Dudhsagar falls trek, Goa: Train Timings from Castlerock & Kulem

Dudhsagar Falls is situated on the Mandovi river in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary And Mollem National Park. The name Dudhsagar translates to the ‘Sea of Milk’ in English. This waterfall is situated at the altitude of almost 600 meters and falls majestically from there.

Dudhsagar waterfalls are situated at the border of Karnataka and Goa. After the exposure of this waterfalls in the movie Chennai Express, it gained huge popularity in the same year and became very famous among the people of south India. For the recent updates, I will also encourage you to go through the comments at the end of the blog section.

How To Reach Dudhsagar Falls?

As mentioned before, this waterfall got famous among the people of South India, many people still wonder how to reach Dudhsagar falls. There are three ways by which you can reach the Dudhsagar waterfalls:

  • By Foot
  • By Train
  • By Jeep

Reaching Dudhsagar Falls by Train:

If you do not want to experience Dudhsagar and you are short of time, then you can also enjoy seeing the waterfall from the train. The train passes through a lot of tunnels and also it crosses from the Dudhsagar falls. There is also a sharp U-turn near the Dudhsagar falls so you also get to see the full view of the Dudhsagar falls.

Goa to Dudhsagar Trains and Train Timings

Below is the train timings from Goa to Dudhsagar Falls

Train Train Name From Dep To Arr Time Days Classes Status
18048 VSG HOWRAH EXP MAO 07:50 QLM 08:28 0:38 TU,TH,F,SU 2A,3A,SL,GN, 18048 Status
56962 VSG QLM PASS MAO 08:15 KM 08:41 0:26 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 56962 Status
17022 VSG HYB EXP MAO 09:35 QLM 10:20 0:45 F 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17022 Status
17420 VSG TPTY EXP MAO 09:35 QLM 10:20 0:45 F 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17420 Status
17315 VELANKANNI EXP MAO 09:35 QLM 10:20 0:45 M 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17315 Status
56964 VSG QLM PASS MAO 13:47 KM 14:30 0:43 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 56964 Status
11098 POORNA EXPRESS MAO 14:25 QLM 15:05 0:40 M 2A,3A,SL,GN, 11098 Status
17312 VSG CHENNAI EXP MAO 15:20 QLM 16:05 0:45 TH 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17312 Status
02779 VSG SBC LINK EXP MAO 15:50 QLM 16:30 0:40 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU 3A,SL,GN, 02779 Status
12779 GOA EXPRESS MAO 15:50 QLM 16:30 0:40 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU 2A,3A,SL,GN, 12779 Status
56966 VSG QLM PASS MAO 18:15 KM 18:46 0:31 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 56966 Status
17310 YPR BIWEEKLY EX MAO 22:00 QLM 22:55 0:55 M,SA 2A,3A,SL,GN,

Castlerock to Dudhsagar train timings

Below is the train timings from Castlerock to Dudhsagar Falls

Train Train Name From Dep To Arr Time Days Classes Status
17316 VLNK VSG EXP CLR 02:30 QLM 04:10 1:40 TU 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17316 Status
17309 YPR VASCO EXP CLR 02:30 QLM 04:10 1:40 TU,SU 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17309 Status
17021 HYB VSG EXPRESS CLR 02:30 QLM 04:10 1:40 TH 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17021 Status
17419 TPTY VSG EXP CLR 02:30 QLM 04:10 1:40 TH 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17419 Status
06948 UBL VSG LINK EXP CLR 03:10 QLM 04:35 1:25 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU 3A,SL,GN, 06948 Status
12780 GOA EXPRESS CLR 03:10 QLM 04:35 1:25 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU 2A,3A,SL,GN, 12780 Status
51406 CLR MRJ PASS CLR 05:40 TGT 05:55 0:15 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 51406 Status
56961 QLM VSG PASS QLM 06:30 KM 06:39 0:09 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 56961 Status
56962 VSG QLM PASS KM 08:43 QLM 09:05 0:22 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 56962 Status
17311 MAS VASCO EXP CLR 09:30 QLM 11:00 1:30 F 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17311 Status
18047 AMARAVATHI EXP CLR 11:30 QLM 12:55 1:25 M,TU,TH,SA 2A,3A,SL,GN, 18047 Status
17603 KCG VSG EXP CLR 11:30 QLM 12:55 1:25 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU 1A,2A,3A,SL,GN, 17603 Status
56963 QLM VSG PASS QLM 12:20 KM 12:29 0:09 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 56963 Status
11097 POORNA EXPRESS CLR 13:00 QLM 14:25 1:25 SA 2A,3A,SL,GN, 11097 Status
56964 VSG QLM PASS KM 14:31 QLM 15:00 0:29 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 56964 Status
56965 QLM VSG PASS QLM 17:15 KM 17:23 0:08 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 56965 Status
56966 VSG QLM PASS KM 18:47 QLM 19:10 0:23 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 56966 Status
51405 MRJ CLR PASS LD 22:20 TGT 22:44 0:24 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 51405 Status

Kulem to Dudhsagar Train Timings

Train Train Name From Dep To Arr Time Days Classes Status
51406 CLR MRJ PASS CLR 05:40 TGT 05:55 0:15 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 51406 Status
56961 QLM VSG PASS QLM 06:30 KM 06:39 0:09 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 56961 Status
18048 VSG HOWRAH EXP QLM 08:30 CLR 09:20 0:50 TU,TH,F,SU 2A,3A,SL,GN, 18048 Status
56962 VSG QLM PASS SVM 08:31 KM 08:41 0:10 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 56962 Status
17315 VELANKANNI EXP QLM 10:25 CLR 11:30 1:05 M 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17315 Status
17022 VSG HYB EXP QLM 10:25 CLR 11:30 1:05 F 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17022 Status
17420 VSG TPTY EXP QLM 10:25 CLR 11:30 1:05 F 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17420 Status
56963 QLM VSG PASS QLM 12:20 KM 12:29 0:09 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 56963 Status
56964 VSG QLM PASS SVM 14:15 KM 14:30 0:15 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 56964 Status
11098 POORNA EXPRESS QLM 15:10 CLR 16:25 1:15 M 2A,3A,SL,GN, 11098 Status
17312 VSG CHENNAI EXP QLM 16:10 CLR 17:05 0:55 TH 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17312 Status
02779 VSG SBC LINK EXP QLM 16:35 CLR 17:35 1:00 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU 3A,SL,GN, 02779 Status
12779 GOA EXPRESS QLM 16:35 CLR 17:35 1:00 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU 2A,3A,SL,GN, 12779 Status
56965 QLM VSG PASS QLM 17:15 KM 17:23 0:08 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 56965 Status
56966 VSG QLM PASS SVM 18:33 KM 18:46 0:13 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU UNRESERVED 56966 Status
17310 YPR BIWEEKLY EX QLM 23:00 CLR 23:50 0:50 M,SA 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17310 Status

Hubli to Dudhsagar train timings

Train Train Name From Dep To Arr Time Days Classes Status
17311 MAS VASCO EXP UBL 06:55 CLR 09:20 2:25 F 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17311 Status
18047 AMARAVATHI EXP UBL 09:00 CLR 11:20 2:20 M,TU,TH,SA 2A,3A,SL,GN, 18047 Status
06948 UBL VSG LINK EXP UBL 23:30 CLR 03:00 3:30 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU 3A,SL,GN, 06948 Status
17021 HYB VSG EXPRESS UBL 23:50 CLR 02:20 2:30 TH 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17021 Status
17419 TPTY VSG EXP UBL 23:50 CLR 02:20 2:30 TH 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17419 Status
17316 VLNK VSG EXP UBL 23:50 CLR 02:20 2:30 TU 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17316 Status
17309 YPR VASCO EXP UBL 23:50 CLR 02:20 2:30 TU,SU 2A,3A,SL,GN, 17309 Status
17603 KCG VSG EXP UBL Destination CLR 11:20 341141:50 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU 1A,2A,3A,SL,GN, 17603 Status
12780 GOA EXPRESS UBL Destination CLR 03:05 341133:35 M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU 2A,3A,SL,GN, 12780 Status

Reaching Dudhsagar by Jeep from Kulem:

You can also reach Dudhsagar by a Jeep from Kulem railway station. However, this facility is not open throughout the year. Just outside the Kulem railway station, a taxi stand is there also known as “Dudhsagar Jeep taxi stand“. You can go there book a Jeep to the Dudhsagar falls. Also, please note that the Jeep services to Dudhsagar falls are closed during the monsoon because of the flooded river and very muddy jeep trail.

Dudhsagar falls Jeep trail in monsoon

Source: Internet (Dudhsagar falls Jeep trail in monsoon)

Kulem is around 20 Km from Goa and it also lies in the state of Goa. To reach Kulem, you can book a taxi from Goa and that should not cost you more than Rupees 500 else go for bargaining. You can also reach Kulem by train from Madgao railway. It’s a 45-minute train ride.

Note that no other Jeeps are allowed other than the Jeeps from the taxi stand. So if you are planning to reach Dudhsagar falls in your own four by four, you might have to park your vehicle in the stand and then take a jeep from there.

Jeep can be hired for an entire group or on the individual basis, they charge Rupees 450 per person. A jeep can accommodate around 6-8 persons. You will also have to pay extra costs for the still camera as well as the video camera. For a still camera, the charge is Rupees 50 and Rupees 150 for the video camera.

But do take these cameras because of the Jeep ride worths it. The Jeep ride to Dudhsagar falls is not lesser than a wildlife safari. The jeep ride is a little rough and takes around 40 minutes to reach the waterfalls. The Jeep trail passes through the river stream and deep forest.

If you want you can also take the life jacket if you do not know swimming. A lifejacket costs around Rupees 30 and is available at the jeep stand. There is also a small market there where you can buy extra clothes if you are planning to take a dip in the falls. Since the waterfall is, at some places, around 8 feet deep, it is advisable to take the lifejacket if you do not know swimming. It is also advisable to start early morning around 8-9 so that you can avoid the afternoon sun.

The jeep stops at the Dudhsagar falls for around one hour and then you return by the same Jeep. Forget not to take the number of the Jeep driver, in the case of an emergency.

The best and the most enjoyable way to reach Dudhsagar falls is on foot. This journey is strenuous but still, it is enjoyable. I have dedicated an entire section about reaching Dudhsagar on foot under the Dudhsagar trekking Guide section below.

Dudhsagar Trek Guide:

Dudhsagar trek route map details

Dudhsagar trekking route map for reference

If you are planning to do Dudhsagar trek (Reaching Dudhsagar on foot), the above route map might be of help to you. In the above map, the black lines are railway tracks on which you walk along to reach the waterfalls. There is also a railway station named ‘Dudhsagar railway station’ but no train stops at this station because this station is purposefully made for the technical breaks and all.


There are two stations from where the trek along the railway track can be attempted:

  • Castlerock railway station in Karnataka
  • Kulem railway station in Goa

Below is some basic information about the Dudhsagar trek:

  • Dudhsagar Trek difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Best time for Dudhsagar trek: July to Dec (during Monsoon)
  • The distance between Dudhsagar railway station & waterfall: 1 Km

Dudhsagar Trekking Routes:

  • Castlerock Railway station to Dudhsagar falls Trekking (14 km & 5-6 hours of trekking)

If you are coming from Bangalore side, Castlerock should be your preferred Dudhsagar trek starting point. Castlerock railway station lies in Karnataka. So if you are coming from railway stations like Hubli, Dharwad, Londa, Dandeli etc. then Castlerock railway station should be your ideal railway station to start the trek. 

Castlerock to Dudhsagar trek is the most popular trekking route. However, on weekends, this route is usually crowded. If you are starting from Bangalore, you can catch Madras- Vasco Express on Friday night at 21:35 PM at Yashwantpur railway station and reach Castlerock railway station on Saturday around 09:20 AM. 

I have also mentioned the trains and railway timings from different railway stations to Castlerock railway station in the later section of this article. Besides being a longer trekking route to Kulem-Dudhsagar route, this trekking route also has more tunnels on the way and also has the famous second largest tunnel en route.

There are other two advantages of starting Dudhsagar trek from Castlerock station:

  • If you are coming in a hired vehicle like Tempo-traveler or some taxi, you do not enter Goa if you park your vehicle at the Castlerock railway station. This way, you save inter-state road tax also.
  • There is also a hotel/ staying place near the Castlerock railway station named Castlerock adventure campThey are Karnataka government certified hotel. You can either book the whole package from them (Stay + Trek) or if you are just staying there, you can par your car there and attempt the trek.
  • In case you are not staying there at all, you can ask their permission for the car parking. I hope that works. Or park near the railway station.

Dudhsagar trek railway tunnels

  • Kulem railway station to Dudhsagar falls trekking (11 Km & 4-5 Hours of trekking)

In terms of greenery and beauty, Kulem trekking route is not less than the Castlerock trekking route. Kulem is around 20 Km from Goa and can be reached easily by taxi or train from Margao railway station. However, trains are not so frequent from Madgao to Kulem. So please check the railway timings from Madgao to Kulem below.

One of the most important things on this route is, it has the famous Dudhsagar viewpoint (refer the map above). Dudhsagar viewpoint is one Km away from the waterfalls from where a train takes a complete U-turn. One can see the Dudhsagar’s majestic waterfalls view from here which lies on the Kulem route.

Dudhsgar falls trek view pointFrom Dudhsagar Viewpoint Source: Internet

Is it safe to walk on the Railway Tracks?

Of course, we know that it is not so safe to walk on the railway tracks. However, this route being not so busy, the frequency of the trains is very less so it makes comfortable to walk. However, in some places, there is nothing to stand when a train comes so be careful.

Also, the rail tracks become very slippery during the monsoon after the rainfall. Have proper shoes which have a nice grip and do not slip on a wet track. My this experience also comes from Sakleshpur railway trek.

Where to camp at Dudhsagar Falls Trek?

The Dudhsagar camping site is nearer to the Dudhsagar waterfalls. Just nearer to the Dudhsagar waterfalls, Dudhsagar railway station is there. You can pitch your tent there.

However, Dudhsagar station is usually crowded on the weekends so it is advisable to start your trek early. There are not any camping charge. Don’t forget to carry tents because it might rain at night if you are planning to camp there.

Dudhsagar camping Source: Internet

Other Facilities like Food, Bathroom, Staying facility at Dudhsagar Railway Station/ Falls?

There are no Food facilities available at the Dudhsagar railway station. So, you will have to carry your own food. Finding dry woods during monsoon is tough too. So, if you planning to cook your own food at night, be prepared for that. However, During the day, local vendors sell snacks and drinks at waterfalls but at the costlier prices. 

Also, there is no bathroom facility at the Dudhsagar railway station. You have to use nature for that. If you are going in a group with girls, make sure they know where they are going to. 

Mollem National Park Jeep Safari

I must say your visit to Dudhsagar falls is not complete if you have not planned the mollem park jeep safari. The jeep safari is of about 40 to 45 minutes and it also covers the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. There are also options to pre book your jeep safari online. For everyone along with the nature delights, you may also enjoy some rare animals like barking deer, bonnet macaque as well as some rare plants and birds. The cost of jeep safari per person starts from anywhere near RS.1700 which also includes the entrance fees of the waterfall.

Tips for visiting Dudhsagar Falls

If this is your very first visit to Dudhsagar falls than you need to keep some important points in your mind:

  • Not all trains halt at the Dudhsagar railway station so if you are travelling by train then please check that the train you are travelling does have a stop at this station.
  • Please avoid walking on the railway tracks as it is not allowed. 
  • Planning a jeep safari then please start at the starting point in the morning itself.
  • For a jeep safari, you will need at least 7 people in your group so plan accordingly else you will have to wait for the jeep to be filled.
  • Please make sure that your start your visit to Dudhsagar falls early as the visit will be closed at sharp 6:00 PM.

How to return from Dudhsagar waterfall to Kulem/Castlerock?

In the worst case, you will have to walk back to Kulem or Castle rock railway station. However, this railway route has a good frequency of goods train. Sometimes, the goods train stops for a while at the Dudhsagar railway station to check their breaks because Dudhsagar railway station onwards, the trail descends along the rails so checking break becomes necessary for them.

In those cases, you can stand at a point where either engine will stop or the guard’s boogie will. Then you can talk with the guards of goods trains to help you out till Kulem or Castlerock depending upon the direction the train is going to.

Sometimes, also, one or two passenger train comes and slows down a bit (does not necessarily stops). In those cases, you have to really quick to get on the train because there will be a lot and lot of people fighting to enter the train. Be careful with the kids and women.

You can know about the train timings from different cities coming to Kulem or Castlerock in the section below.

Dudhsagar fallsDudhsagar falls

How I get the return tickets at Dudhsagar?

Buy the returning ticket as well at the Kulem or Castlerock railway station because there is no ticket vending counter at the Dudhsagar railway station.

NOTE: If you get into sleeper coaches with general tickets, be prepared to pay heavy fines unless you are lucky enough to escape from the eyes of TTE (Train Ticket Examiner)

What to carry on Dudhsagar falls trek?

  • A good walking shoe with good grip because railway tracks get sleepy
  • A light backpack
  • Sleeping bag (If you are planning to stay overnight and if they are not waterproof wrap them in some plastic to keep them dry)
  • Tent (For the same above reason)
  • Torch (A must)
  • Raincoat (You would love walking under rain)
  • An extra pair of clothing
  • ID card
  • Toiletries (There are no toilets there)
  • Fully charged camera and mobile phone
  • Personal medication
  • Sufficient eatables (Dudhsagar has no food stalls)
  • Sufficient cash

Is Dudhsagar trek Illegal?

Well, it is a difficult question to answer. But, no, Dudhsagar is not an illegal trek. However, due to overcrowding and drowning of a few students in the Dudhsagar falls last year, the police banned the trek for a month or during the monsoon when the water level was very high in the falls.
But now the trekking has resumed on this track and people have also started to go for this trek as well.

Dudhsagar trek from Mumbai:

Start from Mumbai by a Train to Margao railway station (Goa) so that you can reach Next morning. Here is a list of the trains (Preferable trains are marked inside an orange box)

mumbai to Goa trains

Reaching Dudhsagar falls from Margao:

From Margao (Goa), Kulem is the nearest railway station to Dudhsagar falls from North-Eastern side. You can also take a train to Kulem. Since the distance to Kulem is around 40 Kms from Margao, you might not get a booked berth for that and you will have to travel in General class.

Once you reach Kulem in next hours, take an offroad jeep to Dudhsagar falls from there. Visit the falls and return Kulem again.

Dudhsagar falls season

Best time to visit Dudhsagar falls will be from Septemeber to April when the monsoon is over.

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      Camping or staying is not allowed near the falls or in the reserve forest.

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    Hai guys,
    Refer to my earlier post on 13, 19 Sep 16 and 21 Oct 16 . I got a VERY good response in my whats app asking about DDS falls trek. I did my best with the available info.

    As I said in my last post, I went on trek to DDS falls bottom on 24 Dec 16 (went on mud track and returned on rail track)
    Latest update is the present water level in falls is moderate. (Declines as months pass by)

    DDS falls bottom is officially open for public and I found a lot of rush including those who were going through jeep as well trek. (u can buy tickets in kulem, DDS falls counter)

    For trek:-
    U have two options to trek (KULEM TO DDS FALLS)
    One is mud route (the jeeps way / kachha rasta). U would find many fellow trekkers in weekends and lots of jeeps moving to and fro.
    Two is via train track upto sonaulim station and get join back to mud rote (u would save around 2 km but feel uncomfortable walking on tracks, even good brand shoes/ boots might give up sometimes as my woodland gave up).

    Choose ur option wisely. Through train track very less people going for trek but via mud route u would find number of fellow trekkers on the way.
    Safety tip for rail trek :- While u guys trek through rail track u will find one tunnel (aprox 250 mtrs) before the sonalium station so carry a good torch and avoid using ear phones r head phones when opt for rail trek. Carry one visile for communication/ alerting others).

    Remember one thing ‘’DDS BRIDGE’’ is not yet open for public. So avoid moving on train track after sonalium station otherwise u have to get back the same way to sonalium and u will find its just a waste of efforts.(but u can have full view of waterfalls after 1 km on track from sonalium to DDS bridge). Those who wish to go by train can alight at sonalium station (both ways via kulem r castle rock) from there its hardly 3km to DDS falls. Don’t think about alighting at DDS railway station (refer my 21 Oct post).
    Good news for night campers (Sonalium):-
    No night stay possible in the vicinity of waterfall, because no suitable ground, surrounding and seems not safe too. For night camping one need to come back to sonalium from falls (aprox 3 km ) and u will find a temple and couple lives by and presently Power supply is also restored so u can have fun with friends. If ur luck is good u would find other night campers. In my case, whenever I do night stay no other team was there for night stay. U should carry own tents for better experience. No tents available for rent. If u don’t have tents atleast u should carry a sleeping bag and mosquito net. Presently, its cold in mid nights so carry ur warm clothing. For the best possible way u drop ur extra lugguage on the way to falls at the couples home (couple is so genuine and helpful) and get back to the temple and pitch ur tent. For food and drinks the couple will provide at the reasonable prices (but order well in time because it’s not hotel it’s a normal house). In the morning u can fresh up in a water stream flowing nearby and pack ur luggage and return to ur destination . The temple is just below the sonalium station so u can get train easily with planning. Even ladies too can enjoy night stay no problem. As of now no wild animals spotted nearby and no incident took place. The couples lives by are very helpful so u can take their help.
    Lot many trekkers had successful trek and night camping after watching my post and took guidance in whats app.
    So enjoy guys and have a nice trek. I think I hav covered almost all aspects, even if any doubt u can what’s app me for the things which I didn’t cover in my posts. So pls I request everyone, pls go through all my previous posts before whats app me, u would almost find all answers in my post so ask genuine questions only. I keep replying the repeated question which sometimes makes me uneasy (Pls don’t ask about trek from castle rock, actually I don’t know becoz I live in goa).
    Planned next trek in Jan last week r first week of Feb 17 so till then bye take care

    • Raghuramu Chitradurga Subbarao

      Can you please suggest me how to reach DD Sagar by bus from Dharawad? Train timings are not suitable for us. If I get down at Molem (by bus along with my wife)can I get connected bus to Kulem? And is it safe to do trek for us as we are above 55 -59 ?

  15. pooja600

    nice blog..
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      • Suman Bera

        I am planning to visit Dudhsagar falls on 4th January ,2017 with my 3 friends by trek from Kulem. My quarries are
        1) In that time trekking path will be opened or not?
        2) is it possible to trek from Kulem to Dudhsagar Falls after 1:30pm?
        3) If I want to stay near Dudhsagar falls overnight where to stay?
        4) If I want to stay in tent overnight there , should I carry tent with myself or rented tent is available there?
        Pl. help us.


    Hai guys,
    To my earlier post on 13 and 19 sep 16 i got a VERY good response in my whats app asking about DDS falls trek. I did my best with the available info.


    As per one of the fellow trekker (to whom i guided) informed me 2 Weeks before that.
    They started trek from kulem to DDS falls bottom through Rail track, but they were stopped almost near to tunnel before sonalium by forest/ Railway staff and they told him that railway made a vigil post near to that. when they were tried to sneak through jungle track (mud track/ jeep track) one of the staff informed that going is no use because near to sonalium route on mud track too had made a railway staff post to stop all access to DDS falls bottom, so they made their along the way back to kulem with lot of unhappiness.
    so present staus about jeep is not yet known (hopefully they might managing them and making trip with extra charge).

    To confirm that Last saturday (15 OCT) while i came across from castle rock to Kulem by amaravati express.
    i did’nt find a single trekker on track through out the belt from castle rock to Kulem.
    i met a group waiting near DDS station as they were waiting for train to get back to kulem. actually they were alighted at DDs station in the morning to reach falls but unfortunately they were too stopped by railway police near to station and didnt allowed them to proceed to DDS bridge so they returned without reaching falls.

    if any trekkers made to reach falls bottom and having fun, they can be seen from bridge, but i find no one in DDs falls bottom too (which can be viewed from moving train ). so it might be correct that some officals stopping near to sonalium in mud track.
    i find railway police (single person at once) in patrol near to tracks at castle rock station , caranzol, DDS station and Bridge. But i didnt find any police patrol near to sonalium station. and i had noticed that people were alighting and boarding in train (not happened to talk to who were boarding at sonalium) and no railway vigil post has seen from sonalium to kulem (as i said in para 1).

    so fellow trekkers its upto u that what u decide.
    if u dont want to loose your will please go for trek and try to make it up. its 50-50 chances.
    if u made the trek successfully then please share your time and experience in trekker pedia.

    In Dec 3rd week i might go trek and camp. Till then this is my last update.

  17. phani

    dear sir,

    iam very thankful for this information.
    Please guide me for reaching dudhsagar falls from hyderabad. as i read from the blogs we are planning to reach till castle rock.from there what is the best way to get a good view of falls and to reach them.is jeep ride from castle rock gives the best or from kulem? please do suggest..!we are planning to go there in january. please revert soon as i want to plan budget as well.

  18. Monica


    We are planning for the dhudhsagar trek in the second month of November, 2016. we will be departing from B’lore, also please suggest us some contacts for accommodation either in kulem or in castle rock.

  19. Abhishek Patil

    Still prohibited to roam on the bridge as few Policemen stopped us, but you get amazing view of entire falls from the view point ahead of bridge towards kulem.
    As of now reaching to the bottom of dudhsagar is close to impossible, because of rise in water level of streams.
    Waiting for water level to reduce, so as to visit this wonder again


    Hello Dear,

    Respected Dear, me and my friends Going Dudhsagar waterfalls in this end of Month 28 Aug …

    Which way Trek is good Kulum or Castle Rock….. we are near by 6 or 8 friends….

    Pls Guide us……Thanks Sir.


      Dudhsagar (The falls bottom)
      i went to Dudhsagar on 10 Sep 16 by walk from kulem and stayed overnight in own tents and returned on 11 Sep 16 to kulem.
      I was more excited to do Dudhsagar trek but no one has given me the right path except trekkerpedia (Comments and replies on daily basis for about 2 months). Really it has helped me a lot and i thought its my turn to contribute genuine info to our fellow trekkers.
      Presently Dudhsagar trek is not open through track. However u can go upto sonalium by walk or any train which is passing by. I found that every train passing through sonaulim is halting about 1 r 2 minutes which is enough to alight.
      and locals in kulem are not so friendly and misguide u to avoid by walk and scare u that vigilance and railway officials will hold u and send back, so that u could use thier transport to reach dudhsagar trek.
      No jeeps are going directly from kulem to dudhsagar. But Jeep operators offer u to pick and drop three kilometers (by walk on track and jungle) away from kulem and they charge for Rs. 500 for that ride. (however u need to walk for almost 6 km).
      Bikes are offering directly from kulem to Dudhsagar but very expensive charge around Rs. 1200 (pick and drop).

      lot many to share with u guys.

      soonly i will blog all this with detailed photos too, mean time u could ask me on my whats app 9000801769
      so feel free to ask any doubts regarding dudhsagar trek so i will guide u with photographs.
      Giri dhar

      • trekkerp Post author

        Thanks giridhar… This should surely help the fellow trekkers as well… I really appreciate your effort towards it

      • Giri dar

        Hai. Its Giridhar.
        To my last post on 13 sep 2016. I got a lot of msgs on my what’s app regarding trek. I almost shared my experience with photos too.

        Latest update.
        On 18 Sep 16.
        I had travelled by Amaravati Express from vasco. This train stopped almost all the stations in between kulem to Dudhsagar ( sonalium, Near to DDS bridge and DDS Station) and found some families got down near DDS bridge but RPF didn’t allow them to reach Bridge. So I advise people don’t go DDS bridge unless its open officially.
        Best way to trek till the trek is officially open is go by mud walk from sonalium to DDS fall bottom. One of fellow trekker told me that due to heavy down pour in last 2 days. Today 19 sep 16 the streams between the sonalium and DDS fall is heavy and unable to cross. So they are unable to cross and returned back without completed the trek.

        So i feel trekkers should wait for a while till the water level in streams to get normal.

        As usual for info ping me on what’s app. Happy to help.

        Many people asked me that any hotels near by sonalium .

        Sadly there is no hotel near by.
        But there is a temple just below the sonalium station. And a couple lives near to temple.
        U can sleep in that temple in nights and the couple provides u good food too with reasonable price.
        At least u carry sleeping bags else tents are recommended.
        No power supply is restored yet so carry power banks for ur cameras and mobiles.
        Sonalium is easily accessible by train from kulem as well castle rock and by walk from kulem ( on track r through jungle)

        I will keep updating as soon as I get happy trekking


    Hello Dear ,

    We have planning to Go End of This Month ……Trek is on to Castle Rock …or Kulem ……

  22. Amol Lale

    me and my friend are planning to visit dudhsagar water falls on 30th aug from goa (panjim)
    if we want to reach early morning none other than pvt two wheelers is the option as u said the rail route is completely banned
    ques 1. from kulem thers direct taxis till the base of dudhsagar waterfall / near of dudhsagar waterfalls
    2.can two wheeler reach ds falls
    3.whichever is cheapest
    and is ther any best possible way or plan other than above pls suggest the same

    • trekkerp Post author

      1. taxis are available in the form of Jeep service from Kulem keep stand….

      2. Two-wheelers cannot reach the base as the trail is very muddy

      3. there is only one option and that’s jeep ride to the base of the fall

  23. Karthick Sudarsan

    I have few queries…. please make me clear..
    I along with my 7 friends are in a plan to trek to dudhsagar waterfalls on aug 27.
    1. Will we be allowed to trek to the falls on aug 27th, from kulem?
    2. Is the road to falls from kulem is opened now?
    3. Are the jeep rides available today? and will it be available till next week?
    4. If the jeep rides are not available, and if the trek is also banned, then suggest me the possible options of reaching the falls from kulem?

    • trekkerp Post author


      trekking to Dudhsagar waterfalls is completely banned now. You are not allowed to trek from either Kulem or Castlerock. Yeah, the mud road to the bottom of the Dudhsagar falls is open from Kulem. Jeep services are always available. If both the options are closed then there is no other way, you can reach waterfalls except taking a train ride.

  24. SB

    Hey all, just returned from Dudhsagar trek. (dated 19-08-16)
    Few things I wish to share.
    1.Yes-the trek is completely banned. Railway staffs are very vigilant and not let you to sneak through. I have not spotted a single fellow trekker on the Kulem-DDS stretch.
    2.The mud path is accessible. Though u have to brave few streams (particularly one having very strong current) enroute. The mud path will take you to the bottom of the falls. I personally never recommend the mud path route as the view from the bottom is not as gorgeous as from the track.
    3. Beware of monkeys (if u r not in large group).

      • Karthik

        Thanks for the great blog. I was planning to go to doodhsagar from castle Rock on railway track. Do u have any contact where I can find the latest update of as to if trekking by track is allowed. I realize u did specify numerous times that it is banned but I want to try again as it is a great place to be. Please reply asap as I plan to go today:) it will save me lotz of time and disappointment if I reach and then know it is banned…

        Thanks in advance

      • trekkerp Post author

        I have mentioned a contact number of resort in the blog above.. Kindly call them…. Thy can give you lastest update

    • Karthik

      Thanks SB . But is trek from castle Rock to doodhsagar by tracks also banned? Even i plan to go this weekend. Please reply asap. It will save time and disappointment. The place is awesome but restrictions are stupid.

      Waiting for ur reply

  25. SB

    First of all thank for such informative writing.
    I have 3 queries.
    1. As per news reporting the trek is banned now. ( As on date 7th August, 2016). But some agencies are still taking booking for the trek. Is it worthy to go with them? I mean if there is a ban, how come they are taking such huge groups to the falls?
    2. Is it possible to walk despite of the ban? (I ll be traveling alone)
    3. Does the ban also cover the camping ?

    Thanxxx in advance for replying.

    • Karthik

      Thanks SB . But is trek from castle Rock to doodhsagar by tracks also banned? Even i plan to go this weekend. Please reply asap. It will save time and disappointment. The place is awesome but restrictions are stupid.


  26. Lisa


    Is the trek banned at the moment? I was planning on trekking to Dudhsagar from Kulem today. What Is the next best option if trekking is banned??

  27. rashmi

    Hello sir,

    We are planning to visit dudhsagar falls on August 14th by car,could you please tell me that we can go near the falls and do trekking?

    Thanks in Advance


    Hi ,
    We are planning for trekking on 5th of August . Kindly let me know whether trekking is allowed or not in this period

  29. Sachin

    we r 10ppl planning on 20th August 2016 .. trek will be opened right ???? plz reply me …

  30. suraj kharvi

    I heard that sonalium is the nearest railway station how can i reach there if im coming from madgaon

  31. Arun kumar j r

    Hi Sir we group of 12 are planned to dudhsagar falls trek on 15th August and already we buked train tickets from bangalore too, but now i need your guidance for trek and to return to goa on d same day pls suggest …..

    • trekkerp Post author

      Sir, I think all the details related to the trek is given in the blog. Kindly go through it. I am sure, you will be able to find the answer

    • mohit agarwal

      Hi Arun. i with my friends also want to go on 13th, can you please let me know if you are travelling on the same day, it will be our first trek and we are not sure about the way. We will be travelling from Pune.

  32. suraj kharvi

    I’m planning to go doodsagar on 17 july ..if i stayed there at night would i get tent for rent

  33. venkatesh

    Hi, thanks for your guidance and very descriptive information. We are planing to go Dudhsagar around 13 August,2016. Is it possible for us to visit the place by trekking from Kulem Station.

      • Gunjan M Rao

        I want to go to these falls with my friends this weekend or this Thursday…, i.e., on 14th jul, 2016 or 16th jul, 2016. I’m from Bangalore.
        Please suggest which date is better…

      • trekkerp Post author

        I have mentioned about the trains from Bangalore… If the train departs on both the days then I think the first date would be better because you can avoid the crowd. Otherwise, second date

  34. Nandan

    hi sir,

    thanks for very useful site!!

    i have some queries here, please do clarify

    1. is that ok to trek between sept – nov 16?
    2. will be there leech bites at this time?? solution for that?
    3. can we get tents for rent in bangalore?
    4. which route is the close to falls, castlerock or kolem?
    5. what would be the cost for staying a night in castlerock stayhomes?? will that be available between sep – nov 16?
    6. is that safe if we trek at night (only on tracks)?? like if we reach castlerock by 1.00 am
    7. make a plan for us to trek on weekdays from bangalore.

  35. willem

    Hi ,

    Going to Castle Rock early November , coming by train from Vasco , is it possible to get a taxi at Castle Rock back to Kulem or Vasco ? Any idea about how much it will cost ?


    • trekkerp Post author

      I do not think there will be a taxi available at castlerock…it is better to catch the train from castlerock to Kulem… the train details are given in the blog.

      • Ishani Mehta

        I think it’s phenomenal that you’ve not only shared your experience in such vivid detail (this is by far the most descriptive and updated post I’ve read) but also take the time to reply to each comment/question even after 2 years!
        Specific question: on June 17, 2016 at 8:54 am you mentioned there is no restriction on trekking from Castle Rock. Then on June 20, 2016 at 7:13 pm you agreed to another commenter about the trekking prohibition. The last section of your post says trekking is not illegal. Could you clarify (here or within the post) with dates (as of July 2016) what the legal status on trekking is.
        Also the Goa tourism website suggests taking a train from Kolem to Dudhsagar station in the monsoons, so I guess they’ve made the station functional now? Your comment?

      • trekkerp Post author

        Dear Ishani,

        Thanks for your comment and it’s really inspirational for me. OK Fine, so, I am not really aware of the current situation at the moment. Some say its on, some say the trek is off.

        So, here is a link to a resort which organizes the trek and they are situated in castlerock. http://ecotrails.in/castlerock_camp.html . Please call then and ask them about the current situation and do me a favor, please update the same here. 🙂

      • Ishani Mehta

        Trekking is banned as of July 2016. I wrote to the Castle Rock Adventure Club people and got the following reply on July 19, 2016:

        As of now the trekkings are banned and for further information please contact Mr. Damodhar Mobile:9731188418

  36. uday shankar

    Hello sir
    Your blog is very helpful.We are planning dudhsagar trek on 6th aug,2016…is trekking is banned from castle rock or kulem?..and any restrictions to camp near dudhsagr..please let me know

    • trekkerp Post author

      Sir, there is no such restrictions on trekking or camping… it is open right now and you can also camp near the dudhsagar waterfalls…

      • uday shankar

        Thanks for your reply sir.. Recently i heard in some Kannada news channel (may be a month ago) that trekking is not allowed..That’s why I’m confused.we r very much excited to visit..I don’t want to spoil out trip once we visit there…sir are u sure that there is no restrictions..

      • trekkerp Post author

        Wel, in that case, I cannot guarantee anything but some of my freinds did this trek a while ago and it was successful… I cant say how police or authority works over there but they said I was allowed

  37. Kumar Gaurav

    Hi, thanks for your guidance and very descriptive information. We are planing to go Dudhsagar around 24 Jun,2016. Is it possible for us to visit the place by trekking from Kulem Station.

  38. Shaurya

    Hi trekkerp,
    Wanted to know if it is possible to do the trek this Sunday 29-5-2016. Has it been banned ?

  39. Valay Bhatt


    Me and my friends are planning to go there next month. 25th June, 2016
    I have few questions.

    1) How much time does it take if we trek from kulem to dudhsagar falls ?
    2) And if we want to camp there at night, will tents available there ? ( on rent )

    It would be great help if you can help me with this doubts.

  40. Kareem

    Thanks for your awesome guidance of step by step instructions to reach Dudhsagar falls,

    I am planning to visit Dudhsagar falls in First week of JUNE.
    1. Will the JEEP trail closed during this period.?
    2. If closed , can we return from falls by TREK ( From – TO KULLEM Station) in an single day. ?

    Thanks again for your valuable Information.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Jeep service depends on monsoon. If it has rained a lot this month and the trail is really muddy then chances are high that the jeep trail is closed. Yeah it is possible to do so in a single day

  41. Rashmi G M

    It is really awesome guidance for the all of us,really big salute to your patience for giving a step by step instructions .

    I wanted to ask you one questions that many are telling Dudhsagar falls tourism closed they have stopped allowing people is it true or false? or some gossip.
    Because we are planning to visit in the month of July-2016.

    Kindly Revert.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Thanks Rashmi, and it really feels proud to have comments from people who loved my work 🙂 Would be great if you could also like my page and ask your friends to as well…

      As far as Dudhsagar trek is concerned, I think it’s banned but last month, my friends went there… If I get any further information, will let you know 🙂

  42. Priyanka

    Thanks for your guidance.
    We are planning to visit Dudhsagar in this July first weekend can you please help me out wd few questions.
    1. Can waterfall ll b open in this month and ll it b safe as we also have ladies wd us?
    2. As our stop is Kulem how can we reach to Dudhsagar falls without trek as we will have old ladies with us.?
    3. Heard about goods train but that will b only luck by chance and we can not depend on that n plan.
    4. And if the trekking is only option do will have any hotels for stay in Dudhsagar as it ll Take 4-5 hours for trek and in single day coming back ll b exotic.
    5. If transport is not available in July for dudhsagar then what ll b best time to visit waterfalls without trekking n transport ll get available at that time.
    6. Can you please also suggest which places we can cover near by wd dudhsagar falls in two days trip.


    • trekkerp Post author

      Dear Priyanka,

      Here are the answers to your queries:

      1. It’s safe to go there but if waterfall is open or not, I am not sure… as per the last comment, waterfall is closed or banned but you better confirm with the Goa/ Karnataka tourism
      2. From Kulem, you will have to hire a jeep. There is a dirt trail from Kulem to Dudhsagar. However if due to rain the trail gets muddy, there might not be any other way. Even on Jeep trail, finally you will have to walk almost a km
      3. If you go by jeep, you can return by the same jeep. Else trek and total luck while returning
      4. Yeah Karnataka Government Adventure Camp is there in Castlerock, they also organize trek. so better you ask them everything and even to organize for you all
      5. After monsoon
      6. Goa, Jog falls, Gokarna

      • Priyanka

        Thank you for your immediate reply… If we have any more questions ll surely ask you 🙂

      • trekkerp Post author

        By the way, I just got a confirmation from one of my friends that they were there at Dudhsagar falls last week and you are welcome for more queries anytime

  43. Roshan Ahmed


    Firstly i very much admire that you have replied to all the comments without fail.

    I am planning a trek on 16-April-2016, since i’ll be in Goa with 4 others for scuba diving.

    As you are the ultimate expert in this,

    I would like to ask you the following questions please,

    1)Is the Trek from Kulem to Dudsagar falls open now?
    2)Is it safe to camp in Dudsagar on 16th April? (I have 2 tents and sleeping bags, will carry food also)
    3)Will the trekking be worth even if the water is dried up?
    4)Any train timings from Kulem to Goa(main)?

    Awaiting your reply
    Thanks and regards

  44. vignesh

    I’ve decided to start my trek by 6am at kulem and get back to kulem by evening 6pm is it possible to make out within this time period??

      • Naresh H K

        Hi, we have plan to go Dudhsagar on 20 feb ,Is trekking allowed from castle rock to falls ?If no how can we go to dudhsagar from castle rock?I am waiting for your reply

      • Ashis

        I have been recently to Goa and now the forest department/railways had totally banned the trekking on railway line from Kulem to Dudhsagar falls. No one is allowef to trek on this route

  45. trekkerp Post author

    While trekking from Kulem towards Dudhsagar waterfalls, you will cross the viewpoint. The shortest distance is taking a jeep from Kulem and next shortest is from Kulem to Dudhsagar… there is no alterbative….

  46. Saurabh Kumar


    I am planning to visit Dudhsagar from Goa in Jan 2016.
    So Jeep from Kulem will drop us to base of dudhsagar falls. Is there any way to trek from base of dudhsagar falls (the place where Jeep drops) up to the view point?
    If yes, then how long and difficult is the route? how much time it will take?
    I am planning to go to dudhsagar by Jeep from Kulem and trek up to the view point and then come back to jeep to reach Kulem. Is this possible? We may plan to take Jeep journey for one side.

  47. Adarsh

    Hello, it’s my first visit to goa and that too in last week of December I’ll be staying near calingute beach.. Is it possible to trek one way i.e from kulem to dudhsagar or any other and then get a jeep for return journey..? I have to get back in one day only plus i want to trek at least one way.. Is there any way to do so.. And what if on the way back someone is unable to catch the train.. Then what are the alternatives available.? Please suggest an alternative if you have in mind.. Thanks 🙂

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Adarsh, the bst way for you should be, getting down at Kulem and take a jeep from there but his part will skip trekking… and while returning you take the jeep back… because if you trek until dushsagar falls then you cannot take a jeep because jeep will not give seat to people who were not booked from Kulem itself….

      or another way will be get down at kulem, trek until the falls and then wait for a train to stop there or atleast slow down there… cathc the train and return to kulem again or go to castleroc and from there catch the next train to goa….

      • Saurabh Kumar


        So, jeeps from Kulem will take us to the base of the falls. Is there a way to trek from base of Dudhsagar falls to the Dudhsagar view point? If yes, then how is the condition of this route, is it dangerous than trekking on railway trek? how much is the distance from base to the view point and roughly how much time it may take? Is it ok to trek from view point to the base of the falls or it is ok vice versa or both are ok?
        Any particular info about trains starting Vasco and stopping at Dudhsagar?

        Sorry about so many questions. But I am considering shortest distance for trek.

  48. Karthik K J

    Hello Trekkerpedi,

    We friends have planned to visit Dudhsagar day after tomorrow (i.e 14th November 2015). I see many comments posting on access ban to the Dudhsagar Sagar waterfalls. Is it still restricted? Please let me know.

    We are starting from Mysore(Mysore- CastleRock Railway station- 583KMs) in the evening around 6PM & will be reaching the Goa proximity around 4AM (14th November 2015) the next day. We are preferring to access the falls by Train or by Jeep (2nd option). Please suggest and inform me about the train timings & whether I should head towards Kulem or Castle Rock Railway station to catch the train or preferring Jeep is a better option. We have plans to head towards Arambol in the noon.

    Hoping to hear from you soon as we are leaving tomorrow

      • Kush

        Hi friends, we are a group of 20 planning trek from dudhsagar to castle rock. We have reserved tickets from madagaon to castle rock in velankinni express 17315. Please tell us where the train halts, in dudhsagar or in sonalium? Can we get down at that stop as there is a ban. Please help us and do the needful, thank you so much in advance

      • trekkerp Post author

        Hi kush… the train halts at neither of the two stations… however… the train might slow down enough to get down… you can try that… else you will have to trek from kulem to castle rock in your case.

      • Kush

        Thank you trekker. Is there any other train on Monday morning that may halt at those stations, I have been to dudhsagar two times trekking from castle rock side, but this time I am coming from kulrm and as there are ladies of age 50 in our group I am confused about the train halt though they are ready to walk. We can leave in any passenger or goods from madagoan on Saturday night, we have train to Bangalore on Monday night from castle rock biweekly express. Please guide us to have one trek route

  49. Ashok Malkarnekar

    Hi! Nice post, makes very good reading!!

    Anyone planning to do the trek please note: as of August 2015, the Indian Railways have unfortunately restricted access to the waterfall, so in case you plan a visit, make sure to check whether access has been restored. We trust (and hope) that this will be a short term measure, as Dudhsagar Waterfall is at it’s best during the rains – and a lot of hiking enthusiasts have been visiting in the rains since decades.

    The good news is, there’s plenty of other waterfalls around. And if it has to be Dudhsagar, with or without limitations imposed by railways, the jeep service will recommence in October.

    We are running a farmstay close to Kulem, which makes a good ‘basecamp’ for visits to Dudhsagar Falls – find more info here: http://www.dudhsagarplantation.com/farmstay.

  50. Kaustubh


    We intend to park the bike at Kulem & them walk the rail tracks.

    Do you think it is a good idea or is there an easier way.

    We are traveling from Panjim by the way.

  51. gaurav

    Me and My Friends are planning to Trek Dudhsagar on 29th Aug 2015.
    Is trekking along the tracks has been banned by the railway officials??
    or still we can access dudhsagar??
    Can we get any train from sonalium to Kulem or CastleRock before 4PM? any idea?
    Which route is best to trek? Kulem to Dudhsagar or Castlerock to Dudhsagar?? Please suggest.Thanks in advance.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Gaurav,

      The trek is open now… it was banned but not any more.. however you never know…. no Trains stop at Sonalium stations.. so in any case you will have to either walk to the castle rock or Kulem.. from there you can get a train towards goa or other side… kindly go through the blog once again about the train timings….

      Kulem side is shorter and the famous dudhsagar view comes enroute.. from castlerock side, you will have to trek more but number of tunnels and waterfalls are more… make your choice accordingly

      • gaurav

        Hi, Thanks for providing information promptly.
        Problem with us is we are getting down Kulem or Castlerock near around 4AM.
        We will start trekking as early as 6AM in morning.
        We have return reservation at 4.30 PM for Goa express.
        We have only 10 hours for trek including dudhsagar fall visit.
        Is it possible to walk CastleRock to Kulem (26KM) since getting down at Dudhsagar is BANNED.
        Or is it possible walk Kulem to Dudhsagar and back (22KM) in 10 hours.
        or if Goa Express stops at Caronzol can we get down there??? so trek will be from caronzol to Kulem (19KM)
        Lots of Ques..please help us to make dream trek..

      • gaurav

        Hi, Thanks for providing information promptly.
        We will start trekking as early as 6AM in morning.
        We have return reservation at 4.30 PM for Goa express.
        We have only 10 hours for trek.
        Is it possible to walk CastleRock to Kulem (26KM) since getting down at Dudhsagar is BANNED.
        Or is it possible walk Kulem to Dudhsagar and back (22KM) in 10 hours.
        or if Goa Express stops at Caronzol can we get down there???
        Lots of Ques..please help us..

  52. Darshan Vs

    Hey my friends are planning to visit dudhsagar on August 29 kindly tell me if its banned if you have visited there ? planning the visit via kulem which is better ?Thanks in advance

  53. Ram Balaji


    Any updates on the ban to dhudhsagar falls. We are planning to visit dhidhsagar falls on aug 7 and 8.

    Thanks in advance.

  54. Mohanraj

    Hi bro.
    we are leaving on Friday and reaching castle rock on 1 Aug. Is there a ban to trek?? – if yes, is there anyway to get a good view of the falls. Thanks

    • trekkerp Post author

      there is no more ban on the trek now… police persons are allowing people to see the waterfalls but bathing or going inside is banned. Or else you can take a trek from castlerock towards kulem, you will cross dudhsagar falls anyway in that case

  55. Narendra JP

    Its nice information from all..
    I am planning to visit with my friends on 1st AUG 2015.
    I heard the news that trekking is banned in Dudhsagar by the GOA government, is it true?
    Please help me how can I get right information about this?

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  57. kushal

    Hey do we get tents on rent in mollem or near dudh sagar..are there any local hotels in mollem..

    • trekkerp Post author

      Yes.. two ways.. board a train which crosses through dudhsagar station and get down there… or.. when monsoon is over, get a jeep from Kulem and reach there

  58. Sachin

    Is it possible to reach to the top of the waterfall or any other route to explore as i have already visited Dudhsagar once using the railway track path.
    If yes, approximately how much time will it take assuming i have to finally reach Kulem and doesn’t matter if i don’t cover Castlerock to Dudhsagar path..

      • Rajendra

        Hi ,

        I have already booked ticket for Aug 1st. one of my friend told that police allowed to trek only till view point. Please let me know we can reach view point from castle rock..?

      • trekkerp Post author

        You can trek from castle rock to the view point or take a train from castle rock and it will cross view point anyway on the way to Kulem

  59. Ranjith Subburam

    Hi Trekkerp,

    We are two couples, planning for a one day trek to Dudhsagar on Monday morning.
    Planning to start the trek by 9am from Kulem and return thru Castle Rock route.

    We will reach Kulem by Taxi from Goa and after the trek we need to board a train from Castle rock to Bangalore @ 11pm.

    Please let me know whether this is feasible.

    I mean starting the trek at 9am and finishing it before evening? Is it possible? Also Is it safe to wait in Castle rock station till 11pm for our return train?

    Also please let me know the approx fare charges from Goa to Kulem in a taxi(Indica/small budget cars).

    I would also like to know whether food/hotels available in castle rock/kulem railway station.

    We don;t have much time to plan and your inputs will be of great help:)

    Thank you,

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Ranjith,

      Hmm tough question though but I try to answer it to my best 🙂

      Lets say you start the dudhsagar by 9 am in the morning on monday, I think you should be able to reach the falls by 14:00 comfortably provided your partner can walk on the boulders for 10-12 kms. without much luggage.

      Assuming that you reach there comfortably, there is only train you can wait for towards Castlerock is at 17:00 at Dudhsagar. (NOTE: THIS TRAIN ACTUALLY DOESNOT STOP THERE BUT CHANCES ARE THERE THAT IT MIGHT SLOW DOWN @DUDHSAGAR RAILWAY STATION). However, if train slows down and you are not able to catch the train or your partner is unable to catch up (though you will have 30 seconds to a minute and monday presents very lesser crowd) then you might wait for some goods train, which have no particular timings but hopefully one should arrive.

      Another option is wait for the 17310 Yaswantpur biweekly express train which will probably arrive at 22:30 at Dudhsagar but since its monday there might not be other people camping there because crowd flock on weekends mostly. and waiting in the night does not sound good to me.

      @taxi: around 1K +/- 200

      @castlerock staying option: Yes, I know one.. try this link.. have never stayed but try this http://ecotrails.in/castlerock_camp.html

      and I think you should get some food there… food should not be a problem…

      • Ranjith Subburam

        Hi Trekkerp,

        On 6th July(monday)we completed the trek on time:) but the sad part was there was no rain fall for the past 4-5 days, so water level was way too normal.
        Also we were disappointed a lot because “WE HUMANS” have screwed up the place big time.

        1). It was so dirty with lots of plastics and food waste around.

        2). Locals in Kulem told us, some MBA graduate student lost his life 4-5 days ago and we witnessed around 20-30 cops for security reasons.

        3). JEEP trek was closed(we checked with locals in Kulem).

        Overall it was an average place/trek after the above mentioned disappointments.

        We would like to visit the place again for the Jeep trek and also wanna visit the origin point.

        Thanks for your tips, it was of great help.


      • trekkerp Post author

        Hi Ranjith,

        One of my colleagues also complained about the water level and he also went on for the trek on the same weekend that you went. I think lesser water in the waterfall is not mainly due to not raining for last past a week but due to week monsoon this year. I remember, one of my another friends talking about the garbage dump there last year on 15th august weekend. It’s a huge and massive pile.

        Oh, did you know how they unfortunately lost their lives?

        And, yeah jeep treks are closed in the monsoon and I was expecting that by now.

        Have a nice trek again 🙂

  60. Harsh

    We are planning to visit dudhsagar on 5th July.we are planning to visit through treak from castle Rock. What is a best way to reach at castle Rock from madgao on early morning. We need to return at calangute.. How one can return from dudhsagar to calangute..is there any return train for madgaon
    Which route has best natural beauty. Culem to dudhsagar or castle Rock to dudhsagar.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Harsh,

      There are two train from Madgaon which will drop you at Castle rock:
      18048 +VSG HOWRAH EXP *MADGAON 07:50 CASTLE ROCK 09:20

      Best route for natural beauty is Castlerock side.

      From Dudhsagar to Madgaon Sameday (5th July) there are no trains in the afternoon.

  61. Chandan

    I’m planning to reach Castle rock by road and trek on the track to the falls. Is it accessable by road? Are there any hotels to safely park my vehicle?

  62. prajwal

    Sir we are planing to visit dudhsagar in july sunday if any train give stops there pls informe cell no 7026447111

    • trekkerp Post author

      Sir there are no particular trains which stop there… But in my blog, I have mentioned some of the treks, they slow down at dudhsagar station there for a few seconds….

  63. hemanth

    Thank you so much trekkerp for the reply.

    Now we are planning to trek from kulem as it is nearer to doodhsagar.Here I’m concerned about the number of tunnels(would like to take the path with more number of tunnels).

    So could you please help me choosing a way with more tunnels n greenary.

    Secondly, please let me know if we will be able to catch a train in return journey to Kulem or castle Rock.
    Thanks alot 🙂

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi hemanth… the advantage from Kulem side is you will get to see the waterfall view from a distance…. Today I just updated the blog with train timings… you can take a look at that as well…. and yes!
      @train! I hope… train slow down at dudhsagar so that you can catch them 🙂 …….

  64. Abhijit

    Thank you trekkerp for your great details and wonderful pics.

    I am planning to visit the falls in 2nd week of July 2015.
    I will be going to Kullem by Car with my wife & 2 daughters [7 Yrs & 3 Yrs]
    I will be disappointed if Jeep Service is not running on the day I visit due to rain.
    So planning a alternate by train from Kullem to Dudhsagar and back.

    Please Note: With kids, Trekking more than a KM is not an option for me. I guess Bridge to Dudhsagar Falls station is about 1 KM.

    My Plan and Questions
    Train From Kullem to Dudhsagar: 17315/Vasco-Da-Gama-Velankanni Weekly Express @10:25 [Avg late 30min]
    Q: Do you know if this exp train stop at Dudhsagar Falls?
    If not Exp, dose goods trains stop there?
    My concern is if trains do not stop, will I able to get down with my kids

    Train From Dudhsagar to Kullem: 18047/Amaravati Express @12:18 [Avg late 1Hr]
    Q: Dose all trains stops at Dudhsagar Falls for break checking?

    Both trains do not run daily, however luckily for me– runs on Monday — the day I am visiting.
    If I miss these trains — Good Trains are still an option — Am I right?

    Your reply will be helpful. If you do not know any of the answers, can you guide me to some source may be at Kullem? I will check with them on reaching Kullem.

    Thanks again, Abhijit

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi abhijit,

      None of these trains officially stop at Dudhsagar. However, they, sometimes, slow down a bit people catch up the train. Since you are with family, I dont think you will be able to catch the train until helped by someone. Same for the Goods train. Since goods trains are heavier they most of the times, stop there. but I cant say about the rush.. it depends…I think Kulem Jeep should be working.. please give it try.. I am sorry but I dont wanna predict from here about everything….

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Abhijit,

      Here is anumber from Kulem, You might try asking them 91 – 832 – 224132 (It was shared to me by one of my friends… I dont know if this number is still working)

      • Abhijit

        Thank you Trekkerp.

        I am all set for next week’s visit. I am keeping the phone number with me, in case I need it.

        Will post my exp later in this month. Thanks again


      • Abhijit

        Just back from Dudhsagar Falls [13-July] with my Family including 2 kids. We were only family with kids there.
        I reach Kulem on time for 10:30AM train. It took just Rs. 100 for return tickets from Kulem to Castle Rock for 2 Adults + 1 Kid.
        I learned there as 10:30 AM train [17315-Vaso Velankanni Wkly] do not stop at Dudhsagar Station. So I had to go till Castle Rock Station and catch 11:40 AM Train [18047-Amaravati Express] for Dushsagar and reach at Dushsagar station at 12:45. Then walked to Falls in the heavy rain.
        Note: trains do slow down a lot at every station while going up to Castle Rock, however with Kids I did not take a risk to jump off at Dudhsagar.
        After an hour, walked back to Dushsagar station and caught a goods train and reached to Kulem @ 3:30PM.
        Few points
        1. Water level was way too normal. Still the falls is awesome.
        2. It was a lot dirty with lots of plastics and food waste around.
        3. It was crowed even on Monday
        4. JEEP and Motebikes were closed.
        5. While boarding on Good Trains, few passengers helped us boarding the break van [Which I felt not necessary] even before the train stops complete. It did stop for a min, however everyone on board before that. Later those passengers turned be to “Guides” with other groups asked Rs 500 for stopping the train and help us boarding, which I disagree completely. I did pay Rs 200 as token, but even after that those Guides were kept arguing. That was the sad part of the travel.
        Overall Water Falls is very good and must visit for nature enthus. However my wife was not at all happy with travel part of it.
        I think tracking with friends would be still better.
        I feel it would be nice if Railways can add couple of bogies to their pushup engines and make a stop at Dudhsagar as the trains are as usual full.
        Please note: Goa Exp is running on alternate days due to Itarasi Cabin fire. It the only passenger training after noon to reach Castle Rock.
        Thanks for your tips, it was of great help.

      • trekkerp Post author

        Hey abhijit,

        Thanks a lot and lot for the update. I am sure it will help other who are planning to go there this monsoon. Some of my friends who went there a week before said the same thing about dudhsagar falls and specially about garbage too..

        I did not know about the fifth point and that train timings. I will update this in the blog, it should be helpful to others 🙂

  65. hemanth

    Hi we
    Planned our visit to Goa from bangalore on July 5th…. We are 5adults and would like to visit doodhsagar. Our train stops at Castle Rock (2.30am) and at kulem(4.10 am).Please advice which place among the two above is advised to reach doodhsagar falls.

    I read about taking a. Goods train to doodhsagar falls in your blog.
    Is it available in return journey from doodhsagar to Kulem on the same day.
    Thank you.

  66. Manish Vaghasiya

    Hi Sir We will Plan for dudhsagar in 5th september 2015, we are 10adults and four children,
    i want to know that in september taxi is available from kullem otherwise we have to plan with bike also.
    we will plan from madgaon to dudhsagar and return at evening. please suggest us it is possible or not.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Manish,

      Looking at your date in early september, Jeeps’service from Kulem should be closed by then. It depends on the monsoon this year. If it rains hard, biking would also be tough. However, if you bike without a pillion at the back then it might be possible but I doubt. So I better suggest you to postpone the plan by a month when the rainfalls recedes and sun shines a bit

  67. Veena

    Hi, We are 2, willing to trip to dudhsagar in July 2015 from bangalore. Planning to leave by friday night and return plan is on Sunday night. Could you pls guide us the travel plan.

    • trekkerp Post author

      leave on friday night @ 20:00 from Bangalore by 17311 Madras-Vasco express and reach on saturday at 11:00.. spend the day traveling to dudhsagar falls… details have been given in blog so I would skip that part….

      Catch the same train while returning train number 17310 from Kulem @ 22:10 and reach bangalore on sunday @ 11:30

      • shashvoleroi Kiran M

        hi, me along with 9 more friends (total 5 guys 5 girls) have planned the same trek on 18th July, train tickets and camping gear all booked.
        You guys can join us for the trek if you want to. but u have to book ur own tickets and other stuff,
        you can join us for company. (8884750005)

        Our plan

        17th Friday
        6.45 PM: Train no 16535 Majestic station;

        18th Saturday
        4AM Reach Hubli;
        6.45AM train no 17311 hubli to Castlerock;
        9.50 AM: Castlerock; Start trek; reach Dudhsagar by 5pm (taking maximum allowances);
        after the falls, we camp for the night

        19th Sunday
        4 AM: pack and leave dudhsagar; trek to Kulem;
        10.20AM: Kulem; train 11097; Kulem to karwar; ;
        (we continue on to karwar forextended trip)
        we leave karwar on monday afternoon and reach back bangalore on tuesday morning.

  68. sandeep

    we are planing to come on 4th july from hyderabad. our train will reach to kulem station at 1pm.
    is it possible to reach dudhsagar falls by jeep&come back to goa from kulem same day evening.
    jeeps will be there in mansoon season
    is it possible to go from kulem to goa by road that day evening or night, any vehicles will available

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Sandeep,

      It is possible to go to the falls by the jeep and return same day to the Kulem by afternoon and leave for Goa. Goa is not so far from there. I am not so sure about the vehicle from there but I am sure that from Kulem you might hire some cab or taxi to leave for GOA and that shouls not cost much.

      COming to the availability of jeep in the monsoon: Since monsoon has started so it might be possible that jeeps have stopped going there. But there has not been much of rainfall yet so Jeeps might also be plying. You will only get to know about it once you reach there.

      SO if you get a jeep there then yeah its possible to return KUlem same day and by evening to Goa but if Jeeps are not avaialable then you can look for trains at Dudhsagar falls which go to Goa. For further enquiries, you can ask at Kulem.

      • T Ahamed

        I have been to this Trek on june 15. As of now Jeeps are available once rainfall increases the route is completely closed. If it open then, Yes from kullem going by jeep the complete trip will take (4 Hours Max) timings: 8 am – 3:30 am) this SAFARI JEEP ROUTE OPEn after this you can reach GOA (Panjim 50kms , 2hrs drive)

  69. parag

    thanks for non tiring reply to all questions…but still i have few questions
    1. is it good to get down at KULEM or CASTLE ROCK, if coming from Hyd
    2. does the jeep from Kulem to dudhsagar -wait only for 1 hr? so cant we pay for 1 way (250) and leave jeep?
    3. i think we also have dudhsagar station… which train stops to and fro at this stn
    and i think all trains stop at various distance from fall for break check.,. so can you tell what all trains pass through this route..preferably with time. i could not find this info on google.

    many many thanks

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Parag,

      1. It would be better to get down at Kulem.
      2. The jeep doesn’t necessarily wait for just an hour. It can wait for even around 2 hours. Like if you are in a group of 7-8 people and you book a jeep, you can ask the driver to wait for the longer times at the falls. However, it might not be possible for one way. Because the jeep has to return empty and that’s not a good business for them.
      3. Sorry for the train information… I also do not have much ideas about the train running on that route…..

      • Ashis

        Please tell if we take a jeep from kulem and reach Dudhsagar view point, from there (view point) is it possible to walk upto the railway bridge which is just at the middle of the fall. How much time would it take to walk from view point to the railway bridge?

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi manoj,
      You can have one day trip to this fall if you take a jeep from Kulem and return by the same… For more details follow the blog properly. You can also cover the same on foot but around 25 kms of walking in a single day would be tough… read the blog in detail you will ideas about… yeah single day is possible:

      1. Go by jeep and return by jeep to and fro Kulem
      2. Go on foot and find a goods train and return by that
      3. In worst case, return on foot

  70. Mujtaba Khan

    I along with 2 other friends have planned to do this trek in the month of July. We’ll be travelling from Hyderabad and have a short budget, so could you suggest a good itinerary or atleast shed some light on hotels near kulem, mollem or castle rock which provide accomadation below 1K.

  71. Ashis Das

    Sir,the jeep charge mentioned here (Rs.450),is it one way or two way.( kulem to dudhsagar & back) At which point the jeep takes us….middle of the waterfall where there is the railway track.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi ashish,

      It’s two way… check for the jeep charges, they keep on varying the charges but the differenc should not come much… They will drop around 500 mtr to 1 km before the waterfalls and then you can walk upto there….

      • Ashis Das

        Firstly thanks alot for guidance. We are a group of 7 with 2 children (aged 10),will it be good if we trek on the track from Kulem? Are there any jeep service from castle rock side also.

      • trekkerp Post author

        Yeah, it should be perfectly fine… I am not sure about the children though…. There are no such service from castle rock side…unfortunately

      • Ashis

        Please tell if we take a jeep from kulem and reach Dudhsagar view point, from there (view point) is it possible to walk upto the railway bridge which is just at the middle of the fall. How much time would it take to walk from view point to the railway bridge?

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Kunal, People go on two wheelers there. However, the bike should be in good condition and it might be difficult to drive with a pillion if it has rained there in past a few days and the road has become muddy

  72. Akhila


    Planning Dudhsagar trek on the 30th of this month. Can you please suggest me in detail if am opting to take Kulem route and jeep trek.

    Suggestions on 1. If i could book jeep trek in advance. 2. I want to start this by morning and finish by evening as i cannot miss getting back to Panjim on the same day. 3. If you can pass on any contact numbers on the same.
    Thank you 🙂

    • trekkerp Post author


      Planning Dudhsagar trek on the 30th of this month. Can you please suggest me in detail if am opting to take Kulem route and jeep trek.

      Suggestions on 1. If i could book jeep trek in advance. 2. I want to start this by morning and finish by evening as i cannot miss getting back to Panjim on the same day. 3. If you can pass on any contact numbers on the same.
      Thank you 🙂


      Since the monsoon is over, I wish for you that Jeep track must be opened for the visitors. So, in my knowledge, there are advance bookings for the Jeep. However, once you reach Kulem, ask for the Kulem to Dudhsagar Jeep stand. You can book your slots in the Jeep and they keep on opening once they are full and I am sure on new years days, there should not be any problem waiting or so.

      So yeas, if you reach Kulem, lets say around 10, the Jeep would leave you to the falls in an hour (The you will have walk around half an hour to reach to the falls, there is a proper way but little technical). In the meanwhile, the Jeep driver would wait for you for an hour or so. After you enjoy, you can return by the same jeep in another half an hour.

      So, yeah its possible to return on the same day to Panjim. No problems at all. But be reminded that its gonna be really crowded on new year, if my guess is not wrong.

      I am not sure of this number but this number belongs to some of the tourist center: 91 – 832 – 224132 you can try them.

      All the best and let me know for any further question and your experiences.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Yes you can, provided that you are not going in the monsoon and woods that you get are dry enough to give you fire 🙂

  73. manish

    we are planning to get down at castle rock and then trek.
    But we have to catch “goa express” at the night from castle rock or kulem. because we have to reach goa the very next morning..
    is there any alternate way?

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi manish, trekking in the night would not be a good idea because you wont see anything. however, you can camp at the dushsagar at the night and catch the train next morning.

      If you send me your whole plan. I might suggest you in a better way

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi manish,

      Its possible to complete the trek in a day but might be very exhausting. you really will have to walk fast and if you would be lucky, you might get a goods train to return also.


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