Feeling unconscious lying in the Bathtub for long time?

I hail from a very backward village in India. I saw a bathtub first time in real life at the age of 24 years in Delhi at one of my friend’s flat. After four years, I went to Berlin for my internship and I stayed there with Sam, one of my close friends. There the bathroom had a bathtub. Honestly speaking, I didn’t know how a bathtub is supposed to work. Well, if had I been given a chance, I would have figured out how it works but there is always a hitch when you try something for the first time.

I always saw Sam relaxing in the bathroom for hours and I was also curious but sceptical at the same time about using a bathtub. So, one day Sam showed me how do you use the bathtub. Well, he is a kind of person who loves things to be perfect. So, I was sure to have a perfect session about using a bathtub and I learned a lot from him.


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Well, you might learn the basics but experience cannot be learned from the first use. I think that was mine third use of the bathtub. Think of a person who avoids taking bath regularly, gets a chance to lie down inside the warm bathtub. Well, I avoid taking bath with the cold water. I cannot imagine an Indian taking cold shower in Berlin in the month of April when temperature is around 12-13 degree Celsius in the morning.

But I love the warm water at the same time. In fact. for the last one year, even in Bangalore, I use warm water to take bath, even during summers. Yeah, Bangalore is colder than rest of the metropolitan cities so, there is no same in it. Now think of a person someone like me gets a chance to dip inside a warm bathtub. I enjoyed it much. It was nice to hear music, lie submerged inside warm water, try to hear your own heartbeat etc.

It had been almost more than half an hour. I was lying down calmly inside the tub. Later, I decided that I should come out of the bathtub. I tried getting up and felt unconscious. Suddenly there was a darkness in front of my eyes. I had lost the sense of directions. Later I realized that I was walking the opposite direction where I thought the bathroom door was. In fact, I was walking 90 degree left to the door. I really had thought that there was power outage and I was going to check the light switches but I could not make it to the door which was just 10 feet away. However, I was able to open the bathroom door and shout “Sam!”. He was there within moments and I was made to sit on a chair.

Later Sam explained me the reason behind falling unconscious after coming out of the bathtub:

When we are lying for long inside the bathtub, our body is parallel to the earth and the heart does not have to pump more blood in order to circulate blood through out the body. Suddenly when we get up, the heart has to pump blood against the gravity. Our brain which is at the top most part of our body lies above the heart and heart is unable to quickly pump the blood to the brain resulting in unconsciousness and loss of thoughts.

However, that was a lesson learned for the life time, I will never forget.

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