kemmangundi, Chikmagalur: Homestay, lodge, Hebbe falls, Z point trekking

About Kemmangundi:

Kemmannugundi is the name of a hill station in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka in south India. It is situated at 4700 feet above the sea level. This hill station is a part of Bhadra wildlife sanctuary. There are other more beautiful ranges around the hill station are the Bababudangiri range, Mullayanagiri range etc.Near bababudangiri

The preferred mode of going to Kemmangundi from Bangalore?

Well, Kemmangundi is not a place like where you get down; trek to some places and return to catch the bus to Bangalore. I do not say that it might not be possible but, if you plan to go there by your own vehicle or hire a vehicle along with your friends, would be better and always turn out to be a better option.

Reasons being:
There are not much public transport available around there.
The places to be seen around kemmangundi are scattered around and would surely need a transport to cover the places.
Some of these places need specific timings and it would really turn out to be a tougher decision if you try to catch the defined schedule by something which you really are not sure of.

Where to stay in Kemmangundi?

From here on I would assume that you have there by your own vehicle. Chikmagalur is the nearest town from Kemmangundi. But, staying there would not be a good option because you will again be into the city life than into nature. So, I would ask you to go for nature stay or into the Homestays. Here are some well-known options (Closest to the city) that you might consider for staying there. Please visit their sites before you make your decision.

1. Ozone Valley 

Cab rates from Ozone valley:
Kemmangundi and Z point: 750/Jeep (Max 6 persons)
Bhadra wildlife: 1700/Jeep
Mullayanagiri and Bababudanagiri: 2600/Jeep
Birur Pick up and drop: 1500/Jeep

2. Chikmagalur HomestaysOzone Valley Kemmanagundi

Other staying options in Kemmangundi:

Horticultural department, kemmangundi:
Room rent: 250
A trekking group can go for dormitories option
For booking during season: 080-26611925, 26571925 (Department head office Lag bagh)
For booking in non-season: 08262-24126, 235334 (Horticulture Department Guest House)

What to see in the Kemmangundi and around Chikmagalur?

Here are the list of the places which can be covered and seen around Kemmangundi in Chikmagalur district:Places to see around Kemmangundi

1. Mullayanagiri Peak

One can drive to the highest peak of the Karnataka. The drive is through coffee estates, grass lands, western Ghats forests.
Know more about the Mullayanagiri peak trekking here...

Mullayanagiri by vehicle

2. Bababudanagiri range

Bababudangiri shrine/ dargah is named after the Sufi saint Baba Budan (also known as Guru Dattatreya). Guru Dattatreya/ Baba Budan is equally revered by both Muslims as well as Hindus. That’s why sometime you would find bababudangiri being called as bababudangiri temple and sometimes as bababudangiri dargah.
Chikmagalur, being a famous state for coffee, links its origin of coffee to Baba Budan. Although around the shrine there are no coffee plantations. The nearest ones being nearer to the Jhari falls (alomst 7-8 kms far). So, it is believed that the Baba Budan brought coffee to India for Dattatreya, an incarnation of Shiva (or of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu). However, in modern history, a controversary has feud up recently because of the status over the shrine.
Road to BabaBudangiri becomes very scenic after chikmagalur. The Journey of next 35 Kms passes through coffee estates plantations, Nilgiris hills, serpantine Western Ghats roads, valleys and later you can see the vast plain grasslands overlooking the hills. In the monsoon, the hills wear bridal green and the parched dry water points gets filled with the rain water and turns into a small pond. You would see these ponds all throughout the way. Moreover, you can witness seasonal western Ghats wils flowers on the hills.
For more information about Bababudanagiri click here….near Bababudangiri trek

3. Hebbe falls:

Height: 550 feet

Distance from Chikmagalur Homestays: 30 Kms
Distance from Ozone Valley stay: 35 Kms

There are two routes to Hebbe falls from Kemmangundi:

1. Offroad 4 by 4 Jeep ride to Hebbe falls from Kemmangundi (The most popular ones):

Total distance: 13 Kms
Total ride time: 1 hour
Shared Jeep cost from Kemmangundi: 250/ person
A jeep full booking from Kemmangundi to Hebbe falls: 600-800 rs
Best time to visit: After monsoon and in winter
On the way: Coffee estates, coffee plantations, mist, thick forests, mud road, bumpy ride, Paddy fields, lakes, water streams etc.

The jeep drops 1 km before Hebbe Falls and from there you will have to walk through the coffee plantations and water streams.
Not recommended for the bike riders
Small tea shops enroute
Take a bath in the natural herb water

2. Trekking to Hebbe falls

Trekking to Hebbe falls passes through Bhadra wildlife sanctuary and there are very high chances of spotting wildlife. It needs permission.


One can also walk all the off road stretch till Hebbe falls. It would not be exhausting in the morning in misty weather with almost plain walk. You can take a break at tea shops on the way.Do some photography of the paddy fields, smell coffee plantations etc.

4. Z point, Kemmangundi:

Z point got its unique name because of the nature of the location of the point. This is a point peak where there are no move forwardYou can get a 360 degree panoramic view of the western Ghat hills from there.

Distance from Kemmangundi Main road: 4 kms
Walking time: one hour
Walking gradient: easy
Kallathi falls, Kemmangundi:
Also known as Kallathigiri falls or Kalahasthi falls, Kallathgiri falls is situated on the way from Kemmangundi to Tarikere. A deviation takes one to Kallathi falls. Water falls from a height of about 350 feet .There is a temple there.Nilgiris near bababudangiri

5. Shanthi falls, Kemmangundi:

Shanti falls is small waterfall which lies on the way from Kemmangundi to Z point. Just almost a hlaf kilometer or one before the z point

6. KR Hill station:

Krishnarajendra hill station also called as KR hills, Kemmangundi is a place where Rajbhavan is situated. It’s also on the way to Z point.

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5 Replies to “kemmangundi, Chikmagalur: Homestay, lodge, Hebbe falls, Z point trekking”

  1. Sanjay

    Dear Amar,
    We are planning a trip to Kemmanagudi. We are a group of 4, including 2 women. Can you please with the below queries. Tried everywhere but could not get answers to these questions..shall be very gratefull:
    1. We plan to drive from Bangalore to this place in a hatchback car and camp (pitch up tents) at Z point. Is this safe..since have 2 girls with us. If not, where do you suggest to camp. We can hike 3km to z point and come back but is there a place where we can camp before the z point trail starts?
    2. Where can i park my car safely.
    It would be great if you can help answer and advice and btw, loved your blog, very detailed.


    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Sanjay,

      On the way to Z-point trek, there are a lot of spaces where you can pitch your tent. There are waterfalls (Small stream of water) on the way but they run in monsoon. I am not sure of them during this time. You can search on google maps for Shanti falls. Just for your information, the terrain will be rough but still okay to pitch the tent. The wind may also be high because of the open slope of the hill. I am not sure of the car safety but it should be fine. But there another park near the base of the trek called Kemmannagundi Krishnarajendra Park where I think parking the car should be fine.

      I have not ever camped there but I think this information should be enough to help you.

  2. Mohammed Aamir Hussain

    Sir, hebbe falls picture is clicked by me, I own it.
    Please remove it, or I will take legal action against you.


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