Devarayanadurga & Namada Chillume Travel Guide: Tumkur

Devrayanadurga is situated 65 km North of Bangalore in Tumkur district. Situated at 4000 feet, Devrayanadurga temple hosts ancient Narsimhaswamy temple facing east and many viewpoints en route. It is one of sought after places for biking trips from Bangalore.

How to reach Devrayanadurga?

Devrayanadurga Distance from famous cities:

Bangalore: 70 km
Tumkur: 20 km

You can use Google map and there is a motorable road to the temple. You can go by car or bike. Prefer bike to enjoy more en route.

Devarayanadurga temple and Mantapa in the right as seen while approachingDevarayanadurga temple and Mantapa in the right as seen while approaching

About the place, Devrayanadurga Temple:

The temple is built in the Dravidian style and faces east. It is situated at almost at a height of 4000 feet. There is a water pool to the east side of the temple where is one is supposed to wash his/her hands and feet before entering the temple.

pond east of Devarayanadurga templePond to the east of Devarayanadurga temple

Beside this pond, there is another sacred place where underground spring flows called “Sree pada Theertham” which is to the west of this pond.

Sree pada theertham caveInside the Sree pada Theertham cave

You have to walk to the top from bike stand or the car stand by stairs. It takes just five mins to reach to the temple. Before entering the temple, you are supposed to remove your shoes. Beware of the monkeys over there.

On the way to the Devarayanadurga temple from vehicle stand at the topOn the way to the Devarayanadurga temple from vehicle stand at the top

The scenarios along the staircase are beautiful. The fort walls, old stone structure, temples, Mantapa, hills around, fog, other fort structures etc..

Trekking to the top after the temple:

From the temple, there is a way to go to the top. It takes almost 15-20 minutes to get to the top. From the top, you can get 360-degree view of the places around. If you are planning to go in December, it is the best time.  You can sit at the top under the warm sun and cold winds. There is a Mantapa at the top as well, which can be seen from the temple.

Devarayanadurga topDevarayanadurga hilltop

Staying options at Devrayanadurga:

You can stay at the Tumkur town or nearer to the temple. There are some travelers bungalows 4-5 km before the temple. if asked, people can help you out there.

Other facilities:

There are small shops over there selling snacks and sometimes lunch too. There is a drinking water facility but no bathroom facility.

Devrayandurga Tickets & timings:

There are no tickets to the top. The temple is open from 10.00-05.00 pm every day. Abhishekham happens at 11 AM every day.

Other places nearer to Devaryanadurga:

Namada Chillume:

Almost 7-8 km from the temple, Namadda Chillume is a deer park. The only deer can be seen there, but it is a good picnic spot and place for children.
Timing is from 10-5 every day and tickets are of Rs. 5.

Namada Chillume Timings: 10 AM- 5 PM Everyday
Namada Chillume Ticket: Rs. 5.

Namada chillume entrance gate

The historical significance of Namada Chillume:

Namada Chilume is a natural water source which sprung out from the surface of the rock. It is believed that Lord Rama along with Sita and Lakshmana, stayed here during their exile in this forest. Rama searched for water to apply Tilaka(coronation) to his forehead. When he could not find any water, he shot an arrow at the rock. 

The arrow penetrated the rock, made a hole, and the water came out. Henceforth, this place was called Namada Chilume, meaning “Spring of Tilak”. The water comes out from a small hole throughout the year and never dries up. This place reminded me of Rameshwaram where you can see a lot of historical sites which have interesting stories from Ramayana related to Lord Rama.

Namada chillume, Where lord rama shot an arrow for the water source through the rockNamada Chillume,  Where Lord Rama shot an arrow for the water source through the rock

Deer park, Namada chillumeDeer, Namada Chillume

There are a few small shops outside the park but there is not any facility like drinking water or bathroom,

Sri Vidya Shankara temple:

On the same Namada Chillume road, towards Durgada Halli, is situated Sri Vidya Shankara Temple, Almost 2 km towards the north. There is a board at the entrance of the Namada Chillume dear park mentioning about this place.
There is nothing much to be seen but this temple is famous because Adi Shankara is somehow related to this place.

Sri Vidya Shankara temple, Durgadahalli, Namdachillume roadSri Vidya Shankara temple, Durgadahalli, Namdachillume road

Sri Vidya Shankara Swamy used to stay there. This temple is almost 900 years and has been renovated lately.
My review: 3.5/5

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