Mulli, bird watching at bhavani, coracle ride in Pilloor dam

At Mulli guest house:

Got down at a remote town at 1000 ft of elevation at four in the morning under star-studded cold February night; moved into a core jungle rest house; walked beside Bhavani river bird-watching and did coracle ride in hundreds of feet deep Pilloor dam.

Sky was still studded with stars, Mettupalayam, in heart of Deccan peninsula was silent. The only dissonance made were by us, the 25 enthusiastic admirers of wild life who just got down the train.

Mulli guest house-lonesome guest house.

-A satiny canal flowing beside amidst nature (sometimes silence looked scary) and a hut shop to take care of your meals. And, the day kicked off walking along dry Bhavani river.

Bird watching along Bhavani riverWalking along Bhavani river, Mulli, Kerala

“So, guys walk in a group because animals attack lagged behinds-an easy prey”
“No light colored clothes, maintain silence- try not to disturb them, it helps us in getting closer to them”

Wildlife and birdwatching along bhavani river:

The more silence you be, the more you see.
The pursuit of getting fortune enough to see wild elephants moving in a group, Nilgiri Tahr, great Horn-bills, lion tailed macaque, Kingfisher etc.
Stony dry river, patches of water hither and tither and we after the foot prints of elephants.
–Suddenly, every one stops.
“Ssssshhhhhhh”- life stopped for a moment.


Hands going down to seek out the camera slowly like some old classical movie when villain takes out the pistol smartly and a bird came flying.

First time in my life, I saw this bird when i was neither watching Discovery nor had a Kingfisher brand in my hand. Guesses grew as the number of clicks too.

Kingfisher birdKingfisher- First bird of the day

Elephants had left life-like foot-marks lumps and we were following them-an easy way to roam around in Jungle it surely would take you to the water-body.

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5 Replies to “Mulli, bird watching at bhavani, coracle ride in Pilloor dam”

  1. Muhammed Ashefas

    Good effort and beautiful pics.
    Thank you for sharing your experience at Mulli. It will help all adventures.


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