wounded but alive.

    • Nithy

      O god, its good to hear at last you reached safe.. Once you reach the town and doing first aid for colleagues you would have tried to complain police.. I have went 5 times along with my friends counting of members from 8 to 20 always including girls but this is the first time i am hearing this kind of bad incident at that place.. Its better to go in groups and that too with majority of guys for safety.

    • Esuresh

      Dear frinds Very nice place very butiful place frinds guide is changed name is. Mr.ebalaji.
      Contact no.9666714454
      place contact to this no

      • Prasanth

        When did you visited this place? We are planning to visit over the weekend.

    • S saravana

      Hi frnds nagalapuram is nice pleas
      Cheand gidu
      Venkatesh; 9550894734

    • Gladston

      Dear Ms Das,

      it is really sad to know your traumatic episode. Do let us know if there is a way to help in this process of keeping these unruly elements out of purposeful travel.

  5. Raghu

    Just done it yesterday and awesome experience, though its so hot went along with my son and his friends. Awesome one and recommend to everyone

      • Nithy

        can anyone confirm if the water level is okay to enjoy? Since its summer time we got doubt before starting

    • Deep

      Hi we are a group of 5 guys from Chennai and are planning to go there next weekend.. But wondering if there is any place where we can stay for the night. Any thing that is with in radius of 10-20 KMs. Thanks in advance

  6. vineeth

    hi.. We are planning to visit in this week from chennai.. i have confusion about western entry and eastern entry.. Which one is proper way?

  7. Ramakrishnan

    Hi Everyone,

    I am from chennai and planning to visit Nagalapuram with my friends in this weekend Please someone suggest me Water is available or not, Also say is there any other falls around this place.

  8. Balaji

    I was at this place 6 months ago, awesome place to have fun and enjoy, people who love trekking and waterfalls will surely love this place, we started walking from the dam and it was a great experience, we started a bit late in the morning and the sun already started scorching us. as we entered the thick jungle, we could see small water stream and it was a sign of relief that we are somewhere near to the falls and pool. make sure that you arrange a local guide as you might get lost in the forest easily, on the day we were there, a team of 5 people from chennai ventured in to the jungle and got lost of the track, a search team went in to find them and bring them back to the pool, ensure you carry enough water and food.
    there are no shops to buy anything… so please plan and arrange everything in advance.
    Im visiting this place next week again with my friends…

      • Balaji

        water will always be there in the pools and falls, the amount of water will differ during summer season.

    • Sugan

      Hi Balaji,

      How was the trip? is it good to go this time? Water is there? Any restrictions? Please advise


    Do the local guides there have tents so that we can do camping? how much do they charge generally for a two day trek!?

    • trekkerp Post author

      I am not sure of the price or the guard charges. As far as camping is concerned, currently the weather is already hot. So a tarpaulin would do the work. Just look for the weather when you reach there.

  10. pradeepnagendran1992


    I am planning to go with ten of my friends. Can you please let me know if you know any guide and how much they ll cost us.

    Pradeep N

  11. Shabana

    Hi , we are around ten members planning to visit nagalapuram. Looking for guide.can any one help us

  12. Punit Chaudhary

    we are planning to go for the trek and need trek routes and ll b happy if you share that on my email id

  13. Lokesh

    U can contact mannaar:: 098 49 440712. U can tell lokesh has given information about this


    Hi I.m from chennai, actually we are (6 people) planning to trek. but we don’t have clear idea about waterfalls availability. please help us in this

    • Lokesh

      U can contact person name : mannaar 098 49 440712 who is taking care there for all information. U can tell lokesh has given number

    • Lokesh

      U can contact mannaar:: 098 49 440712. U can tell lokesh has given information about this water falls



    I.m from chennai, actually we are (10 people) planning to trek and stay there for one night. but we don’t have clear idea about parking vehicles like bike, and routing map inside forest direct to waterfalls and night stay!!!!! please help us in this, weather we need to get permission from security or police department to stay there overnight, cooking, tent requirement and safety etc., i’m looking forward to your response sir. please share your contact number then i can easily contact you.
    my no. 7299658080

    Thank you.

  16. Shyambalaji Rajkumar

    Hi, we are planning next week to this place, planned for one day and one night near water falls, is it safe to stay there at night?

  17. Shameem

    Hi Trekkerp, myself and my frnd went to Nagalla waterfalls last weekend. We just followed your instructions and this is a very useful one bro. Thank you!
    The only mistake we did was we missed the water stream at some point totally by seeing some clear trials , which lead us to wrong way almost to the top of the hill.
    So new people better always have the water stream on your left at an audible or visible distance and that will lead you correctly.

    Also I would like to mention about the Pichathr Dam on the way to the trekking parking area. You would like to have a look at this too. It’s awesome view of blue water spread over at the foot of far visible mountains. A good spot for photography ! 🙂

  18. Hemanth


    We are 6 people, want to visit this place. Can you arrange a trip from Hyderabad (on Nov 19,20) .
    Or guide us on whom to contact for these kind of arrangements from Hyderabad.

  19. karthik

    hi…i m planning to go to nagalapuram…how is the falls now??wat is the total walking distance from the parking lot??

  20. Claire Bigand

    We want to do a trekk in Nagalapuram water falls . We are a family of 4 members from Chennai. We can also join a group. Dates are slitely modify according to the group: 1st to 2nd October.
    We are speaking english only.
    Could you organise the trekk?

  21. tejas

    ppl who r willing go for a trek to nagalpuram….dont miss to book this guide …..he is awesome person…jst showed us every waterfall n never left us behind….contact this person..(9849440712) munnar ….he understands telgu,tamil,english…..

    • s.sekhar

      Nagalapuram guides are changed now their. Numbers:9515491409& :9515296795{hari} he showed all things to us contact him for more information

    • s.sekhar

      Now the guide numbers &guides are changed contact him for more. Information 9515491409. &9515296795

    • subash

      Super and Informative… when is it a good time to go to nagalapuram. Can you help guiding around 25 guys to this place…

      Nagalapuram Trekking & Tips Guide Contact Number is Changed.

      Contact Number : 09849440712 ( Mannar )
      contact Number : 09666714454 ( Balaji )

  22. Ramanan

    Super and Informative… when is it a good time to go to nagalapuram. Can you help guiding around 25 guys to this place…

  23. Duke Issac

    Do we require to take any permission from Forest Authorities for trekking in Nagalapuram hills?
    Can somebody advise on this please?

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Isaac,

      If you are planning to by the legal procedure then you should register at the nagalapuram police station before entering the forest… but people also go without permission.. choice is yours…

  24. Nagalapuram

    Nagalapuram has always been in my todo list in the past 2 years, but cannot find the right moment to catch up. Will surely be visiting soon. Thanks for your detailed post.

    • Sri

      Last year me and my friends went to Nagalapuram. As we never went to trekking before initially my friends were also in doubt about the plan but luckily we got in touch with “ynottrekking” a private organization in chennai who were organizingfor trekking. Nagalapuran is one the best places for trekking. Its good tat someone arranging everything about our trek and hence we could enjoy the most. Night tent at top of the hill was the ultimate thing in our trip sleeping right next to fall was one of the best experience in my life. We also met te forest gaurd on our way to hill he seems to be a nice person and Mr. Baskaran from ynottrekking seems to know him before and hence there was no problem for us. Apart from the path of sand stone and slippery paths nagalaouram gave us the best moments to remember in life…

  25. S. Vijay Anand

    hi, as group of 15 planning to visit Nagalapuram next weekend, can someone guide us

    • trekkerpedia

      Hi Vijay,

      I would loved to accompany you guys but I am in Bangalore right now…..You can take the help of the GPS map shared in the blog… its pretty straight forward or you can ask someone ar arai village to accompany you for the trek

      • S. Vijay Anand

        thanks for your response. actually i have visited this place few years back and i can reach up to hill side of Nagallapuram, but i am not sure on the route for trekking to top of the hill and the pool, for which i need some one as guide. will anyone who is well known of this place whom can guide will help us.

      • trekkerpedia

        Hi vijay,

        That’s what I meant actually… if you can manage a guy to accompany you until the stream from Arai village….just follow the stream trail and you are there… the trail runs along the stream…. you just need someone to accompany you from arai village to the stream and you are there 🙂


        i could not see any gps map in your blog. please help me to find it.
        thank you.

      • trekkerp Post author

        That GPS map was Garmin device specific so I removed that map… Just follow the blog, it is easier to go there now

  26. Ajeez Aju

    Hi we have gone last week.. Bt we can find the 3rd pool… we reached to half of the top… we crossed the first running water… After that we seen two small pool on the leften side.. After that we crossed second running water.. After crossing it.. we walked nd climbed a mile.. But we cant even find a single pooll.. and can able the her water sound.. nd we also running over time so we came back Nd swim-ed in first pool.. I’m very eager to find the 3rd pool…. Can u please help me…

    • trekkerpedia


      There are two path nearer to the second pool. One goes left to the pool and another one goes to the right to the central peak. I think you followed the right one to the central peak. Ok. So if you go there next time, towards the right and along with right side of the second pool, you will find a path going up for 100-200 feet. After walking 200 feet ahead of second pool, cross the stream and start walking along the stream in the left.. You might not find proper trail but just keep walking and hopping over the rocks. Eventually you will find the third pool after an hour or so……Just keep left and never stop walking…..

  27. Avadhoot Joshi

    We 8 people are planning to go to Nagalapuram Trek on this Sundy. (16.11.2014) Can you pl provide me the details of route map for trek on my email id. That will be a great help.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Joshi,

      What kind of details you want. Please let me know. I would be more than happy to help you 😀

      By the way, if you follow everything written in the blog thoroghly, you would see everything like trail.

  28. vk

    Very good information. could you please share your information(email id, phone number) would like to have a short call with you .

  29. saravana nand

    nice experience…. nice story…. awesome pics….. best information,.. one of the best blogs about nagalapuram trekking… nice trekking information,map and all

    • trekkerpedia

      Thanks sarvanand… yeah it’s really a great trek…….Did you go there recently?

  30. Dinesh

    Pics are really awesome. . . 🙂 2 yrs back 10 of r frens went to the same place but could nt find the right direction and did not get opportunity to view such beautiful views over there . Kindly provide the route map so that we can plan one more trip and enjoy as u did . . . Thanks in advance . . 🙂

  31. Satishkumar


    I appreciate for sharing information with us.

    We are 8 and planning to visit Nagalapuram end of Feb 2014. Is there any package for us?

    Also, I would appreciate if you could share the route map to my email address.

    If you have any questions, please drop an email.


  32. Syed


    We are planning to go Nagalapuram next weekend.. A team of 25.

    Can you pls share me the contact details of guide & route map etc.


  33. raja

    planning to go to nagalapuram this month end.. did anyone know bout any guides in there.. did anyone has any idea pls do tel us..

  34. Venkatesh S

    Must appreciable effort Gentlemen..
    We are planning to trek there, Kindly send me the route to trek ‘from and to’ to my email id please. venkatesh.marvelleadership(@)gmail.com

  35. Bala

    We are planning to go there next weekend.. A team of 15. Can you pls share me the details, route map etc.

  36. Lakshmi

    Hi, Kindly share the route map as we have planning to Nagala..

    Can any one suggest us is the route is safe as among all girls are inculded. Our team size is 30. Would this trip will be enjoyable. Please

  37. krishna

    we group of friends planning to go to nagalapuram on thursday . so please i want complete details about this trek . route map, how many pools we can visit , trek distance etc. Please i want route map as we are new to this place . If we go in car is der any option to park der?
    It will be very helpfull if u share the details

  38. Ankur Dulwani

    Hi, we are a bunch of 18 people and visiting Nagalapuram in mid dec 2013. We all are freshers in trekking and doesn’t know anything about the trekking routes there.
    Kindly please help us with the easiest route we can take (with no or less hard trekking, which we can enjoy in a day)


  39. Gopi


    I appreciate for sharing information with us.

    We are 14 and planning to visit Nagalapuram end of December 2013. Is there any package for us?

    Also, I would appreciate if you could share the route map to my email address.

    If you have any questions, please drop an email.


  40. Siva

    Two Years back we went to nagalapuram for trekking, but our driver directly takes to a pool (near temple), and shows this is fall and no more trekking here.
    from this site I understood we can have trekking,
    Could you please send me the trekking route from nagalapuram(or near by place) to pool(fall)
    I am planning to go one more time

  41. aravind

    Hi ,
    i would like to know the route map and variations in eastern and western entry .. kindly send me the route maps , the places to look out for and essentials for trekking .
    thanks you!

  42. Prashanth

    Dear friends, my colleagues and self, we are looking for trekking here, can some one guide me, so that I can plan accordingly

    • praveen

      trekkerp, pls help us to move out there with proper route map sir…… me and my frnds eagerly waiting to get there .. we r waiting for ur reply sir .. chem boys

  43. karthik


    Based on the pics, its Nagala Western entry not eastern entry. And for your kind information, as you said, since you couldn’t locate the route as you were unaware of the route, its not advisable to with help of route, unless its loaded in gps, otherwise you can get lost inside pretty easily. Suggest you to register with CTC on a trek and get familiar with the trail and then start venturing. my two cents.

  44. Azhagu Selvan SP

    Hey we are planning a trek to nagala next month. Please share the trek route map with me

  45. Muthukumaran


    We are planning for this nagalapuram trip. can you please share the maps route.
    Thanks in advance.
    As it seems, request for route is popular in this post, you can add a link to download the route, if its ok with you.


  46. Ranga Nathan

    Hi Please share route map .. last week we went and weird 🙁 unable to locate the pool.. some one showed us wrong way and whole day went searching searching at the end the we returned back :(.. kindly share the route map..

  47. sunieal narendra

    Guys,I too need the route to trek,I am new to nagala.So please could you help me the route please.After a long time of planning,All my friends are gathered for the trekk tomorrow.So if you could send it today itself it would me more helpful for me.Thank is advance.

  48. Venkatesan Selvaraj

    Could you please share the trekking route you used in the hills? We tried and ended up in a wrong route where we found a temple and a small falls and had to return back. Thanks in advance.



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