Kodachadri Trek Guide, Jeep Ride, & Homestay Around Kattinahole

Kodachadri trek is situated at a distance of 420 km from Bangalore in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. Being declared as the “Natural Heritage Site” by the Govt. of Karnataka, Kodachadri is the 10th highest peak in Karnataka and one among the famous Western Ghats treks. The other treks include Kumara Parvatha trek, Kudremukh trek, Tadiandmol trek etc.

Kodachadri Trekking Guide:

There are two trekking routes to the Kodachadri peak. One is from the Kattinahole through Hidlumane falls and another trekking route is through Santhosh hotel, Valur. Both of the trekking routes will be explained below.

Kodachadri trek via Hidlumane falls Kattinahole

If you want to attempt the Kodachadri trek via Hidlumane falls then you will have to start from the Kattinahole. There is no proper trail from the Kattinahole to the Hidlumane falls as it crosses farms, villages, grasslands, and uneven trails. However, there is a proper trail from Hidlumane Falls to the Kodachadri peak which joins the Kodachadri jeep trail until the peak

  • Kodachadri trek distance via Hidlumane falls: Around 10 Kms
  • Trekking time: Around 6 Hours (Including breaks & fun at the Hidlumane falls)

Kodachadri trek via Santhosh hotel, Valur.

The second route starts from Sampekette-Kollur-Nagara road. Just search on Google maps for Kodachadri Trek Trail, Nagodi, Karnataka and it will land you there. From there, there is a direct trail to the peak.

  • Kodachadri trek distance via Santhosh hotel, Valur: Around 10 Kms
  • Trekking time: Around 7 Hours

Kodachadri Contact information:

  • Kodachadri temple priest: 09632847302
  • Rajendra (trek guide & accommodation): 09449145540
  • Santhosh Hotel: 08185290183/ 094838116911

Kodachadri Camping information & Permission:

You are not allowed to pitch the tent at the Kodachadri peak. By sunset, you will have to return to the Kodachadri Information bureau/ the PWD house where you can pitch your tent but only after asking their permission. Sometimes, they charge for camping also like rupees 150 per head. 

The Kodachadri trek falls in the middle of Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary but you don’t need any permission for the trek of Kodachadri. But if you are planning to stay or camp peak of Kodachadri hills during the night then that is not allowed. You will need to plan your stay to nearby places like Kollur andKundapura.

Best time to visit

Just after the Monsoon ends or during the winter days are the best period from my personal understanding to visit Kodachadri trek. But some people also prefer to visit during monsoons and summers as the view is far more clearer as post-monsoon and winter you might encounter fog while trekking. If anyone wishes to enjoy some real challenges of trekking then do visit this place during the peak monsoon along with the right gears for the trek.

Things to Carry

The best thing about the Kodachadri trek is that it is just one day trek. So it is not required to carry too many things which will make the already difficult trek difficult. But please do carry the essentials mentioned below:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Identity Proof
  • Water (1 to 2 liters)
  • Packed Lunch
  • Extra Clothes
  • Light Snacks

Kodachadri Jeep Ride

There are two options for the Kodachadri jeep ride. One is from the Kattinahole side and another is from the Kollur side. Both of the options have been explained below:

Kodachadri Jeep ride detailsfrom Kattinahole:

  • Jeep ride cost: Rs. 2000-2500 rupees (negotiable)
  • Number of people: Maximum 8 people per Jeep
  • Shared price: 200-300 per head in a shared jeep
  • Jeep location: Main jeep stand
  • Jeep ride timings: 30 mins one way or one hour to and fro
  • Extra time given at the top: 2 Hours
  • Sunset point from the Jeep drop point at the top: 2 km (40 minutes walk)
  • Kodachadri Jeep Timing: starting 6 AM in the morning

By Jeep to Kodachadri from the Kollur town:

  • Booking entire jeep: Rs. 2000-2500 rupees (negotiable)
  • Number of people: Maximum 8 people per Jeep
  • Shared price: 200-300 per head in a shared jeep
  • Jeep location: Main jeep stand
  • Jeep ride timings: 30 mins one way or one hour to and fro
  • Extra time given at the top: 2 Hours
  • Sunset point from the Jeep drop point at the top: 2 km (40 minutes walk)
  • Forest department opening time: Kodachadri Jeep starts at 6 AM in the morning

Kodachadri sunrise

Kodachadri HomeStay:

There are a lot of Homestay locations around Kodachadri hills. Even there are many other options to stay in the nearby towns around which Homestays are located. But it is important to choose where to stay and which homestay to live in. The best place for Homestay that I would like to recommend will be Kattinahole. There is a lot of options for the homestays around Kattinahole.

Here is a list of the Kodachadri homestays around Kattinahole:

1. Chitrakuta Homestay
2. Sri Ambika homestay

These two homestays are located in the area called Mathikai which is around 3 Kms from the Kattinahole Kodachadri Jeep stand from where you can get a jeep ride to the Kodachadri peak. There is another Homestay near Kattinahole Jeep stand which has got some of the best Google reviews is Kodachadri Pathalagere Homestay Or Resort. The best option would be to stay in the Kodachadri Pathalagere Homestay Or Resort.

How to reach Kodachadri from Bangalore?

Kodachadri is situated at a distance of around 420 km from Bangalore. If you are not going to Kodachadri through any other trekking organization but you are going on your own then you might have decided to drive there. The distance of 420 Km can be covered in around 8 hours from Bangalore to Kodachadri.

The Best Driving route from Bangalore to Kodachadri: Driving along with AH 47

This route includes driving along with AH 47 or the Bangalore-Pune highway most of the time. The route includes Tumkur, Sira, Chitradurga, and finally, you take a left from Davangere. The drive until Davangere is around 250 Kms which takes around four and a half hours. From Davangere, the rest of the distance is around 180 Km which takes around four hours because it lies in the Ghats road.

Places of interest on the Kodachadri peak:

1. Sarvajna Peetha:

Sarvajna Peetha is a small temple-like structure or also called Mantapa near the peak where Adi Shankara is believed to be had meditated.

Sarvajna Peetha, Kodachadri

2. Moolasthana:

Moolasthana is another temple located near PWD Guesthouse or travelers’ bungalow. As the name suggests, Moola (basic/ origin) and Sthana (place). Moolasthana is believed to be the origin place of Sri Mookambika Devi.

3. Chitramoola:

Just before the peak, an almost vertical path takes you to a small cave called Chitramoola, from where the Mookambika temple of Kollur is visible.

4. Sunrise/ sunset from the Kodachadri peak

Kodachadri sunset

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66 Replies to “Kodachadri Trek Guide, Jeep Ride, & Homestay Around Kattinahole”

  1. Adarsh Kalmath

    How much time is required to reach the peak and return back. When does the Jeep service start?. How much far it is possible to take my bike?

    • trekkerp Post author

      Reaching a peak by hiking takes around 5-6 hours. By jeep, it can take up to one hour. The jeep starts as early as 8. Taking the bike depends on the weather. But people go to the top. It might get difficult in the monsoon though.

  2. dileep sugathan

    planning a trip to kodajadri in aug 19 fro kollur we are afamily of 6 adults and 3 children is it better to go in the morning (sunrise )or evening
    we are planning to take jeep from kollur
    how much time it take from kollur to kodajadri by jeep
    send a phonenum of a travel agent if posible

  3. parth

    How come the jeep rate is same from Kollur and from Kattinahole that is 2800 for both while distance between kollur to kodachadri is 37km and distance between Kattinahole to kodachadri is 8km?

    • Ashwath

      Dear parth, that is wrong information I am living in kattinahole near kodachadri.
      Kollur to kodachadri-2900 -3500(plus gate pass fee)
      Kattinahole to kodachadri(9km)- 2000-2500(plus gate pass fee) for more information contact homestay.given above google page .

  4. Pradeep

    Hai sir we are planning to visit kodachadri can we ride from bike and can put tent at pwd office

  5. kumar

    hi im planning to trek to kodachadri,i want to knw….can i put tent on top of the hill for stayng night there…if not available,,,,where we have to stay there…and what is the trekking timings,

  6. Ashish

    will they let us put 10th near the information bureau and if not what is the charge of the IB to stay as well as food

  7. Ashish

    Dude will they let us put 10th near the information bureau and if not what is the charge of the IB to stay as well as food

  8. Anoop

    Valuable information…I am planning to visit Kudajadri by Aug-17. Could you please inform if we use Jeep service how many hours (average) it will take to go and come back Kudajadri from Kollur.

  9. anju sunil

    is this a one day trip…as in can one reach the place and leave the place by around 6-7 pm??

  10. achu

    we are planing to visit next month..can we stay on the hills ? PWD house is here?what will be the fair ? help me

  11. muhammad safwan p

    Hello i want visit kudajadri i want to use tent and stay ni8 in peak it have any risk

  12. Rema

    We plan to conduct a family tour to Kodajadri during next December. There will be about 15 persons. Whether accommodation will be available at Kodajadri? Or is it advisable to return in the same jeep?

  13. Rahul C M V

    We need jeep only to come down from peak to nittur.. Can we get it for only one way?

  14. ullas

    Mr Rajendra chraged us a bomb for staying in pwd guest house(IB) HE chraged us 750 bucks for a dinner ,breakfast and one night stay! Where as the actual IB charge is Rs 200 and one meal is 60 Rs which would sum up to Rs 320 , this rate is actually fixed by the forest department, Rajendra is cheating all the innocent tourists 🙁
    Contact swamy – 9632600648 (in charge of inspection bungalow )

  15. saju pillai

    I am planning to visit Mukambika temple and from their i am planning to go to Kodachadri. My Family ( With two kids 7&4). Is it advisable to travel with kids?

  16. Ijaz ahmed

    Is there any specific time allowed for trekking?. We are planning to leave to kidachadri from bangalore in the morning.so we will reach there by noon.Will we be allowed to start trekking if we are late and stay there?

    • trekkerp Post author

      You can start trekking any time… better you leave Bangalore in the evening or night so that you can start trek from morning and reach the peak by afternoon or evening

    • adarsh

      can we trek in rainy season like july first week ??
      or is there are any guards like ,they dont allow in rainy season???

  17. Vamsi

    Hey Nice information… Am planning with family next month that is October…. what would be the drive time from bangalore and how is the road from bangalore till trek point.


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