Chikballapur Exploration trek

Under scorching sun, an exploration through dry Chikballapur hills. Dry waterfalls;  dried out forests following rugged path along dry stream.

So, we reached Bangalore bus stand and took a bus to Chikballapur.
Chikballapur: almost 70 kms from Bangalore and was our meeting point. With each others’ introduction, we proceeded on the way towards some village where we were supposed to begin our trek from.

The sun was high and heat was intolerable. But being with a group of like-minded people and having constant chit-chat, never let us feel that we were walking under sun.

The main place of interests for us were waterfalls. Simply it was hot and almost summer so expecting water around in waterfalls was a vague idea. The organizer told us that we would be encountering numerous waterfalls on the way but chances were rare that they would be having water because most of them or better said, all of them were seasonal waterfall and we, of course, were having our trek out of season.

Rookies were excited about the waterfalls but the hints given time and again by the organizer almost clearly indicated that we were going to witness dry waterfalls. Thus the idea of carrying extra pair of clothes and diving and chilling under water was a far dream then.

Sooner, we entered into jungle.
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Say dry jungle.
And, kept on following some trails towards a waterfall that was supposed to be our first waterfall.
And guess what? we were surprised to see a big waterfall as big as 30-40 feet dry.

The first dry waterfallThe first dry waterfall

Since Chennai trekking club, the trekking club with whom I was going, had completed its five years, we had a plan of celebrating our club’s fifth year birthday.
It was time for the freshers to cut the cake and rejoice the birth of our club.

“Happy birthday CTC”.

Cake cuttingBirthday ceremony

From there on, we  followed a stream and kept on exploring.
So as to say, it was trekking cum exploration. Trekking for the first one or two hours because the routes were known to us and there on we were going to follow a dry water stream all along the way.

Though, the water stream was not completely dry. If I say it in better way then there were wet and marshy land all along with some green grasses amid dry forest stretching over miles.

Dry stretch of forests over milesDry stretch of forests over miles

Yeah, there were patches of water here and there engulfing some greenery in them.
People sweated; got tired; took break.
Shirts were wet; water bottles were getting emptied at double of the rate.
Dry forests never seemed to end.
But, stopping was not an option.

Along the water streamWalking along the water stream

The path was boulder-y.
Sun was getting hotter and hotter.
With some more walking, we reached a water point but alas! it was dirty.
So, it was decided not to disturb the Eco-system because that water point may be very well serving the purpose of water point of many animals and birds around.

However, we posed for photographs there.
A sight of water after hours of walk was really a soothing point.
The more exploration was yet to be done.

DSCF5293It was almost lunch time by then. Our official trek end point was nearer to a cave and we reached there. It was not so much of a cave but the natural forming of the rocks looked as if a cave.

It was a perfect point for lunch. With some water around. There were shades too. Winds were also soothing.

people were tired but some of us decided to explore further and see what is around while others could have some extra peace and rest time. we explored there for half an hour more and returned to our lunch point.

Lunch pointLunch point

The way backThe way back as seen from lunch point

As officially, we had reached our end point and it was time to return but looking at the clock, we realized there is some more time for exploration so we decided to follow another route to our end point.

It was longer but as we then already knew that trek was no more than 4-5 kilometers and villages and temples were in our sight now so we were walking freely.

DSC_1344We enjoyed all the way.
Relished the beauty of the nature and enjoyed every step on the jungle. Soon, we reached to a vast coconut garden and a temple which was our end point. From there on Chikballapur was still 4-5 kilometers away.

However, knowing that we were in safer zone then we decided to walk to the town following the dirty country side road through fields and villages and settlements.

DSCF5340Walking further for a half an hour, we reached the town.
Walking through the countryside was an awesome experience.

By the time, we reached the time, we had covered almost 21 kilometers solid. Legs were tight and tired with dry face and lips. When we slept on bus and got up in Bangalore was not realized.

It’s a different thing that for the next 2-3 days, we were feeling tired and slept like hell.

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