Dehradun Street Markets: Paltan Bazaar, Indira Market & Tibetan Market

Dehradun or the Doon valley is a tourist hub around the year. Be it a vacation or a tour, shopping is always one of the most desirable and vital parts in anyone’s life. Shopping becomes even a more prominent part of the vacation if you plan to go the Doon valley like in Dehradun, Mussoorie, Haridwar, Rishikesh kind of places because of the trendy fashion and all.

Street Markets of Dehradun:

Dehradun has some famous street markets which are quite famous and affordable to everyone. Here are the best and the famous street markets of Dehradun:

Paltan bazaar street market, Dehradun:

Paltan bazaar street market Dehradun

I would rather like to call it a ‚ÄėLADIES BAZAAR‚Äô. As I find this market mostly circled by ladies. Paltan bazaar is the most crowded and busiest of the¬†markets in Dehradun even on the working days. Paltan Bazaar is located in the heart of the city near Ghanta Ghar/ clock tower of Dehradun.

In Paltan Bazaar, a person can buy practically from anything to everything. Books, handicrafts, bags, footwear, gift items and the most common and demanding item of market CLOTHES. These items are basically sold at cheaper and bargainable prices.

In the market you can amble through the streets, flip through the items, buy books or clothes, have ice cream or in short, this market has all the required ingredients which take you to spend the entire day having the fun-loving shopping.

Paltan Bazaar timings:- 10 am- 10 pm

Tibetan Market, Dehradun: One of the most famous street markets of Dehradun

Tibet market, Dehradun

You find a Tibetan market in almost all the hilly regions of the north and eastern states of India. Dehradun is no exception. Tibetan markets are run by the Tibetans and are famous for their handmade woolen sweaters and garments along with their local soups and fast food.

Saturday and Sundays are their main working days. On Sunday, the streets are full of local Garhwali traders selling their local jewelry, antiques, carpets, and paintings. The items are cheap and are at an affordable rate for the customers. You can even bargain with the price of the items.

If Paltan Bazaar is for the price tag and showrooms then, Tibetan market is for cheaper price tags at the same quality.

Tibetan market, Dehradun locations:- Parade ground and Rispana bridge.

Indira Market, Dehradun: the Street market for fashionistas

If you are a shopaholic, Indira market is the place you should desire for. The Indira market in Dehradun is almost 800 meter to 1000 meter long shopping street market. It has all which will tempt any visitors to buy the things.

Indira market is most famous for clothing with the latest design and styles. The shopkeepers often call it the first-hand item.

Indira market is also located near the clock tower in Dehradun and is situated at a walkable distance from the Paltan Bazaar. The main attraction of this market is their men clothes items like jeans and a t-shirt. This market is more famous among the gents.

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