SSR Botanical Garden, Pamplemousses: Interesting Facts & Pictures


Little did I know about this garden. SSR botanical garden is not just an ordinary garden. It has tales of motives of colonials hidden behind its silent trees and soil.

Basin, SSR Botanical Garden

SSR botanical garden is situated in the Pamplemousses, near Port Louis, Mauritius, and the oldest botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere. SSR botanical garden is one of the most famous tourists’ attractions in Mauritius attracting thousands of tourists almost every month. Visiting this garden is one of the most interesting activities for first-timers in Mauritius.

SSR botanical Garden History:

During the French colonization period, this botanical park used to be private garden of the French colonials on this island country of Mauritius. Later when Mauritius became an independent country, it was renamed after its first prime minister Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam. That’s how the name SSR botanical garden came into existence.

SSR botanical Garden

There are a lot of things to see around in the garden.

SSR Botanical Garden Entrance Fee

For Mauritian Citizen:

  • No fee for age under 5 years
  • 25 MUR for between 5 to 59
  • 60 and above & Disables – No fee

For Non-Mauritian Citizen

  • No fee for age under 5 years
  • 200 MUR for between 5 to 59
  • 60 and above & Disables – No fee

SSR Botanical Garden timings

  • Monday to Sunday (including public holidays): 08.30 hrs to 17.30 hrs

After buying the ticket, you will get a free map guide which is marked with the different landmarks of the botanical garden. You can use that map guide to visit the garden. It takes around 2-3 hours to visit the entire garden. However, I would like to suggest you hire a guide at the entrance. There are a lot of interesting facts that you can get to know from the guide. Here are some of the famous places inside the botanical garden.

Early Sugar Mills:

If you already have some idea about Mauritius then you must also be aware that many slaves were brought to this island even from as far as India. The main purpose was sugarcane plantation on this island. When sugar cane plantation grew up, SSR botanical garden was used as the nursery for testing out the new variety of the sugarcanes from different places such as Australia and New Zealand.

Old Sugar Mills

You can still see an early sugar mill the garden. There is also description written there which explains how sugar used to be extracted from the sugarcanes. Besides, the garden has also been used as a nursery to test the potential crops which could be produced on the island.

During the colonization, this garden was the first place where other crops would be tested before spreading them all over the island. This garden has also witnessed the different motives of its rulers and occupants. To make profits and cut down the expenses on slaves, Cassava was also tested in this garden first.

Cassava used to be Africa and South America’s staple food. Because wheat or maize could not be grown on the island, Cassava was also used to make bread for the colonial rulers. With the invention of the gunpowder, a plant named Bois noir was tested here before spreading it acrosss the island. It is said that the charcoal made from the bark of the plant could be used in making gunpowder.

Giant water lilies (Victoria Amazonica)

Giant waterLillyy pond is one of the most famous features of the SSR botanical garden. Also known as the Victoria Amazonica, Giant lilies are native to the Amazon River. One of the most peculiar things about these flowers is that they are white on the first day, Then they are open and turn pink the second night.

Giant Lily Pond Mauritius

After its discovery in the beginning of the 19th century, Giant water lilies became a subject of rivalry between the Victorian gardeners. The positive side of this competition was that giant water lilies were exported to all the other colonial locations and that’s how it also in the SSR garden of Mauritius.

Giant lily leaves in initial stage

Fauna at SSR botanical garden:

Fauna was later introduced to the botanical garden along with the tortoises and deers.

tortoise at SSR botanical garden

There are parks dedicated where you can go and see them. When Mauritius became independent, It’s first prime minister invited many well-known people who planted a tree in this garden. Besides the famous people, a lot of different varieties of plants from different parts of the world were introduced in this garden which can still be seen around.

Tropical Coconuts

Lotus in early stage

Lotus in early stage

a bird plant

mysterious flower of SSR Botanical Garden, Mauritius

mysterious flower of SSR Botanical Garden, Mauritius

white lotus

white lotus

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