Mauritius Traveling Guide

Mauritius has always been one of the favorite tourists as well as the honeymoon destinations for the most of the people. Being famous for beaches, sugarcane plantation, marine life, wine, and barbecues etc., Mauritius has always been able to attract tourists to itself. Based on my experience, I am going to share the Mauritius traveling guide.

Blue Bay Snorkeling

Know Mauritius:

It is important to know this country before you go there. Mauritius is a diverse country with diverse ethnic groups which constitute of mainly Indians and Creole along with Chinese and white people. Some of the major religions practiced in this country are Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam.

How religion flourished in Mauritius?

It is said that French people brought a lot of Hindus (Tamil & Biharis) & Muslim (Now Bangladeshis) from India for the sugarcane plantation here. The generation of these people passed on for years and now this country has a lot of Hindus. Read more about Hinduism in Mauritius.

Mauritian Geography:

You should also know about the geography of this country if you are planning to visit this place. From North to south Mauritius measures around 65 Km and from East to West, it measures around 45 Km with a coastline of around 330 Km.

That means in a single day you can cover a lot of tourist places in a car or by a bike. Even you can do cycling trips around the country. Based on what I observed, tourism in Mauritius is mostly named after the direction.



Famous places to see in the East Mauritius:

  • La Vanille Nature Park
  • Mahebourg
  • Blue Bay
  • Ille Aux Cerfs
  • GRSE Waterfalls
  • Belle Mare
  • Palmar Beach

Places to see in West Mauritius (including South-West):

The famous places to see are:

  • Flic en Flac
  • Chamarel (7-Colored Earth)
  • Le Morne
  • Black River Gorges National Park

Places to see in North Mauritius:

Some of the famous places to see in the north Mauritius are:

  • Grand Bay
  • Calodyne beach
  • Trou Aux Biches
  • Pointe Aux Biches
  • Pamplemousses
  • Even Port Louis

Even if you are thinking of hiring a car with driver for a tour around the country, they also talk in the terms of “north tour” or “south tour”.

Snorkeling at Trou Aux Biches

Booking a flight to Mauritius:

Here are some of the tips that I would like to share with you for booking a flight to Mauritius:

  • There is only one main airport in the Mauritius called “SSR international airport” where almost all the flights land.
  • Try to book well in advance with some variation in the dates if your dates are not fixed yet.
  • Also, book to-and-fro ticket at the same time they cost cheaper.

The main problem that tourists face is the airport taxi transfer. If you land at the airport and you take a taxi there itself, it might cost you more. So, it is advisable that you book your taxi in advance.

Airport Taxi Transfer, Mauritius:

Irrespective of where you go, the airport transfer price is almost fixed unless your area is too close to the airport such as Blue bay or Mahebourg etc. For a private taxi which can accommodate as many as 4 people. I did a lot of research and some of the best prices that I found online was around 30 Euros.

Before we proceed any further, I would like to answer some more queries which might help you in planning your tour to Mauritius.

Mauritius Airport

Visa to Mauritius:

Though Mauritius is mostly a visa-free country for many countries, still you need to check their official website for the latest updates. More about visa can be read here.

Stay Length in Mauritius:

For How many days should I stay in Mauritius?

Well, it depends on what you want to do and how many places you want to cover in Mauritius. Based on my last trip, I think a visit of 15 days is sufficient to visit the entire country unless you do not have any other time-consuming plans. Here I am making a table which consists of a number of days, places to visit and what activities can you do in those days. The minimum is 3 days.

Note: There are some of the most places to see in Mauritius where everyone likes to go and see. Irrespective of the number of days you are staying there, you can still do a one-day tour to see those places.

3-4 days staying visiting recommendation in Mauritius

  • Staying options: Blue bay/Mahebourg and Trou de’Douce
  • Important Places to see: Blue Bay Marine Park and Tour to Ille Aux Cerfs
  • If you want to know more about these places, know more about them at places to see in Mauritius.

5-7 days staying & visiting recommendations in Mauritius

  • Staying options: Blue bay/Mahebourg, Trou de’Douce, Grand Bay
  • Places to see: Blue Bay Marine Park, Tour to Ille Aux Cerfs, and Island tour from Grand Bay

8-10 days staying & visiting recommendations in Mauritius

  • Staying options: Blue bay/Mahebourg, Trou de’Douce, Grand Bay, Le Morne
  • Places to see: Blue Bay Marine Park, Tour to Ille Aux Cerfs, and Island tour from Grand Bay, Chamarel, Black river gorges national park

11-14 days staying & visiting recommendations in Mauritius

  • Staying options: Blue bay/Mahebourg, Trou de’Douce, Grand Bay, Le Morne, Trou Aux Biches
  • Places to see: Blue Bay Marine Park, Tour to Ille Aux Cerfs, and Island tour from Grand Bay, Chamarel, Black river gorges national park, Port Louis, Botanical Garden

on Ille Aux Cerf island

Mauritius Hotel Booking Guide

I have stayed in different kinds of accommodations in Mauritius, from a private residence to three-star hotels to five-star hotels. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. lease go through the points below and see for yourself which suits you.

Staying in a budget hotel / Private residences

  • Staying in the budget hotel or private residences sometimes booked through Airbnb is surely going to save a lot of money for you if you want to utilize them in some different forms on your tour.
  • You might have to look for a nearby supermarket where you can buy food to be cooked or a nearby restaurant where you can eat.
  • Most of the budget hotels or private residences are not located on the beach side. That means if you want to relax on the beach, you might have to go to a nearby beach.
  • You might have to spend extra money on activities such as glass bottom boat or snorkeling.
  • Did you know Ko Tao island in Thailand is also called as the diver’s paradise and here is a complete Koh Tao Travel Guide

Staying in the medium level hotel (~80 euros/night)

  • You do not have to worry about the food anymore.
  • Most of them will have a swimming pool. Most of these hotels will have themed buffet dinner in which they serve different-styled cuisine.
  • These hotels will also have free different activities on daily basis such as glass bottom tour, snorkeling ride, local dance, party night etc. So, if you decide to stay in a budget hotel, you pay for all of these.
  • Most importantly, local dance or party nights are not easily available everywhere. it depends on where you stay.
  • Beaches of these hotels will be a good one is not guaranteed. Also, there will be limited beach chairs to relax.
  • You might also face problems with the wifi which usually is served only in the reception/ common area in most of these kinds of hotels.

Mauritian local dance at a hotelMauritian local dance at a hotel

Staying in high-range hotels: (>150 Euro/night)

  • All the points mentioned above under the “Staying in the medium level hotel” apply here too.
  • Some of the extra things that you get are the luxury, privacy, and hospitality of staying in such hi-range hotels.
  • Besides, their beaches will also be much better compared to mid-range hotels. There won’t be any problem for beach chairs if you want to relax.
  • Also, there won’t be any wi-fi problem.
  • However, their taxi is costlier compared to the mid-range hotels and budget hotels.

But this is not over yet. If you decide to stay in mid to high range hotels, you are still given three choices.

  • Bed & breakfast – you are only eligible for buffet breakfast
  • half-board – you are only eligible for buffet breakfast and dinner
  • full-board – You are eligible for all the three meals

Note:- None of the above options has free drinks. You still need to pay for the drinks including water.

Which one shall I choose from Bed & breakfast, Half board or full board?

Well again, it depends. If you plan to spend your day traveling outside then the best would be half board. Personally, I chose only bed & breakfast. Why?

  • Because of most of the times, I took my lunch while traveling outside.
  • I still wanted the eating option to be with me.
  • If the weather is rough and you do not feel like eating outside, you still have the option to join buffet (lunch or dinner) at an extra cost.
  • At mid-range hotels, the dinner buffet costs around 700-900 MUR per person. That means you pay around 1600 MUR for a meal for two persons. On the other hand, if you eat outside with drinks, you pay around 1200 MUR in a nice restaurant. So, I always chose B&B option just to have a room of personal choice.

barbecue in mauritius`

Other necessities:

Buying a SIM card in Mauritius:

Buying a SIM card is really easy in Mauritius. There are a lot of options to choose from. Just to any “Orange” (Company) showroom, pay Rs. 100 and buy a SIM card which gets activated within 15 minutes. If you are more interested in internet packs, you might have to pay more.

Money Exchange:

Never exchange your money at the airport. If you see some western Union, go to them and exchange your money. Although Euro still works in Mauritius but mostly at high-range hotels and shops.

Booking a tour or hiring a car?

Well, renting a car is surely a good deal if you plan to travel around a lot and see a lot of places. It also saves your cost of going to a local store or nearby supermarket. However, sometimes taking a chauffeur is a better option.

  • You do not get tired of driving if you are traveling.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a nice driver with you, he will keep on telling you some great stories about each of the places you go.
  • If you drive on your own, the chances are still there that you would miss many local places.
  • Renting a car is though much cheaper.

country side mauritius

Shopping Options in Mauritius:

Most of the items including shoes, items of clothing, electronics etc. are all imported to Mauritius. Though they are duty-free they still cost much more. You might be tempted to buy jewelry or water-activities gears but they also cost more.

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