Mount Fromme Hiking Guide Near Vancouver

Mount Fromme is a mountain located on the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia. It is famous for its hiking but more importantly, biking trails. Located just nearby Grouse trail, Mount Fromme is famous for hiking as well.

Mount Fromme hiking trail summary (St George’s Trail)

  • Total hiking distance: 11 Km (Roundtrip)
  • Hiking time: Around 5 hours (Roundtrip)
  • Highest point: 1176 meters (3858 feet)
  • Dogs allowed on a leash: No
  • Best season to do this hike: July to November
  • Elevation gain: 875 meters (2871 feet)

Mount Fromme Hiking in detail

Reaching Mount Fromme Parking lot

Reaching the parking lot for the Mount Fromme hike could be tricky. You need to park your vehicle at the end of the St. George’s street and take the trail from there. If you are planning to use Google map to guide you, initially, it might be difficult as Google maps do not have the St. George’s trail listed on it. So, I would suggest using the map from here if you want to avoid any confusion. Also, it will save some of your time.

Hiking trail details

  • From St George’s street, a trail enters the forest. You would cross a wooden bridge and arrive underneath a power line
  • From Powerline, take right and walk around 150 feet and take a left at the junction. The path is wide and graveled which eventually narrows down. The Junction is where Boden Powell trail and Executioner trail meet
  • Walk for another 400 meters and take a right at the next junction from where Dreamweaver trail goes to the left. You do not have to go on the Dreamweaver trail.
  • From this point, there is another 1 km of the steep hike which will take you out at the mountain highway in the open.
  • Turn left on the open mountain highway and walk another 100 meters and take right on the Per Gynt trail leaving the mountain highway, a graveled path
  • Hike another 500 meters and you would cross the same mountain highway again. This is the last point you will cross the mountain highway
  • Walk across the mountain highway and follow the trail. It will lead you to Mount Fromme peak. Near the peak, we found some snow in mid-June this year. However, we did not need any spikes to walk across the snow.

Things to Note on Mount Fromme hike

  • Sometimes, the trail is not marked properly and often two trail walk together so you should remember the path or take pictures to keep yourself reminded
  • On a cloudy day, near the top, the fog restricts the visibility so walk together and look out for markers, fallen trees, and logs
  • First 2 Km is steep, followed 1.5 Km of a flat walk, followed by another 2 Km of the steep part in the end.
  • You will cross biking trail 3-4 times throughout the hike. Try to always follow the trail marked with St. George’s

Mount Fromme hiking pictures

Mount fromme peak on a cloudy day

Mount Fromme peak on a cloudy day

Snow in June near mount fromme peak

Snow in June near mount Fromme peak

St georges trail mark

St Georges trail mark

View of Vancouver city from St Georges parking street

View of Vancouver city from St Georges parking street

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