Mirjan fort, Kumta (Karnataka) Travel Guide

Mirjan fort is located at a distance of around 20 Km from Gokarna town and 12 km from Kumta town. Mirjan fort is a beautiful place situated on the banks of river Aghnashini.
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Mirjan fort:

Mirjan fort is a kind of ignored fort by India heritage sites. Most of the structures are not intact and the site is kind of ignored by the heritage authority of India.
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However, there is a lot to see inside like canon firing place, arrow shooting points, well, guard, underground, soldier barracks etc.

From the western perimeter of the Mirjan fort, you get to see the Aghnashini river and the beautiful view of the local villages, paddy fields, coconut and palm trees. The best time to visit this fort would be after the monsoon. After the monsoon, there would be greenery everywhere and it would a retreat to your eyes.


Mirjan fort entrance fee:

There is no entrance fee for the Mirjan fort. However, on the weekdays, there are not many tourists visiting this place, so you might it hard to enter inside because the key would be with the fort-taker. But on the weekends, there will be a guard.

Even if there is no entrance ticket, however, the guard would not allow you to take the camera inside the fort premises which you might find it absurd.


Mirjan fort Timings:

Mirjan fort timings are from 8 AM to 4 PM every day.

Other places of interest around Mirjan fort are:


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