Nagala East: trekking experience in eastern Ghats of India

How To Reach Nagalapuram Eastern Entry?

Nagalapuram east Trek Length: 8 Kms
Nagalapuram east Trek Time: 6-7 Hours
Distance from Chennai: 90 Kms

A boon companion of Western Ghats, in recent years, has earned the reputation of being a mystical land full of hidden beauty and the more you explore the more beauty it reveals. The belief of finding a paradise in the parched plateau seems as tough as convincing a girl for not to go for shopping but once you step in, you have to see it for yourself.

waterpool and falls on nagala east

 Deccan plateau looks dreaded from a distance but there is an instinct in the heart and mind of the explorers to find a wonderland and that wonderland could appear just before our eyes in any form. Thus, 10 of us, initially unknowns, let their souls wander in the terrains of a Utopia called “Nagala East water special trek” in search of a paradise.

On the way to Nagala east trek

The common protocol follows: park the vehicle; distribute the common gears & food items and then extend out feet the realm of a Utopian journey. The first hurdle was waiting for us, the dead-end pool, as the name itself suggests. There is no way to cross the pool except swimming it across. Hang on to the rocks; wade a little; often swim and make sure you cross in alignment.

Rocks nagala east trek

For amateurs, we had life jackets but looked like saving the bags and keeping them dry was the first priority then. The solution; a self-made raft sustainable enough to wade across the length of 50 meters of the pool length.
Look at the carved faces of the pool. It felt like I was standing inside an abysmal and looking up to the infinite series of beauty carved, naturally painted, stapled and arranged for me. Rock bands running along the ridge; water sipping through them; contrast of the rocks vividly displaying thousand gradients of a colour was more than a dream with open eyes. I still do not consider myself as a good photographer but I do love photography and when it comes to capturing the beauty through my third eyes, I, very well, know how to take the blueprint of the emblazing beauty.

After long walk, crisscrossing through boulders and shrubs, we reached the first pool from the east side of the Nagala. Water falls from almost 15 feet height. Wait, did I just say ‘fall’. Let me correct myself, the water slides and you too can slide along with the water in that natural water park.
Sit on the water chamber; for a moment you slide; next moment you are inside the water; in further moments you come floating up with a heavy breath and when you open your watery eyes, you gain your senses and it felt like I just returned from the world of mermaids.

Nagala east trek

But we had a schedule to keep. Our next destination was the central peak. After a long walk we reached there and that was the fun time. Introduce ourselves; make pranks; share the laugh and joy and you do not remain unknowns anymore which you were there hours ago.

The central peak offers a Panoramic view of the whole Nagala range and beside that it also offers a nice photo-shoot spot where each passing moment, postures and smiles change in front of the lens. Before the night could engulf us under her dark shawl, we had to find a shelter to pitch the pegs and raise the tent. What place could ever be better than beside a water pool? The hunger had just attacked and large hunger wings were encroaching our bellies. It was time to find some firewood for camp fire and cooking. The work was divided from washing to putting up fire to arrange the stuffs. That was, more or less, a free time for me. After having some photography, I decided to jump into the water. Believe me; it chilled my spine for a first few moments until I was comfortable. Moments later, I was springing like a kid around.

Dinner at nagala trek

The night was clear. I think I was little hallucinating too but I was not alone. We never had seen so many stars twinkling in the sky. Wherever you see, its stars. They were shining like a diamonds fitted far into the galaxy and shedding their soft lights on us from thousands of light years far. I am sure I was not dreaming. 

Night photography Nagala east

It was time to go to bed inside our small tent houses. After a long time, I had a peaceful sleep and the whole experience was different than Western Ghats. I would say we were lucky to witness a perfect sunrise next day.

Nagala East trek sunrise

Next destination: 300 feet falls. 

After this we started towards our exit point. After walking whole day it was tiresome but it was worth walking.

water stream on Nagala east trek

When we reached our exit point, we had to climb the rocks using rope again. What a beautiful day filled with with full-on adventure.

water stream on nagala east trekking

For me, I have now a permanent imprint of the whole trek on my mind. It’s hard to lose the treasure that I collected bit by bit on the way for 2 complete days on those 36 kms of rocky Eastern Ghats trails & terrains. It’s even harder to imagine about the wonderland where there were no signs of humans and I was wandering in the lap of Mother Nature like wanderlust.


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  1. iswarya

    V need to reach nagala by public transport from Chennai. kindly share us the details if known to u

  2. Jagadeesh S G

    Hey awesome article ..
    we few friends are planning for Nagala trek from bangalore. can you help us with directions, maps if u have any?
    how may i contact you..by mail?
    please share few tips on gsjagadeesh1991@gmail.com

  3. Ruth

    Hey! I’m from Chennai nd I work with a trust that helps organise camps for students aged 14 to 21.. I’ve been having a look at your blog and various recommendations and am super keen to get a little feedback from you… we are looking for a place to go to thats doable under 3 days and suitable for the age group mentioned above.


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