Tropical Attitude Hotel Review & Experience, Trou d’Eau Douce, Mauritius

Eastern Coast of Mauritius finds a place in the list of the tourists traveling to Mauritius because of its scenic beauty and lonely beaches. Most of the tourists flank on the west side of Mauritius because it’s cheaper and the weather is more stable compared to the Eastern beaches which are windy most of the times.

beach chairs at Tropical Attitude Hotel

Windy weather and beach chairs

Eastern beaches are also thought to be costlier so when planning a vacation, tourists are left with very limited choices if they are not planning to stay in very high-end hotels. I faced the same dilemma when booking a hotel in Trou d’Eau Douce. After much research, I decided to go for the Tropical Attitude hotel and I think that was the best decision. Now, I am going to write a review of this hotel based on certain criteria.


Most of the hotels in the Eastern Mauritius are located beside isolated beaches. Same is the case with the tropical attitude hotel also. It is located beside a serene beach and almost 200 meters off the main road. The hotel is easily accessible by bus or taxi. If you are coming from the West to the east, ask your driver to take the Northern Coastal road, there are a lot of beaches and interesting places to see on this road.

However, around the hotel, there is nothing. That means you can relax on the beach, take some complimentary hotel services such as boat tour or Ile Aux Cerf island tour.

Distance from the beach

ILot mangenie as seen from Tropical Attitude Hotel

ILot mangenie island as seen from Tropical Attitude Hotel

The beach is just in front of the hotel. It is not usually crowded. Also, most of the times, since the weather remains windy, people use the beach comparatively lesser. But just walk north to the beach, there is another beach. That beach is better. The beach in front of the hotel is parched with small rocks and pebbles. It is better to go to the next beach.

Wooden deck & Ilot Leverettes in the background at Tropical Attitude Hotel

Wooden deck & Ilot Leverettes in the background at Tropical Attitude Hotel

There is also a boat house of the hotel from where you get the complimentary snorkeling tours. In front of the boathouse, there is a long wooden deck into the sea. It has also got a cover in case of a rain. This place is really tranquil and you can just sit, relax, and watch the sunset there.

One thing that I must confess is that the beach in front of Tropical Attitude is full of sea life. Though rocky, you can expect to see a lot of Marine life.

Cone snails on the beach - Tropical Attitude Hotel

Cone snails on the beach – Tropical Attitude Hotel

sea weed


sea grapes

sea grapes

A stray puppy on Trou De Douce Beach

A stray puppy

Complimentary fun activities at the hotel

I have mentioned Complimentary fun activities in Coral Azur Hotel review also which is on the east coast. Most of these hotels provide complimentary fun activities and services which are free of charge. The moment you check in at any of the hotels including Tropical attitude, you will be given a welcome brief about the services.

I was mostly interested in the complimentary fun activities. Some of the complimentary services that are available at this hotel are:

  • Snorkeling tour
  • Tour to Ile Aux Cerfs island
  • Cooking class with the chef
  • Evening party & song performance

Snorkeling tour really depends on the weather. I could not try the free snorkeling tour services because all of the three days the weather was rough and so was the sea. If you want to take this opportunity, you need to book your slot in advance at the boathouse of the hotel.

Tour to Ile aux Cerfs is free. However, you need to pay for everything on the beach. But this hotel provides a nice facility for the tourists that are packed picnic lunch. What you usually pay for the lunch at the hotel, you pay the same for the packed lunch that they give you in the picnic basket.

Along with the picnic basket, you can also take the beach towel with you and relax on the beach. After 3 hours, the boat picks you up from the Ile Aux Cerfs island.

You can also take cooking classes with the chefs there. I really liked chef Vikash. One night, he cooked special chicken for us in our A la carte option.

Chef Vikash at Tropical Attitude Hotel

Chef Vikash

Each evening is marked with the Karaoke song performed by the artist beside the swimming in the hotel. There is also a bar beside the pool. There is a cozy seating area just beside the bar. You can just sit and relax there with drinks after the dinner.

Live music by swimming pool at Tropical Attitude Hotel

Live music by swimming pool at Tropical Attitude Hotel

Room quality & service

Rooms are quite compact but perfect for honeymoon couples. Each cottage is more like a studio room. Per room, there is a beach chair in front of them where you can relax under the sun.

beach as seen from the ground floor room - Tropical attitude hotel

Beach as seen from the ground floor room – Tropical attitude hotel

When I reached, it was completely renovated. The location of the reception area, kitchen, dining area and other had been reshuffled and changed. Tropical attitude is painted completely in white which looks soothing and elegant. You would love the look of the hotel.

Cottages at night at Tropical Attitude Hotel

Cottages at night at Tropical Attitude Hotel

Reception area at Tropical Attitude Hotel

Reception area at Tropical Attitude Hotel

Tropical Attitude Hotel entrance

Tropical Attitude Hotel entrance

Sea view rooms

The entire hotel stands beside the sea beach. Each cottage has one floor i.e. ground floor and the first floor. First-floor cottages have their own balcony while the ground floor does not have. You get a nice view of the sea beach and the Ilot Mangenie island and Ilot Reverettes.

Dinner style & cost

Salad Tropical Attitude Hotel Ice cream at Tropical Attitude Hotel

One of the best things about this hotel was the buffet dinner. I just loved that. They offer a lot of items in the dinner. Price is pretty reasonable here. A buffet dinner costs around 700 MUR. Initially, I had only booked bed and breakfast. So, if you want to have dinner or lunch at the hotel itself, you need to tell your room number to the manager. Everything gets added to the final bill when you check out.

Other Food options

Salad Tropical Attitude Hotel

The main reason that we had booked bed and breakfast in this hotel because we wanted to have the option of having outside food open to us. There are some good restaurants like green island beach restaurant towards south on the main road. But I could not taste the food there because the weather was rough and rainy and I did not want to walk a Km outside of the hotel for food.

9Wine at Tropical Attitude Hotel

Transport & Tours

Just on the main road, there is a bus stop and you can get buses towards north or south from there. I did not use any bus service so I am not much aware of the availability of the buses in different directions from there. However, I am sure that the hotel staff can help you in finding the right bus.

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  1. Sara


    Interesting to read your post! Me and my fiancée is thinking of booking our honeymoon trip to tropical attitude. We have one question that you may help us to answer. We don’t know if we want all inclusive or just the food. How much did like a beer or a glass of wine cost when you stayed there?

    Thank you!

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Sara,

      I think the beer costed us somewhere near MUR 150 and wine was somewhere around 170 MUR. I am not sure of it but these prices would be closer to what I mentioned


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