Kumara parvatha trek, Kukke Subramanya

Kumara Parvatha trek is one of the toughest treks in the Western Ghats, South India located in Pushpagiri reserve forest near Kukke Subramanya town. Please find the complete Guide for the Kumara Parvatha below:

Note: As mentioned earlier camping at peak is banned. But it is allowed almost anywhere between Bhattrumane and the forest dept. Campfire is NOT allowed anywhere except in the case when camping is done next to forest dept. One can trek till the camping location and start trekking till peak the next day even as early as 3 – 3:30 AM.

Kumara Parvatha Trek Details:

Kumara Parvatha trekking routes:

There are two trekking routes to Kumara Parvatha trek:

  1. From Somwarpet
  2. From Kukke Subramanya

From Somwarpet side, it is one day of hiking. There are more waterfalls en route and deep forests as well. Total hiking distance from Somwarpet side is around 6 to 7 Kms one side.

From Subramanya side, it is a longer trek. Total hiking distance from Subramanya to Kumara Parvatha peak is around 16 Kms. There are meadows, greenery, and the view of the Western Ghats. Also, the Pushpagiri reserve forest lies on the way which is famous for flowers after the monsoon.

How to reach Kukke Subramanya, Kumara Parvatha Trek starting point?

One can reach Subramanya from Bangalore by bus or train. There are direct buses from Bangalore to Subramanya which can be booked online at KSRTC websites. There are also direct trains from Bangalore to Subramanya.

However, Subramanya bus stand is nearer to the Subramanya town from where the Kumara Parvatha trek begins. If you go by train, Subramanya railway station is around 20 Kms from Subramanya town. So you will have to take a jeep from the railway station to Subramanya town.

Try to arrive at the railway station or the bus stand in the morning so that you can start the trek early. There are toilets in the main street of Subramanya temple where you can get fresh in the morning. There are also shops which open in the morning. You can have breakfast there in the morning and also pack some food before starting for the Kumara Parvatha trek.

Kumara Parvatha trekking route:

Below is the map of Kumara Parvatha trekking route. Here is a link to Kumara Parvatha Hiking Trail Map. You can easily download this map and use GPS to guide yourself while climbing the trek. For more details refer the map below.

Kumara parvatha route map

Kumara Parvatha Camping sites:

Earlier people used to camp at the Kumara Parvatha peak but now it has been banned by the forest department of Girigadde or Pushpagiri. Now you can camp only nearer to the Mantapa or nearer to the forest department office. You are not allowed to camp at the Kumara Parvatha Peak.

However, the forest department allows you to go to the peak but you will have to leave behind your tent and camping gears at the forest department office. You will have to return by evening and pitch your camp there.

Kumara Parvatha is one of those awesome treks from Karnataka which starts with “K”. Other beautiful treks which start with letter K are Kodchadri and Kudremukh but you should also forget Tadiandamol, Nishani betta, Mullayanagiri etc.

Kumara Parvatha contact information:

  • Kumara Parvatha Bhatru mane contact number (have advance booking) +91-9448647947, +91-9480230191, +91-8151036344
  • Forest camp, Girigadde, Kumara Parvatha forest officer contact number: Jayaraju: +91-9449475506, +91-9141226784

Bhatru Mane, Kumara Parvatha (Fooding & Lodging):

Bhatru mane is the mid-point of the Kumara Parvatha trek. It comes just before the forest department office. You can get food at the Bhatru Mane but you will have book your food in advance. Each meal costs around 100 per plate. In the section above, their number is shared. You need to call them before the trek about the number of people coming to have lunch or dinner or both and on what date. They understand mostly Kannada. Do not expect them to speak English or Hindi if they might have learned over the years then that’s a different thing.

Kumara Parvatha local guide:

You can get a local guide at this number 8105103634. They arrange and organize Kumara Parvatha trek from Subramanya, the base of the Kumara Parvatha trek. They have the pickup facility from the railway station at 5 AM as well. I think they charge around 1200 rupees per person. But better you should call and confirm with them.

Kumara Parvatha trek Plan:

If you are going on your own. Below is the plan I would like to recommend for you:

  • Get down at subramanya and get fresh at the public toilets on the main street of Subramanya temple
  • Have an early breakfast from the shops in the same street and also pack some lunch if you do not want to pay at Bhatru mane.
  • Reach forest department office, pay the forest entry charges and leave behind your camping gears to Kumara Parvatha trek (remember camping is not allowed at the peak).
  • Enjoy at the peak and return and pitch camp near the forest department or at Mantapa.

Best Time for the Trek

Winter(September – March) is the best time to visit kumara parvatha. Although many also visit this place during the raining season(June to August). Please avoid visiting this place duing summer months as it is too hot and you won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful greenery of kumara parvatha.

Permission for Trekking to Kumara Parvatha

Yes, people going to trek to kumara parvatha needs prior permission from forest office. There is a entry fee of RS.350 for each person.

Nearby Places To Visit

There are many places you can visit if you try to include one extra day in your trip itinerary. Here are some of the best places you can try to visit after your trek to relax a bit:


  • Kukke Shri Subrahmanya Temple
  • Biladwara Caves
  • Mandalpatti Peak
  • Kote Abbe Falls or the Abbey Falls
  • Sringeri Mutt
  • Pushpagiri Forest Reserve

Kumara Parvatha Trek

Here are some tips about how to avoid leeches, Kind of trekking shoe and Tent Guide

Forest Section to Bhatru Mane

To begin the trek, enter the forest through the small gate located next to the parking area. If you have arrived at Kukke Subrahmanya by car, you can park your vehicle in the designated parking space that can accommodate up to 10-12 four-wheelers. If you are using public transportation, you will need to walk about 1.5 kilometers from the KSRTC Bus Station to the base of the trek.

Once you reach the base of the trek, the trail is well marked and leads you into the dense forest. The Kumara Parvatha trail starts off with a moderate to steep ascent, with some flat sections along the way. As you continue, the trail becomes steeper. Follow the trail to continue your journey.

Bheema Rock

Remember to keep your water bottle handy and take small sips of water every 15 minutes, even if you don’t feel thirsty. The humid climate can cause you to dehydrate quickly, so it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the trek.

After about 3.5 kilometers of trekking, you will reach a large rock known as Bheemana Bande or Bheema Rock. This is a good place to take a short rest, have a snack, and regain your energy before continuing on the steeper section of the trail.

During the monsoon season, there may be leeches on the trail. You may start to notice them as you rest at Bheema Rock. To avoid leeches, you can apply Dettol or Savlon at the base of your feet. If you don’t mind the leeches, you can simply remove them once you reach Bhatta’s place. A few leeches sucking a few drops of blood won’t do any harm.

As you continue climbing, you will reach a clearing that marks the end of the forest section. If you start the trek in the dark (around 5:30 AM), you will be greeted with a beautiful view as you emerge from the forest.

From the clearing, you will reach Bhattara Mane in about a kilometer. The Viewpoint 1 and the Forest Office are both located near Bhatta’s House. To get to Bhattara Mane, take the left fork in the trail. If you go straight, you will reach the Forest Office, and if you take the right fork, you will reach Viewpoint 1.

Viewpoint 1 offers breathtaking panoramic views of Shesha Parvatha in front of you and the beautiful Western Ghats surrounding you. It’s a great spot to take a break and enjoy the scenery.

Bhatru Mane

Once you arrive at Bhattara Mane, head to the Forest Office to pay the fees for your hike to the summit the following day. The trail entry fee is 350 INR per person and includes the trekking fee, trail maintenance fee, and camping fee.

As of December 2020, you can now hire tents and sleeping bags at Bhattara Mane instead of carrying them all the way from the base. Just remember to book them in advance by contacting Bhatta at +91 9480527765.

Bhatru Mane to Shesha Parvatha

It’s important to start the next day early, as you have a challenging climb ahead. Instead of waiting for breakfast at Bhatta’s place, we recommend carrying some dry fruits, nuts, and other non-perishable food to eat on the trail. This will save you time as there may be a queue of trekkers waiting for food.

Before you start, leave all of your extra luggage, tents, and other unnecessary items at the Forest Office. They will take care of your belongings while you continue on the trek. Note that you are not allowed to carry tents or other camping equipment beyond the Forest Office. Don’t forget to refill your water bottles at the Forest Office before you begin the trek.

Within the first 10 minutes, the trail starts to get steeper and you will enter the grasslands. Enjoy the beautiful views of unending greenery and thick patches of forest to your left as you continue on your journey.

As you make your way up to Shesha Parvatha, you will eventually reach Kallu Mantapa after a hard climb of about 2 kilometers. This is a good place to rest and hydrate. Remember to follow the first tip and take small sips of water every 15 minutes to stay hydrated.

Without the forest cover you had on the previous day, you will be exposed to the sun and heat for the entire duration of the trek until you return to the Forest Office. The near-vertical climb that follows can also quickly drain your energy and cause dehydration. It’s important to take care of yourself and pace yourself during this challenging part of the trek.

Shesha Parvtha to Kumara Parvatha

Once you reach the Shesha Parvatha peak, the toughest part of the trek is over. You will then enter the second forest section of the trail, which is absolutely stunning.

Before you reach the forest, there is a steep, slippery descent over loose mud and gravel. Be careful as you navigate this section and make your way into the forest. If you visit during the monsoon season, you will find a stream flowing alongside the trail, fed by rainwater that has accumulated during the season. The vertical rock face also becomes a waterfall, adding to the difficulty of this section. Be extremely careful when placing your feet on slippery, wet rocks with slimy algae on them. In autumn and winter, the rocks are dry and there is no water in the forest, making this section less risky.

After climbing the rock face, you will reach the Kumara Parvatha peak, also known as the Pushpagiri peak, in less than 20 minutes. From here, the other side of the mountain is visible, and on a clear day, you can see the peaks of Coorg and the rest of the Western Ghats stretching out before you. Take some time to relax, appreciate the trek and the beauty of nature around you, and reflect on your journey to the top.

Before you start your journey back down, be sure to rest your tired muscles. You will return via the same route, so be careful on the tricky sections and move slowly and steadily to avoid slipping and falling. Aim to be back at Bhatta’s House in time for lunch, and collect your equipment and belongings at the Forest Office before heading back to the base. Try to leave the Kumara Parvatha peak by 10:30 AM so that you can have lunch and return to the base before it gets dark.

Remember to bring back all of the plastic packaging you used on the trek and get your deposit refunded at the Forest Office. Once you have re-energized, head back down the mountain, taking the same route as the previous day. Be extra cautious on the descent, as it is all downhill from here and you don’t want to run or misplace your footing. Ideally, you should take the same amount of time to descend as you did to ascend, carefully making your way through the forest and back to the base by evening.

My Kumara Parvatha Hiking Experience

And the journey begins @ 5 am:

Use Snuff powder in socks and shoes to avoid them. Keep on looking for them in shoes/socks time and then. Sleepy small town, cold and windy. Luckily they have public toilets for the temple there, get freshen up. Let local shops open. Eat, get packed heavily for lunch. Take some spare food too. Ask local for the route to Kumara parvatha. After a half kilometer walk, you will see a board to Kumara Parvataha.

Trek begins:

Old & dark woods; smell it; feel it; walk as much as you can before the sun becomes too hot. 

 Kumara parvatha forest

Cover as much of distance as possible before sun says a warm “hi”. Sun shows its face now. Rays filtering through woods dripping, scattering over the trail. It is a mirage and an eye-candy. Heat & sweat. Wipe them.

8 am: Leech forest crossed:

The twin peaks, Marigundi and Shesha Parvatha from a distance inviting you. You will have to cross them to reach Kumara Parvatha. Bhatru mane from this point is just 5-10 minutes away.

9 am: Bhatru mane, Kumara Parvatha

Note: There is a hut here maintained by some people you have to call them and book your lunch here.

Phone number of Bhatru mane: +919448647947 and +919480230191

Now, if you are planning to stay there at Bhatru mane, you can go and explore places like sunset point (nearby). Have breakfast next day morning and start again to Kumara Parvatha or Move ahead.

Bhatru mane, kumara parvathaBhatru Mane

And so we moved on. From Bhatru mane, it takes 5 mins to reach sunset point. But we reached around 9/10. Still, the panoramic view of western ghats is awesome here. It’s a photographer’s paradise. Sit on the chairs there. Lonely; realize; resound; wonder; enjoy; see a philosopher and nature lover inside. A true place where you can discover outside and within.

Never ending magnificent view of western hills range. Walk little further and you reach at the forest check point. Pay the fees to enter Pushpagiri wildlife and move on ahead. Took the entry passes and enter the wildlife. Keep moving ahead soldier. Enjoy the beauty around. Grasses; trees; flowers; meadow; hills- Life must be so beautiful here.

12 noon: Kallu mantapa, Kumara Parvatha

Kallu mantapa, Kumara parvathaKallu Mantapa

A four pillars structure. There is a water source here. (fill bottles here). All around is the grassland and flowers. I encountered almost 10-20 types of different varieties of flowers. And grasses are of around 1-2 feet of height. From here begins the reality check of how hard hiker are you. The gradient of 40-50 degree of steepness. Man! you have to push yourself and others too.

Lean forward. Did your back hurt? Are you trying hard to maintain the center of gravity? Stop. Look behind for others. Push them. pull them. Watch your steps; don’t let them find a cramp or bent.

2 pm: sitting over Marigundi and Shesha Parvatha

The view at Marigundi and Shesha Parvatha are breathtaking. We wanted to sit there forever and keep on looking at the abyssal depth of valley and clouds. Or just call it our fatigue which had occurred while climbing steep for an hour or so. One side of the mind was telling us to give up and pitch tent there itself. But other side of the mind was telling to continue. Having no regrets in future because we already had scaled 90% of the trek. Though it was tiring but beauty comes after a lot of sweat always.

Shesha parvatha4 pm:

“Get up guys let’s move on, before it gets too dark, cold and windy”. Sitting they are after a lot of calf muscles exercise was the most soothing part of the trek. Put your hands on the ground. Push yourself up. It was time to move on.

From Shesha Parvatha, one more trek through leech forest but little downhill. That’s the only relief. Though, the nal part of the trek requires last uphill trek to reach Kumara Parvatha. we came across a very small stream with little flowing water.

Climb down or almost run for 15-20 minutes and then climb up for 30-45 minutes and you are at the peak. Removed shoe at a little running stream. Girls almost fainted 🙂 It was paining and a leech bite was half stuck inside. Had to pull that out. washed legs in cold water. heavenly pleasure

6 pm: Kumara Parvatha top

A human amidst nature. It was cold; It was foggy; It was windy. Tea? did not help. Maggy soup? lost its warmth easily like we did. Collect dry woods. pitch tent; somebody go and fetch water before its too dark. Cover the bags at one place with tarpaulin.

Pitching tent at Kumara Parvatha peakPitching tent

How I felt there?

A sheep lamb caught at almost 5600 feet. Weather then? cold & windy; dark; misty; clouds had began to wash our face. We covered the bags. why? those had got drenched overnight. Pitching the tent was the hardest job then almost equal to pitching frozen woods in frozen weather with hands shivering.

Soups were as tasty as never before. Sleeping bag was never such warm ever. Winds were never such thrilling, cold and hellishly whispering in our ears. I never felt so much conscious before, inside the sleeping tent. What if a hyena whiskers me at night and smell the human inside. Slipped inside the sleeping bag. When I was asleep never realized.

5 am: Sunrise at Kumara Parvatha peak

sunrise at kumara parvathaSun was hiding in the clouds at Horizon

Opened eyes. wiped my hands through my hair. It was wait. Ran outside to see bags. One of my shoes was not covered properly and half of it was wet like someone had poured water over it. One of my friends called me. I was standing on the edge.

Down below? Clouds. White like cotton, smooth, perky, soft and light. Up above? Were the mist and gentle cold wind.

Sun was light orange and so were the clouds. Sun turned orange and so were the clouds. the sun turned little white and clouds turned silvery. Here goes a chunk of clouds leaving its family and getting dissolved in the azure sky. another too. Clouds breaking away.

The tiny dark forest down below were visible now. Still, clouds were playing hide and seek with them. The orange warmth and I, standing facing the sun. The planet within meeting the sun. The natural magic lasted for half an hour and disappeared before our naked eyes.

Unbelievable! Truth remained there. Footsteps were left behind. We were packing our memories. Nature had already made me fall in love with her. With the last sip of we started trekking down with a vow to Kumara Parvatha that I would come and see you again darling!

camping tent at kumara parvathaAnd, we returned with the last sip of tea under orange sun

Kumara Parvatha Photos:

Dry Kumara parvatha in winterShesha Parvatha in the background in December

Evening at Shesha parvatha on Kumara Parvatha trekSunset in western GhatsHovering clouds on Kumara parvatha trekMonsoon clouds over Kumara ParvathaIn winter on the way to Kumara parvatha trekDry Kumara parvatha in winterJust before sunrise from Shesha parvatha on Kumara Parvatha trekVivid sunset over Kumara ParvathaKukke SUbramanya as seen from Kumara Parvatha trekThe town of Kukke subramanya as pictured from on the way to Kumara Parvatha, almost after 8 kms up the hill
Kumara parvatha trek and soft cloudsShesha parvatha and monsoon cloudsLonely tree on Kumara parvatha trekA lonely tree on Kumara parvatha trekLonely western ghats on Kumara parvatha trekPool of clouds over western Ghats

Click here for full trek details

Monsoon clouds on Kumara parvatha trekClouds hovering over Kumara Parvatha in monsoonMoon appearing near Kallu Mantapa on Kumara Parvatha trekMoon coming up from behind the hill near Kallu mantapa, Kumara Parvatha On the way to Kumara Parvatha trek in winterDry Kumara Parvatha

On the way to Kumara parvatha trekKumara Parvatha just after the monsoon in AugustShades of western ghats from Kumara parvatha trekShades of blues over Kumara parvatha in winter
Sunrise from Kumara parvathaPool of clouds from Kumara Parvatha, next day morningSunrise from Shesha Parvatha on Kumara Parvatha trekSunrise from Kumara parvathaWestern ghats Hills from Kumara parvatha trekSeries of western Ghats hill as seen from Kumara parvatha

Click here for detailed trek information

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  1. Ruby

    hello there , I understand this trek is closed from May through Septemebr end. Please confirm if this is correct.

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    We are planned for trekking to kumara parvata 12/07/2017.there is a permission for camping at the mantapa

  3. Sreekanth. S

    Thanks for the inputs. As santhosh mentioned, we are planning to reach Mane by 3 PM on coming Saturday- 9th and starting to KP next day morning.

    Kindly advice if there any place near by Kukke where we get Tent for rental..?

  4. bharath

    Friends if any of you are going to this trek please kindly inform me so that I along with my friend can join you for trekking on weekend. We are staying in Krishnarajanagar nearer to Mysore.

    Pls inform me at 7207071075
    or bharat.vimmadi@gmail.com

    thanking you guys for informatio

  5. Hanish

    doing trek from From Somwarpet is possible?

    completing it in one day possible if started earlier??

  6. pranith

    Hey bro! Me and my friends are planning to day a night trek in kumar parvatha
    we are planning to do it next weekend,we are willing to take a path which have 6-7km. So we want to know is it allowed? i mean the night trek and also we want to do camping at the peak after the sunrise we will leave the peak
    any suggestions

    • Santosh

      I went to kumaraparvatha in the first week of this month. Well, I would say it’s not unbearably hot. From subrahmanya to bhattrumane, it mostly consists of forest. So it’s not a problem. After bhattrumane, there won’t be any shade except the stretch between bhattrumane and forest office. So one tends to sweat more. But because of the cool breeze at higher altitudes, it is manageable. It’s better to take sips of water than drink a lot. Camping for the night is not allowed anywhere after forest office. In fact, they don’t allow you further after 1.30 pm because otherwise it’s not possible to come back before dark. But don’t worry if you reach bhattrumane after 1.30pm. You can always stay at bhattrumane comfortably for that day and start trekking next day early morning.(That’s what happened to us. Carry enough money in cash.) Each meal costs Rs 110 per head. Coming down from the top is a bit easier. For us, it took a total of 12 hours to go up and 4.5 hours to come down.(There were only two of us.)

  7. Tilak

    Good information. Helps AAA lot but plz tell me if there is any fees has to be paid to forest department as an entry fee

  8. Abhineet Vyas

    Great post and very informative, one question i have for you. You have mentioned in trek plan
    “Enjoy at the peak and return and pitch camp near forest department or at Mantapa”
    Is that the only place where i can pitch tent? or can I pitch it anywhere in jungle?

  9. deepak gowda

    hi, i and my frds are planning to go kp next week, i required some tips and guideline about kp trekking. this is our first time trekking.

      • trekkerp Post author

        Hi Abhineet,

        The best place to pitch tent would be near forest department office only. Beyond that its not allowed to stay in the night. You can als pitch the tent in the jungle which comes before the FRO but that does not make sense because you wont be able to enjoy the view.

  10. Pranav

    Is this plan possible? Start the trek, reach Bhattra mane somewhere around noon or later and camp there or at Kalu Mantapa, then leave early for the peak next morning and get down by afternoon?

      • Pranav

        Yeah, just wanted to confirm. Couldn’t trek to the top this weekend at Chembra in Wayanad. They’ve stopped the treks at the lake, so being more cautious.
        Thanks for the info!

      • trekkerp Post author

        yeah Like Chembra peak was banned long ago, the same way Kumara Parvatha peak camping was also banned long ago. So Now, you need to camp at the forest department near BHattremane and then you can trek to the peak

  11. nikhil22n

    I am planning on going to KP trek coming January. Which organizers are the good ones who organize this trek? Since trekking through a forest is involved, I would prefer to be in a group.
    Please advice.

    • trekkerp Post author

      I think most of the organizers are well aware of the route of the Kumara pArvatha. In case you feel doubts, you can call them asn inquire before commending the trek

  12. Harish varma

    How did you carry the tents ?
    Do we need to carry our own tents to the peak or is there any source who can help us on this.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Carry the tents on your own… Now a days, you cannot pitch at the peak, so no need to carry the tent entirely… I am not aware of any other tent lending guy over there


    Hai….This is Srikanta……..Me and friends are planning to go for treckking on KP……Is november to jan …..good time for treckk?

  14. Abhineet Vyas

    Nicely written and detailed article. However, I would need some more info. Kindly share it if you you know about it.
    1 Can we start early morning at 3 AM?
    2 Can I go alone or group is required?

    • trekkerp Post author

      1. Yeah You can start early morning for the peak
      2. You can go alone as well. But sometimes, that also depends upon the mood of the forest department

  15. Nandan

    Hi sir,

    1. How can we reach pushpagiri hills from somwarpet by car(trekking not preferred)
    2. Please specify any places around somwarpet, we decided pushpagiri hills(entry), mallalli falls and bisile view point(exit). Is this better to reach this weeked?
    3. we planned to travel bisile ghat to reach sakleshpur. are the roads good?
    4. any leeche bite?

    Ur reply will be very helpful for us, reply ASAP.

    Thank you.

    • trekkerp Post author

      1. How can we reach pushpagiri hills from somwarpet by car(trekking not preferred)
      Dear sir, there is no way other than trekking to reach to the peak.

      2. Please specify any places around somwarpet, we decided pushpagiri hills(entry), mallalli falls and bisile view point(exit). Is this better to reach this weeked?
      Honnamana Kere is another place where you might to visit

      3. we planned to travel bisile ghat to reach sakleshpur. are the roads good?
      The road conditions are not good during the monsoon.

      4. any leeche bite?
      If you are going to exposed regions, leeches would be there. Here is leech bite treatment guide: https://trekkerpedia.com/2015/03/leech-bite-on-south-india-trek-treatment-infection-and-cure/

      • nithishbhandary

        what about planning to kumaraparvata next month 14 and 15 th from kukke

      • trekkerp Post author

        You can go there.. I have listed out the number of the KP forest department. Please make a call before going for the trek

      • Utkarsh singh

        A small addition here.
        One can take a car till the starting point of Pushpagiri Hills from Somwarpet, which would be about 28 kilometers.
        Or even a bus to Pushpagiri from Somwarpet, only problem being that the bus would drop you off about 4 km short of the starting point.

  16. Shubham

    Just trekked a day ago. The good news is trekking ISNT banned and will NOT be banned anytime soon due to the fire. The bad part is the damage which has been done due to forest. The entire mountain range looks really ugly with all the vegetation burnt enroute from bhattara-mane till sesha parvatha.
    As mentioned earlier camping at peak is banned. But it is allowed almost anywhere between bhatta’s house and the forest dept.
    Campfire is NOT allowed anywhere except in the case when camping is done next to forest dept.
    One can trek till the camping location and start trekking till peak next day even as early as 3 – 3:30 AM.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hey Shubham,
      I would really like to thank you from the core of my heart. You have saved the toil of a lot of trekkers by putting up this information. I am going to right away update the blog about the same.

    • Shubham

      An update : Trekking is still allowed even after the fire. I called up Mr.Jayaraju and he said as of now its still open for trekking but camping at the peak is banned. However one can camp before forest department at start early morning for the peak even at around 4 AM . There has been a significant damage to Shesha Parvatha due to the fire recently.

  17. Shree Krupa

    Hi trekkerp, nice blogpost 🙂

    We plan to trek KP on 9th Jan 2016. Got to know that camping at the peak has been banned. So, to cover the entire trek in one day, thought of ascending through Kukke route and descending via Somwarpet. But I can’t find enough resources to find the route info from KP to Somwarpet. Do you have any info regarding this. If yes, please share the details (It will help us a lot)

    • Nitin

      Please Let know if trek is allowed even after the fire incident..
      We are planning to trek along the same dates.

  18. pradeep13p

    A very difficult trek made easier.

    I want to put a word of appreciation for this small temple town people for organizing my trek plan completely. I contacted this number 8105936344 and that’s it. Everything fell in place. From pick up @ Subramanya railway station to Lodging,Breakfast, Drop to the trek start point, Lunch, First Aid, Juice and other very useful refreshments and last but not the least “Life saving Tents”. It was so so cool breezy in the night with so much cloud cover and mist falling like rain in the early morning hours. Without tents I guess I wud have fallen sick.

    Bhattara mane food is a must after a long trek. There are many view points on the way. Its thick jungle at the start of trek upto Bhattara Mane with lushgreen hills thereafter. Sunset from the top is awesome. It was a dreamland after a hard trek with all the pain worth it.

    Last but not the least, after a never ending down the hill trek I could have not asked for a Jeep ride back to the lodge. Jeep ride back to lodge was the icing on the cake. Perfect timely help and arangements.

    Thanks Vikram for the contacts shared and post.

    Contact 8151036344 for arrangements.

  19. Vikram

    We got this number 8105103634 who arranges and organises Kumaraparvatha trekking. From Pick up at railway station early morning 5 am to lodging,breakfast,First Aid, Juices botles,Glucose to dropping off at trek start point a lot of things became easier. Tents were provided. The climate was cool and made our trek much easier.The jungle, Grasslands, Sunset and the clouds all made us forget the concrete jungle in bangalore. It was such a wonderland. Had food at bhattara Mane and headed for the peak. Next day, we started climbing down. Climbing down is much easier than climbing up. Once we climbed down, Jeep was ready to again carry us to the lodge. All in all worth the 1200bugs paid for all the arangements.

    Feel the breath,silence and views around. Awesome. Had been ther Sep 2015. It was just perfect weather with lush green slopes. Carry enuf water. Don’t take unnecessary luggage. Have food @ Bhattara mane as this is the only place u get food once u start climbing. Prior booking is must.

    For food @ Bhattara Mane,call 8151036344 and book

    • Shiva

      Thanks for sharing the number. Will anyone accompany as guide with you during the trek? Is camping at the peak or on the way allowed nowadays?

      • trekkerp Post author

        I think so….. they will accompany you for the entire trek…. why dont you call the number and cnfirm with them? Its a better idea

  20. Bharat Pandurangappa

    Hi My name is Bharat, We are planning for trekking this weekend, i mean on 10th and 11th of Oct to Kumara parvatha. my question to ask you is ” will they allow us to stay on peak, and do we want to pay any amount, if “yes” where we have to pay and how much per head ?

      • Sujay Jamkhandi


        We are planning to do KP trekking this Christmas weekend. I just got to know that we are no longer allowed to camp on the peak and Bhattrumane is the last place where we can stay. The person told me peak camping is banned since last 2 months. 🙁 Is this true?

        I tried contacting the numbers mentioned in the post(both bhattrumane and forest officer), but the call couldn’t be connected even after repeated attempts


  21. Vikram

    Yes. Its safe to stay. Had a wonderful experience. Hot and humid during the day. Cool with lots of due in the night and early morning. Sunset was very special.

    From lodging and darshanam @ Kukke temple, to pick drop to the start point of the trek, everything was arranged and organised. Even the food was arranged at Bhattara mane.

    Contact 8105936344 for the same.

  22. naveen

    hi, me and my frnd planning to kp on 3rd and 4thof oct is it safe to camp and stay in the night at the hills.

  23. Madhu

    Hey bro I am planning for Kp on 31st with new Trekkers and this s mine third time ,,, as though it’s rainy season the trek s open ryt ????? Pls confirm me this plsss

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  25. anirudh

    Dear Sir,

    We are planning to go to kp on august 8 and 9. i had some doubts.

    1) This being rainy season is it safe to trek? I checked the forecast and there is not much rain on august 8 and 9. just light showers during the afternoon and night. If it rains in the night, is it problematic to camp?

    2) It seems that trekking has been banned in kp because of rains this monsoon (i just heard a rumor). Is this true?

    3) Where can you rent tents for camping?

    Awaiting your reply.
    thank you

  26. shreyas

    hi, i am planning to go to kp on july 28 n 29. weather forecast is good on these days…but till july23rd heavy rains are expected. should i be worried? do people trek here in monsoon?

  27. Nataraj

    Hello author,
    Nice article.
    We are planning to start the trek from subramanya-Bhatru mane-and camp at kallu mantapa on 1st night. And next day we are planning to reach the peak and then start getting down from the other end towards somwarpete.. Please provide your valuable input on this.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Natraj,

      Looks a nice idea. I would suggest you to camp at the peak if you can cover the distance. So that you can have nice sunrise view from the peak or camp atleast on Shesha parvtha (Peak which comes before the final forest stretch). So that you can have sunrise view, pool of clouds. Also next day you will have lesser to cover.. Its a nice idea 🙂

      • Nataraj

        Thanks! It was a useful input.. Though we ended up all away from our plan, it was a lifetime experience!!

        Ph: 9738513392

  28. vachan . u.

    Hello sir, we planned a trek on 15th of this month .
    Can u plz tel me abt the weather…
    Eagerly waiting fr ur reply.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Shravan,

      The days should mostly be sunny and temperature should be around 32-34 degrees. while in the night the temperature might dip to around 18 degrees.
      Another thing where I would like your attention to bring in is even if you start the trek early morning, you would reach at the grasslands in afternoon. And since there are very very rare amount of trees on the way, the afternoon heat would becomes really unbearable.

      moreover, the greenery would be gone in feb and everything would have turned brown; on the the beauty notes…

      All the best, anyway…. happy treks 🙂

  29. Akshay jain

    its really gud……..nice explanition
    but is ther is any problem of animals during trek……..

  30. Raj

    Really awesome explanation on each steps i have not got all the details from many other blogs but got here 🙂
    ….just one query here does forest officers really check our bags as bcz we planing to carry small amount of medicines( hope you understand liquors) …;P

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Raj,

      I have been to this trek more than three times and I never faces any checking problem. At most, they might ask you but they might seldom check the backpack. Cheers 🙂

      Kindly share your trek experience with me. happy adventure

  31. Vinay

    Good Job Blogger!
    I am from Mangalore and have planned for a trek to Kumara Parvantha during Feb 15th and 16th along with my colleagues.
    Your review was helpful and the Photographs are amazing which gets adrenaline rush in each of us here now!! Hope to have a great time there. Cheers

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Vinay,

      Thanks very much for your encouraging comment. I am sure by your words that you are going to enjoy it very much.
      All the best and do not forget to tell your experience 🙂

  32. yashwanth prahtap

    sir i am planing to go on feb 2 /2015….. i need some more information …. my fb id is yashwanth prathap

    8151853037 is my no …plz give me a ring i will call u back..

      • Shashikanth

        Hello i have read all your information i am very thankful , i and my friends want to visit in March is it nice time to visit To Kumar parvata

        my phone : 9849295422

  33. shagrittaya

    I heard that now trekkingbtents are available for rent at kukke subramanya itself.one of my friend told me about it and he told me to refer to http://www.kukketourism.co.in for details. Anyone has taken from them and any input s regarding their service?

  34. lakshmish

    he was planning to do the trek in the second week of January will it be a good time or not? please reply asap….going der for the first time. if possible your number 🙂

    • trekkerp Post author

      yeah. There should not be ny problem. Just look out weather. even if temperatre shows around 28/29 its gonna be little warm over the trail under the sun. SO carry a hat/ glucose and a lot of water with you.

  35. mahi


    That’s a beautiful write up:-), ur words can explain anything to everything.

    did you guys went to KP on 19th Dec?

    if not we are planning to go on Dec 26th Friday night frm Bangalore – we can go together if anyone is going on the same day!

    if people want to join let me know!


    • trekkerp Post author


      Yeah we went on 19th and it was a nice trek. I will surely let you know if we are planning to go some other time.

      • RAVI

        Hi ,

        We are planning for trekking to KP and camping on the peak 1st jan night.
        1) will there be any problem by forest department as its 1st jan night(not 31st dec night).
        2) was the sunrise visible and not filled with fog and mist ??
        3) did you have a water source at the peak ?
        4) what do you suggest for dinner plan (taking parcel bhatra mane or cooking or mtr ready made ??

        Regards and thanks for the info.

      • trekkerp Post author

        Hi Ravi,

        sorry for the late reply.

        1. There should not be any problem in getting the forest department permission. Might be they ask for not to carry liquors or any fire materials since this is gonna be a new year’s eve. While taking permission they would ask your name, contact number and where are you coming from and when you return from the trek (probably next day). You feel up a small form; pay the fee and move on. It might sound a longer process and trust me, its easy

        2. Ravi, the sunrise and fog depends on the weather. Since this is winter season, chances are higher that you will see the sunrise if the day is clear (Just pray that there should not be any rainfall or cloudy day/ windy day, the day before)

        3. Yes, there is a small water source just before reaching to the peak, You will, anyway, pass by that so do not worry.

        4. I would suggest you to cook food there (Like oats in milk powder & honey with cinammon or magie with different flavours of soups added with butter and a pinch of pepper powder :)). You would love that when you would be hungry. Another thing that you gain from cooking food is, heat and a campfire to celebrate the new year 🙂

        All the best

        Share the photos and experience

      • RAVI


        i just have another query regarding the camping area.
        I would like to camping which gives the best view of sunset and sunrise. i’m stuck between kallu mantapa and KP peak. Few people said that kallu mantapa view was much better.

        Please suggest with all your experience.

        Thanks again for all the information and your patience in answering.

      • trekkerp Post author

        Hi Ravi,

        In my opinion, nothing can beat the view from the top if the sunrise is clear. You can not enjoy much of the sunset from the peak because the sunset faces in the west and from the peak, you have beautiful east-facing ridge and drops. SO, for the sunrise, if I had be you, I would always prefer to watch from the peak.

        Thee is either no doubt about the Kallu mantapa. The view are beautiful too. I would suggest you that if you are going to camp at kallu mantapa, then walk until shesha parvatha next morning (up the hill follow the same trail until you reach near the forest again.) Shesha parvatha also offers a nice sunrise view. However, from Kallu mantapa, the sunrise view might get obstructed because of the high rising hills in the east to the kallu mantapa.

        Feel free to ask me more; I feel very happy to reply the adventurers 🙂

  36. yashwanth D N

    Hello sir.

    We are first time trekkers and want to go to Kumaraparvatha in next january.

    Are there any snakes and animals which we will encounter in this trek?

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Yahswant,

      You are going to find snakes but they reside in the forest not on the trail 😀
      I dont think you would encounter any animals on the way

  37. Shraddha Rahate

    Simply Awesome 🙂 create event for this weekend 😉 will join for sure hehehe

      • Anonymous

        hi , i am also planning to go on 19th along wid few friends 🙂 , is teh plan still up .. can we camp at kp.. also what if i sont know how to pitch tent 🙁

      • trekkerp Post author

        Hi Anonymous,

        The plan is still up. I would be the organizer and you do not need to worry about pitching tent o something.

        For more details: call 8792708720

      • srishti

        hey dats awesome !! 🙂 call me srishti , i will call on the number to check for more details ,, how many ppl going ?

  38. Santhosh

    Hi santhosh here,

    Can you please give me guide contact number for this trek. we are planning for 25th of this month. so Please give ASAP.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Santosh,

      There is not any provision of any guide on this trek. You can simply download the trail and start climbing with the help of GPS. Yes, you will have to take permission at the forest department hut almost mid-way, contact number of which, I have mentioned in the blog. Or better you can call and ask them 🙂

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Sanjay,

      I do not know exactly if there is a ghost or not. If there are any then must be friendly ghost 🙂

      I have been to this trek 4 times and I did not encounter any ghost. May be you are inspired by the 6-5=2 story. Is it?

  39. Venu

    Very well written!:-)
    I also read in another blog dat trekking has been stopped lyk dat!is it true
    v friends r planning to trek next month so plz help us and is camping allowed in top?

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hello sir,

      Here is the contact number of the forest range officer. You can confirm from there:
      Forest camp, Girigadde contact number:
      Jayaraju: +91-9449475506, +91-9141226784

  40. Sripada.

    Is this the time to go. Do we need to take forest Department approval. Will bhatru provide tent and all with lunch and dinner. So totally how much per person any idea.

    • trekkerp Post author

      I would suggest that the after monsoon, its best to go there. Because its full of greenery. Do not forget to pack things in water-proof bags. Yeah you would need forest department permission which can be taken on the way, taking permission before hand is not mandatory. Bhatru mane would provide you a space to sleep under hut but they do not provide sleeping bags. so please carry your own sleeping bag. Bhatru mane is halfway to Kumara parvatha peak. so after lunch you can head for camping at the peak (in this case you would need tent) and watch sunrise next day. in this case, you would need your dinner or something packed to eat. Next morning after watching sunrise, you can have lunch at BHatru mane while returning.


      You can keep your stuffs behind at Bhatru mane and walk fast till the kumara parvatha peak which would take 3-4 hours from BHatru mane without having so much to carry. you can stay at the Kumara parvatha peak for an hour and again return to bhatru mane to spend night. Returning takes around 2 hours.

      Forest dept permission-200
      One meal at bhatru mane -90

      rest other cost you have to calculate yourself.

  41. Anonymous

    Is lunch dinner and tent including 2500. Do we need to take forest department approval before we go.

    Kindly assist in going on month end.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Yeah the cost incurred include everything. You have to take the permission of the forest department on the way. If you go through the blog once again carefyully, you would get to know eveyrthing about it. I think information provided is sufficient to organize the trek. You can find the phone number of forest department there. anayway so here is the outline:

      Get down at Kukke subramanya -> Follow the route of hiking -> have lunch at Bhatru mane (You need the book the lunch and place to sleep there in advance if you are not carrying any tent or food, but you need personal sleeping bag because they do no offer sleeping bag)-> Move ahead and take permission from forest dept -> reach at the top -> camp there (If you have a tent) -> watch sunrise -> Return next day -> Have lunch at BHatru mane (You can book the lunch while going)-> back to subrmanya

  42. Anonymous

    They have been saying that people are not allowed to camp on top of KP..
    If we are not allowed please let me know where can we camp during trek..

  43. seb

    well written with beautiful photographs… could feel the journey through the words… thanks..

  44. Suraj

    Very much excited to go kumar parvata!!… very nicely explained step wise step info regarding the path….!! Keep it up!! 🙂

    • trekkerp Post author

      Great to know…and I am happy that little info I provided could become valuable to you.. Enjoy and have nice trekking time 🙂

  45. Anirudha

    Hi Author,

    I need to talk to you about the trek. I had been once to KP, but did not pitch a tent on top (since i went with BMC 🙁 ). So need details about where to pitch the tent and how to return, that is, which route. When i went with BMC we returned to Kukke. I have never heard someone pitch a tent on the peak. So need to talk to you 🙂
    If possible call me at 8792723296 🙂


  46. Prasad H S

    KP is a wonder trek anytime. It would be a struggle if it is attempted in Summer.

    It would be a very demanding trek for even an experienced trekker.

    I am strongly pushing for a 3 day’s trek to KP this October. In 2010 there was an extended monsoon and a team of 24 have trekked KP. That was an amazing trek of my life. Lush Green Forest, A lot of water, superb terrain. Forget about leeches. To be a trekker, you have to love leeches & donate a bit of blood – ha ha.

    This year also it has been raining good. October trek to KP will be like going to heaven. I feel I will have to do it this time. And it would be my 10th time to Peak. Will make it memorable staying on top overnight.

    Again, many & almost all trekkers will miss out the following attractions of this trek :

    1. There is a waterfall next to Basavana Kallu (2.5kms from base camp – half way through to Bhatru Mane). Superb falls and can spend atleast 2 hours there.
    2. Simhasana Betta – on the other extreme side of Bhatru Mane, facing Bisile Ghat. First day post lucnh & a small nap, go there around 4 PM. A Beautiful view of Bisile Ghat. Superb place.


  47. Anargha

    That was awesome… when we went it was raining all the way. that was a different kind of experience.. we coulndt reach the peak bcoz it started raining so heavily.but still we enjoyed as much as never before.

  48. Mahendra V M

    2012 we are 9 members went to kumara parvatha…that was a wonderful moment to spend 1 days in kumara parvatha…we went there on month of december….we got wonderful experience in trekking…

    • trekkerp Post author

      Yeah… It must have been cold in the night.. and sunrise is just awesome with clouds, orange sun, dews and cold air…yeah its magnificent

      • chethan

        Frnds u r awsome.i want to know about kumar paravatha.some body was telling trekking was banned in kp hills.u know in kannada film they have relesed one film name 6-5=2.plz watch that film guys.they r telling that one real story.

      • trekkerp Post author

        They might be telling the real story. But as far as I know, its not banned. I have been to this trek four times. There is a forest department office where you have to take permission. Since taking permission is involved, I don’t think its illegal anymore.

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