An Evening at Old Town Square, Prague

Old town square of Prague is the most beautiful old town square in Europe. After Prague old town square, maybe, Poznan old town square holds the chance to be the second best in the Europe.

Old town square, Prague:


Almost all of the European cities would have a central place named “old town square”. The old town square used to be the central place of shopping during the medieval times. I have been to many such places during my stay in Germany but one of the most beautiful of all of them without any doubt would Prague old town square.

Not so far from the Charles bridge and other places to see in Prague, the old town square is situated to the east of the river Vltava. If you are really interested in seeing Prague, I would suggest you walk, walk, and walk to explore the town.

We always used to walk from the Charles bridge to the old town square on foot. The distance is just about a Km but the walk worths it.

An Evening at Old town square, Prague:


The best time to visit the Prague old town square would be an evening spent there relaxed. There is a reason why I said so because you spend the entire day seeing the beautiful Prague and in the evening, you just go there to relax and spend the most beautiful time of your visit.

The Old town square is surrounded by beautiful monuments which include church, medieval times buildings, and modern buildings like open bars, pubs, hotels, and restaurants.

Usually, in the evening, the old town square will be crowded with the tourists. There would be a lot of tourists taking pictures and visiting the buildings over there. However, there are a few things that I would like to suggest you do.


Things to do in the old town square, Prague:

  • There is a clock tower in the center there, you get a nice and beautiful view of the Prague town in the night.
  • Try to sit in one of the bars or pubs and relax and have a beer and watch the world by in front of your eyes.
  • There are also party bars over there, you can go there in the night for fun and disco
  • You will also see a lot of street music over there and people sitting on the ground and listening to the music. You can also do so.

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Prague old town square pictures:

prague-streets-in-the-night old-town-square-view-in-the-night-from-the-clock-tower prague-castle-in-the-night-from-clock-tower-in-old-town-square-prague

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