Scenic Sakleshpur to Yedakumeri photoblog: Images and details


Some of the best pictures from the Sakleshpur Yedekumeri Railway trek also called as “Green route trek” because of the greenery of the western Ghats hills, tens of tunnels and twenties of waterfalls.  Read the detailed blog of Sakleshpur Yedekumeri Green route trek here

A 100 meters tunnel on sakleshpur railway trek

A railway tunnel on the wayA snailA snail lying on the railway tracksa watefall on sakleshpur trekA waterfall on full fledge (Picture taken from one of the railway bridges)A waterfall and railway tunnel on sakleshpur trekAnother Tunnel accompanied by the greenery and waterfallEncounter with a train inside the tunnel on Sakleshpur trekA train inside the tunnel while I was also inside the tunnelFacing a train on sakleshpur railway trekA goods train coming on our way (That was a very scary moment)Monsoon clouds, western ghats on Sakleshpur railway trekFog hanging along the hill
Old railway bridge on sakleshpur trekAn old bridgeRailway bridge on sakleshpur railway  trekRailway track and rustic bridgeReflection of train  head-light on the wall of tunnel on sakleshpur trekReflection of train lights on the wet walls of the tunnelSakleshpur railway trekrailway tracks
Waterfall beside the railway track on sakleshpur trekWaterfallsYedeekumeri railway stationYedekumeri railway station

Nice Road (Bangalore-Mysore highway):10 best places of interest


Below is a list of best places of interest along the Bangalore to Mysore highway which includes good restaurants, temples, fun parks, travel point etc. From the list, choose the best place of interest along the Bangalore-Mysore highway and know which suits you the best.

Nice drive on the NICE road from Bangalore to Mysore:

Nice road, Bangalore to Mysore Highway

A nice drive on the NICE road from Bangalore towards Mysore is worth enjoying.

Bannerghatta National park

Bannerghatta national park

7-8 Kms off the NICE road is the Bannerghatta national park. One of the best places for the family outing and outing with kids. Here is the link for the official website of the Bannerghatta national park.

Lover’s point, Bangalore

Lovers point

Have heard a lot of this place but I physically have not been there once. Its situated in Anjanapura township. The location could be found out by typing Lover’s Point, 60 Ft Rd, Anjanapura Township, Bangalore, Karnataka 560083″ on google maps.

NICE road official office:

Nice office, Nice road

The NICE office is the main office for the NICE highway corridor project highway from Bangalore to Mysore. There is a big lawn over there and one can go there with little snacks and cold drinks to enjoy with family on a clear cold day on a sprawling green lawn.

Please do not litter the place. This place can be searched over google map by using “NICE Office, NICE Ring Rd, Bangalore, Karnataka, India”. Its open from Morning 6 to evening 8. 



The Wonderla is an amusement park situated just off the NICE road, Bangalore-Mysore highway. This place is usually crowded on weekends. Official link for Wonderla, Bangalore

Innovative film city

Innovative film city

Innovative film city is famous for amusement park inside the film city compound. Apart from that, one can buy a ticket to spend some time over there inside the film city. Here is the official link for innovative film city



Ramanagara is famous for the shooting of the famous Bollywood movie “Sholay”. Apart from that, it’s also famous for small trekking hills. places and lakes around the town. You might also be interested in one-day treks around Bangalore then.

Kanva Reservoir

Kanva reservoir near Bangalore Mysore highway

If you are a great fan of nature and you want to drive to a place which is not so crowded on weekends then this driving to Kanva reservoir is for you. The road is lonely and you can enjoy the aloofness of the place as well. Make sure you go there on a clear day. It is just 4-5 Km off the Bangalore-Mysore Highway.


Chhannapatna wooden toys

Chhenapatna is famous for wooden toys and local dishes.


Sri rangapatna

Srirangapatna is famous for the fort of Tipu Sultan, the temple of Lord Vishnu in sleeping position in the same area complex.

Panchamukhi Ganesha Temple, Nice Road

Panchamukhi Ganesh temple at nice road bangalorePanchamukhi Ganesh temple at nice road bangalore

Panchamukhi Ganesha temple is a nice place to take a stop on the Bangalore-Mysore highway. It is near the Basava Nagar bus stop or just near the point when you leave the Nice road towards Mysore and 200 meters after the toll.

The Art of living international center

There are some very interesting places to see inside the art of living facility such as

  • Annapoorna kitchen
  • Sri Sri Panchakarma
  • Vishalakshi mantap

Annapoorna Kitchen serves Satvic food and the food here is cooked with steam produced from environment-friendly boilers using briquettes. On the other hand, Vishalakshi Mantapa is a meditation hall consisting of five tiers with designs of lotus petals surrounding it. Symbols of all major religions of the world are depicted inside the hall.

Below is the list of the good and theme-based restaurants along the Bangalore-Mysore highway.

Malgudi Vatika

Malgudi Vatika on Bangalore mysore highway

Malgudi Vatika has been themed as a romantic place for couples and a veggie-friendly restaurants. They also have weekend buffet breakfast and unlimited snacks options. The price is also not so high. Malgudi Vatika on Google maps.

A2b (Adyar Ananda Bhavan) on Bangalore-Mysore Highway

Adyar Ananda Bhavan on Bangalore Mysore Highway

Just for dinner, you can drive to this place. A2b Bangalore-Mysore Highway on Google maps. We once drove on a rainy evening to here along the nice road. A2B is a good place to go with family as well. There are two areas there. In one, you do not get service and another one is the serviced area.

I would recommend this restaurant for the south-Indian taste. This restaurant is after Bidadi. There is also another A2B on the Bangalore-Mysore Highway after the town of Madduru.

Rasta cafe Bangalore

Rasta cafe on Bangalore mysore highway

Rasta cafe is one of the most famous places to hang out outside of Bangalore and this place is particularly popular among youngsters. This cafe is mostly open throughout the night and closes only in the morning from 5 Am to 9 AM.

This place is little overpriced and usually very crowded on the weekends. They have open dining areas as well and they serve Hookah as well. Be aware that you might have to wait a long for your order on weekends. Rasta cafe on Google map.

Kamat Lokaruchi restaurant

Kamat lokaruchi on Bangalore mysore highway

I would personally recommend this place if you are a big fan of authentic local food. They have really yummy authentic Kannada food like Mudu idli with Sambar, amazing tea, and coffee, buffet breakfast, Jowar roti, Raagi balls, Akki roti, Kesaribath etc. However, you might get disappointed at weekends because of the crowd. Kamat Lokaruchi on Google maps.


Right-O on Bangalore Mysore highway

Right-O is basically a food joint with different food shops under one roof like Biryanistan, Subway, Marhaba, Shanghai times, up south, CCD, Polar bear, Pizza corner etc.

So, I would recommend this place if you are traveling with a crowd and everyone wants to have their own meal. Looking at the shops’ name above, you can easily figure out that they serve different foods like pizza, Biryani, South Indian dishes, Nonveg, Chinese, fast food, ice creams and much more.

There is no AC here though but they have enough sitting space. Veg by nature and Up-South have really good reviews on the internet. Right-O on Google Maps.

Poojari’s Fish Land

Poojari's fish land

 If you want to try Mangalorean style fish dishes, fish curry,  seafood etc. these restaurants is for you. Poojari’s fish land comes after the town of SriRangapatna. There is ample space for dining and so for the car parking with outdoor seating available and TV projection as well. Poojari’s fish land on Google maps

Manchanbele Dam

The distance from Bangalore is 40 km, with a small detour at the Bangalore suburb of Kengeri. The Arkavathi River is blocked by the dam. It rates as the ideal place to spend a quiet evening because of the water’s ability to reflect sunlight and the surrounding nature, which is far from the hectic metropolis.

The Magadi Road provides access to the dam’s backwater. Boating and other water sports are available. For lovers of birds, the location was created. Birdwatchers will enjoy themselves. Blue Kingfisher, Purple Heron, Ringed Plover, Booted Wobbler, Pied Bush-cat, and many other bird species can be seen. It also makes it a fantastic picnic location for those who want to take in the scenery.

from savanadurga to manchanbele dam

Jana Pada Loka

It is at Ramanagara, about 53 kilometres from Bangalore, and is clearly visible from the main highway. Folk World is what Janapada Loka in Kannada means. Additionally, as the name suggests, it is a folk museum with a collection of Karnataka’s traditional arts. It promotes Karnataka traditional culture to all visitors while preserving its unique integrity.

The exhibitions feature life-size dolls of artists who perform the Karnataka folk dances Yakshagana, Veeragase, and others. It also contains items relating to traditional folk music, festivals, and literature, as well as inventive antique handlooms, household goods, primitive farming equipment, and relics.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

The Mandya district is home to Karnataka’s largest bird sanctuary. In Ranganathittu, a wall constructed across the Kaveri river created the islets. It quickly attracted a lot of birds, and eventually became their primary breeding area.

They have around 170 different bird species. Visitors have access to boating facilities surrounding the islets. The sanctuary offers a tranquil setting with many colourful birds nearby and is open from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Gangtok: rafting, HMI Darjeeling, Tsomgo lake & Nathula pass


Sikkim, though a small state is full of natural landscapes ranging from green river teesta, reserve forests and lower Himalayan ranges to Indo-China border.

River Teesta in Sikkim

How to reach Gangtok?

New Jalpaiguri is the major railway station nearest to Gangtok. New jalpaiguri, in short, called as “NJP” connects Bengal and Sikkim to most of the India. There are many trains coming to NJP everyday from around the India,

Fare NJP to Gangtok, how to reach

*Prices are indicative and keeps on varying according to weather, road conditions and tourist seasons

1. Prepaid & Private taxis are available at Bagdogra airport, Siliguri and in front of NJP railway station.  The prices are fixed and keeps on varying according to the weather, road conditions and diesel pricing.

2. Private taxis range from Alto (4 persons) to Innova (7 persons). On the other hand, a Jeep can accomodate 10 people on shared basis.

3. Prefer a vehicle with Sikkim registration becasue vehicle with West Bengal registration drops Deorali taxi stand near Gangtok which is about 2kms below the town center due to restrictions in Gangtok for non-state vehicles. From Deorali taxi stand, one needs to take a local taxi to reach hotel. Charges would be around Rs. 200 – 300 depending upon the location.

 Bus services to Gangtok:
Bus service is there between Siliguri and Gangtok operated by Sikkim Nationalized Transport (SNT). The bus terminal at Siliguri is situated on Hill cart road, close to the Tenzing Norgay Central Bus Terminal. From NJP railway station, one take an Auto Rickshaw to reach the bus stand in about 10-15 minutes. However, buses also drop Deorali stand in Gangtok.

Contact number: Sikkim Nationalised Transport: (0353) 2517528, 2511496, 2432751

What to see and what to do?

Along river Teesta in Sikkim:

River Teesta on the way siliguri to GangtokRiver Teesta

A tributary of river TeestaRiver Teesta in Sikkim

River Teesta in morningRiver Teesta at sunrise

River rafting Teesta, SIkkimRafting in river Teesta

 For more information about river rafting in Teesta, Click here

 Adventure at Himalayan Mountaineering Institute:

Building crossingCrossing Building on rope



For more information on HMI, Click here

Rope sliding or zip line Zip line

To Changu (Tsomgo) lake:
Changu lake is situated at almost 12000 feet, not so far from Nathu la pass, Indo-china border. The lake gets frozen in winter and considered as sacred by the local people.

Tsomgo also called Changu lake oval in shape, dripping water over clouds

 For more details on Changu lake, click here

Partly Frozen sacred Changu Lake also calles Tsongmo Lake

To Nathula pass:

Nathula pass is one of the three passes of India situated on the old silk route in between India and China. One can see the border and soldiers standing on the border under frigid temperature.

A Chinese soldier at Nathula pass

For more details on Nathula pass, click here

A Himalayan peak from Nathula pass


From India Gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan: An evening at Rajpath


A 2.5 Kms walk into the glorious history of India from India gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan along the Rajpath.

Rajpath at sunset

Rajpath (The path of the king) as it’s name suggests is the road connecting the India Gate with the rashtrapati Bhavan. Rashtrapati Bhavan just lies in the west to the India Gate and a walk along the wide roads of rajpath in the evening sunset towards the Rashtrapati Bhavan reminds almost everyone about the glorious and rich history of India when orange sun-rays kiss the red stones of the building. 

At India gateAt India Gate, Delhi

India gate was built in 1931 using red and yellow sandstone along with granite. It stands facing the west to the Rashtrapati Bhavan as a part of the big Hexagonal park called C-Hexagon of which August kranti Maidan and India Gate park are parts of. One can see the Eternal flame in the memory of the martyrs of India and soldiers guarding them. 

On Rajpath, India GateOn Rajpath 

The Rajpath Begins from India Gate. The walk to the Rashtrapati Bhavan from India Gate is accompanied by the parks and several famous roads running around named after important persons in the history of India like Dalhousie road, Mansingh road, Akbar road etc. Beside these roads, there are green parks along both sides of the roads, well maintained and decorated.

Minsitry of Defence office on rajpath North Block as seen from the  Rashtrpati Bhavan side, Delhi

As one reaches closer to the Rashtrapati Bhavan, he is welcomed by the magnificent buildings made up of red and pale sand stone along with granite. These buildings houses are called as north and south block.
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These blocks house important offices like ministry of defense etc.

Rajpath in eveningNorth block a seen from India gate side on the way to Rashtrapati Bhavan

Rashtrapati Bhavan at sunsetRashtrapati Bhavan at sunset

In front of the parliamentOur Parliament 

Entry to Parliament is now restricted after the 2001 attack in Indian parliament on 13 December. We could even see snipers at the top of the buildings.
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Notice board at Rashtrapati BhavanTo visit Rashtrapati Bhavan, one has to apply beforehand

India gate in EveningIndia gate at Night

India gate road mapIndia Gate Road Map