Coral Azur Hotel Reviews: Stay Experience at Mont Choisy, Mauritius

When I planned my trip to Mauritius, I had a lot of hotels to choose from in the Western Mauritius. Also, I had a lot of criteria on my mind which should be attributed to the hotel that I shall be choosing. Some of the criterias were:

  • Distance from the famous beaches
  • Complimentary¬†fun activities at the hotel
  • Sea view rooms
  • Budget
  • Dinner style & cost
  • Room quality & service
  • Shopping
  • Other Food options
  • Transport & Tours
  • Beach & Sunbathing
  • Sun Set
coral azur hotel receptioncoral azur hotel reception


The criterias mentioned above are some of them. However, I had other things also on my mind. Based on these metrics, here is my stay experience of Coral Azur hotel.

Coral Azur Hotel Review, Mont Choisy, Mauritius:

Proximity to beaches from Coral Azur

Coral Azur hotel is situated almost at the midway of Trou Aux Biches beach and the Mont Choisy beach.Both of the beaches are almost 7-10 minutes of walk away from this hotel. Since I wanted to see both of the beaches and spend some time there, I chose this hotel. There is also a beach in front of the hotel. But it is bit rocky and not much ideal for a swim.

My Rating: 4/5

beach in front of coral azure hotel

Beach in front of Coral Azure hotel

Complimentary fun activities at the hotel

Coral Azur hotel has a lot to offer in terms of complimentary fun activities. There are dance nights in where they show you local folk dance. You can also join them. Besides, they also offer free rum with tender coconut water during those special nights.

Local Dance at Coral Azur Hotel Mont Choisy

Local Dance activities

Another fun activity which is free of cost is the snorkeling ride. Most of this information is though available at the reception. The snorkeling ride every day starts at around 9’o clock depending upon the weather. You get free snorkel gears from the hotel. For the snorkeling, they take in a glass bottom boat. That means if someone does not know swimming he/she can stay on the boat while others can enjoy snorkeling.

Snorkeling at Trou Aux Biches

Snorkeling at Trou Aux Biches

The snorkeling or you can say the glass bottom boat tour lasts for around 30 minutes. The boat guy gives a lot of information about the corals and reefs over there. He will also tell you where to go to see awesome corals. Those who stay on the boat, you can feed bread to the fishes and see a variety of them.

Later, the boat guy also took us to corals deeper into the see and showed us many different ones. After Blue bay national park snorkeling, the snorkeling organized by Coral Azur hotel was the best one during my stay in Mauritius.

My Rating: 5/5

Seaview rooms review at Coral Azure hotel

The view from the balcony was nice from the Seaview room that we had booked. The balcony is enough to adjust two chairs and a table. You can sit there in the evening and watch the sunset. If the room is on the ground floor, the sea view might get obstructed due to the hotel premises buildings. If you happen to get a garden view room, you can see beautiful local birds, palm trees etc.

My Rating: 3/5

Sea View rooms view - Coral Azur HotelSea View rooms view - Coral Azur Hotel

View from the Rooms

coral azure seaview rooms

Coral Azure SeaView rooms

Budget review of the Coral Azur hotel

Looking at the complimentary services that they provide such as glass bottom boat tour (snorkeling tour for the swimmers), fun evening (local dance & music), themed dinner (though paid), swimming pool etc. I think the budget fits nice.

My Rating: 4/5

Dinner & Buffets:

In terms of dinner, Coral Azur hotel has a lot to offer. However, they do not have a la carte option. Each evening, they will have themed dinner based on different cuisines. All the dinners are buffet which cost around 800 MUR. They put up a lot of items in the buffet and the taste is really delicious. Besides, the seating arrangement is also good.

My Rating: 5/5

Coral Azur hotel Room & Service review:

We felt that the bathroom was little small as well as the entire room. You put two bags around and the whole of the room looks filled up. But I liked the theme of the room. There were also adequate charging points. However, there are two things that I want to highlight:

  • There was always a poopy smell around when you step outside of the room.
  • On one of the days, there was no water and electricity entire day. When asked the hotel did not give any clear information.

My Rating: 1/5 

inside room


There are not much shopping options around. Almost at 100 meters distance, just behind the Refresh Pizza and bar, there is a shop where you can buy many things such as beach towels, goggles, water bottles, snacks etc. Apart from that, there are no other shopping options. If you want to go for shopping, you can go to Grand Bay which is almost 4-5 Km from this hotel.

My Rating: 1/5

Other Food options near Coral Azur hotel:

Other food options are one of the most important things that I look for when I go on for a trip. There are certain reasons behind it. For example, if my daily average budget somehow exceeds on some day, I try to compensate by eating not in these hotels but going to a budget place.

Around this hotel, I found two to three options for budget food.

  • Refresh Pizza & Bar Lounge
  • Kingfisher restaurant

Refresh Pizza and bar lounge makes awesome cocktails along with some super delicious Creole style fish dish. On the other hand, Kingfisher restaurant makes the awesome Indian dishes. Apart from it, there are no other restaurants.

Also, Coral Azur hotel has its own pizzeria with the chef from Italy. Trust me, they make awesome pizza at a budget price. Also, the pizzeria is a quiet place. If you want a change of taste and a quiet dinner with someone special, then this is a place to consider for you.

My Rating: 4/5

Pizzeria entry - Coral Azur Hotel

Pizzeria entry ‚Äď Opposite Coral Azur Hotel

Transport options:

There is a bus stand almost 50 meters ahead of the hotel on the main road. You can get buses to places like grand bay or even port Louis from there. However, I am not sure of the timings or the bus number. As far as the taxi is concerned, there is a taxi stand just opposite to the hotel. But they are always over-priced.

If you want to have a tour around the country such as Mauritius south-west tour, you might end up paying more. There is also a kiosk facility in the hotel but it’s the same story.

Highway Outside Coral Azur Hotel, MauritiusHighway Outside Coral Azur Hotel, Mauritius

Highway Outside Coral Azur Hotel, Mauritius

Moreover, the taxi stand does not allow outside taxis to pick you up in case you found a good cab driver. In that case, we had to walk almost 50 meters away from the hotel. There, our taxi guy would be waiting to pick us up. But I think this is the common case with the most of the good hotels in Mauritius.

My Rating: 3/5

Beach & Sunbathing:

Although there is a beach in front of the hotel, but, as said before, it is rocky. You cannot swim there properly. However, the swimming pool is really a nice place to laze around. There are also a lot of chairs on which you can relax under the sun. But sometimes it gets crowded and you might not find a chair.

My Rating: 3/5

Swimming Pool, Coral Azur Hotel in Mauritius

Swimming Pool, Coral Azur Hotel in Mauritius


This was one of the best parts of staying in Coral Azur hotel, Mauritius. When I thought of writing about Coral Azur hotel review, I seriously thought of writing about the sunset which I enjoyed the most. You can see one of the most beautiful sunsets from this hotel.

There are two docks into the sea. In the evening, you can just grab a can of beer and enjoy the serene sunset with sea waves sliding and piling over each other.

My Rating: 5/5

Sunset near Coral Azur Hotel

Overall Coral Azur Hotel Review:

If you are going to Mauritius for relaxation and vacation. I recommend you this hotel. However, if you want to travel and see the places around, this might not be a perfect place of your choice.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Coral Azur from dock

Coral Azure Hotel as seen from the dock

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