Old Railway Trail Hike Along Hayward Lake Near Vancouver

Old railway trail along the Hayward lake is one of the easiest and most beautiful hikes around Vancouver. It offers a spectacular view of the Hayward lake, old railway tracks, and bridges, floating wooden logs, and much more.

Railway Trail Details

  • Total Distance: 6.2 KM one way from Railway trailhead to Hayward Lake recreation area
  • Total hiking time: 1.5 hours one way
  • Total elevation: Nil
  • Dog allowed: Yes

Reaching Railway Trek TrailHead

Here is the Google map location of the railway trailhead where you can park your vehicle. There is no bathroom or any other facilities in the parking lot. Usually, the parking lot does not get full because there is another parking lot nearby and also people directly drive to the Hayward Lake recreation area.

After parking the vehicle, you can see the trail marked on board. You have to descend down along the trail until you hit the wide trail. Otherwise, if someone can pick you up then ask them to pick you up at the Hayward lake recreation area which is around 7.2 Kms from the trailhead.

Railway Trail Near Hayward Lake

Things to note on the hike:

  • The trail is straight forward and is well marked.
  • On the way, there are some areas where there are chances of rock slides, those areas have been marked well as well.
  • Most of the times, you keep on walking along the Hayward lake. The scenery will be very nice.

Hayward Lake Recreation Area

Hayward lake recreation area has a lot of barbecue places and benches where you can sit and enjoy and even barbecue. People also bring their kayaks for kayaking in the lake. There is also a dog park near the recreation area where you can play with your dogs as well. At the recreation area, there are facilities such as washroom, water taps for dogs, beach, grass lawn, benches, etc.

Railway Trail Vancouver Photos

Wooden beats in Hayward Lake a beach on railway trail hayward lake from parking lot hayward lake recreation area Old railway bridge on Hayward lake waterfall on railway trail On railway trail vancouver

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