BCMC Hike to Grouse Mountain Near Vancouver

BCMC is an alternate hiking trail to Grouse mountain hiking trail. Grouse grind is often known as one of the steepest hikes while BCMC hike is easier to do. There is a direct public transport which goes near the BCMC hiking trailhead.

BCMC hiking trail information

BCMC trail distance: 2.9 Km
BCMC elevation gain: 750 m (2460 feet)
The average time for BCMC hike: 1.5 to 2 hours
Gradient: 30 degrees steep throughout
BCMC park hours: 6.15 Am to 6.00 PM

On the other hand, the Grouse Grind trail is little shorter and with more elevation that’s why it becomes very steep.

BCMC hiking information by govt.

Steep mountain slopes and towering trees are the essences of this regional park. Hikers will enjoy the challenging trails. The mature rainforest is also home to a variety of wildlife including red-legged frogs, barred owls, black bears, and cougars.

Are dogs allowed on BCMC trail?

Dogs are not allowed on the Grouse Grind trail but Dogs are allowed on the BCMC trail and the Baden Powell trail. Dogs must be leashed and under control.

BCMC wildlife safety

Bears and cougars may be encountered from time to time in the park. Do not approach or attempt to feed them. If you encounter a bear or cougar on the trail, talk to it in a calm voice, slowly back away and leave the area. Do not run. Alter other trail hikers well.

More information about BCMC hike

BCMC and Grouse grind trails are like walking up the stairs of a 200-story building. Both trails are rated difficult because of the steepness of the terrain. You need to be fit to hike them. The trails are not for beginners.

  • There are no washrooms on the trails
  • There are no trash cans on the trail. Pack out what you bring with you.
  • Wear good hiking footwear. Avoid wearing flip-flops, flimsy runners or heels.
  • Carry minimum 1 liter of drinking water.
  • Bring a snack e.g. nuts or dried fruits
  • Bring a jacket or sweater to keep yourself warm if you stop
  • Bring a cell phone
  • Stay on the trail. Going off the trail can dislodge rocks that can hurt people below.

At the top, Grouse Mountain Resort has its own rules. Dogs are not permitted on the resort property or on the Skyride. A fee of $15 is required for taking the Skyride down to the parking area.

BCMC Hike Photos

At Grouse mountain top BCMC hiking trail

BCMC trail entrnce

BCMC trail entrance

BCMC trail legend

BCMC trail legend

Grouse Mountain adventure prices

Grouse Mountain adventure prices

On BCMC hike On BCMC trail

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