Beaches & Places to See Along Mauritius Coastal Road (North)

Mauritius is as beautiful as read on the internet, seen in the picture and dreamt of spending a vacation. When the tourists are left with making a choice, there are a lot of things people want to do there. Some of the famous activities to do in Mauritius could be Mauritius South West Tour, visiting the Ile Aux Cerfs island, Snorkeling in the Blue Bay National park and a lot more.

Mauritius road trip

But, A scenic drive along the Northern coastal beaches of Mauritius is something that people either ignore or it has not gained as much hype as it should have gained. I was left amazed by this tour that I decided to write a blog on it.

Sugarcane fields, winding road, scenic drive along with highway running parallel to the seashore, roads filled with the flowers on either side, hills, turquoise water, lonely beaches, winding roads are some amazement to name a few.

Coastal road mauritius

I am going to begin with the places in the West of the Mauritius because that’s the region where most of the tourists start their Mauritian journey. Gradually, the list of places shifts towards the Eastern Coast of the country. Here is a map list of Beaches & Places to See Along Mauritius Coastal Road (North) 

Places and beaches to see along the northern coastal road in Mauritius

Pointe Aux Biches

Here I start my written journey from the Pointe Aux Biches. The area around Pointe Aux Biches has been developed recently. These beaches are still not so popular because there are not so many hotels or settlements around. Another reason could be that these beaches are combed with rocks.


This lonely beach is a perfect place to park your vehicle and listen to the silence being disturbed by the wind and waves. If you have been to such silent beach before it would surely kick back your memories to hunt a beautiful past and remind you of that. To me, It reminded the beaches in Gokarna.

Trou Aux Biches

Trou Aux Biches needs no introduction. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the west coast of Mauritius where most of the people throng. Due to its nature of tourism, this natural beach is parched with a modern & lavish life of the famous Beachcomber golf resort along with the beauty of this beach. This beach is very long and a walk never ends. Take a stroll on this beach to relish different facets of life.

Trou Aux Biches beach

On my first day of evening walk on this beach, I saw romantic dinner sets being set on the beach; A grandfather and a grandson looking for something under the rocks; sun setting on the horizon; boats sailing slowly with the wind; couples walking hand in hand; Sunset parasailing in progress and a lot more. This explanation should be enough to turn on the vivid imagination about this beach.

Trou Aux Biches

Mont Choisy Beach

Next to Trou Aux Biches lies the Mont Choisy Beach. By the way, there are a lot of good hotels that lie in between these beaches. One of them is Coral Azure hotel and here my Coral Azur hotel review.

This half moon shaped beach never ends. This famous beach is more popular with the locals. I saw a lot of local families having a weekend picnic on the beach. A small group of friends in a small get-together with wine and music. A father playing with a son on the beach. While some local kids playing football on the beach.

Mont Choisy Beach

This beach is also famous among the Hindu families living in the Mauritius. If you are lucky, you might a Hindu gathering performing some ritual on the beach. There are also beachside chairs. Mostly you would see old friends and couples sitting here.

Grand Baie Public Beach

Grand Bay Beach

The journey from Mont Choisy to Grand Bay mostly passes through the town area. If you are a fan of boats, catamaran, and speedboats, then this place is for you. Though the water at the beach is not bathable you can still see a lot of boats commuting throughout the day just like a small busy harbor.

PereyBere Beach

Pereybere beach, Mauritius

Not so far from Grand Bay public beach, Pereybere beach is the nearest and easiest escape for the people who live near Grand Bay and want to enjoy a serene beach. On a sunny day, this beach is just a paradise.

Cap Malheureux

I would say the real coastal road drive begins after the Pereybere beach as you head east from the western Mauritius. If you are a photography fan or if you love pure Nature, Cap Malheureux can be another ideal location for you. Isolated and not so crowded, though looking like a photography spot, you can easily spend an hour or two just watching the waves come and go by.

Cap Malheureux beach

There is also another very famous church on the beach called Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice de Cap Malheureux. This church is famous for its red roof. From here, you also get a nice view of the big rock also called “Gunner’s Quoin”.

Poudre d’Or Fishing Reserve

Poudre d'Or Fishing Reserve

This fishing reserve is located far into the sea almost 1-2 Km. But you can still see the Fishing reserve from the North Coastal roads. The fishing reserve is a Net house inside the sea in where small fishes are nurtured for a year or two before they are taken out of the sea. This is very interesting to see.

Bras d’Eau Public Beach

Bras d'Eau Public Beach

I am not sure if many people have heard of this beach. Though there is not much to see on this beach. But just park the car and stand there for five minutes. This beach offers one of the best views of the mangroves and backwaters along with sea.

Bras d'Eau Mangroves

Palmar beach

As you head more east, the lonelier it gets. Beaches get more isolated; the weather gets windier; human count also decreased. I think the beauty of the Eastern beaches starts from the Palmar beach.

North Mauritius road tour

Palmar beach is like a secret heaven – long-running lonely beaches with thousands of shades of water shining under the sun. This lonely beach is never ending as you keep driving further. There are two beaches nearby – old beach and Palmar new beach. This beach, unlike any other beach, has no beginning or an end.

Palmar beach

On these beaches, you can people cars parked on the road and people just having a quiet time as if they have come here to talk with the sea. On holidays, you would often see families busy in celebrating picnic.

Trou De Douce Beach

Trou De Douce beach, Mauritius

Trou De Douce beach is even lonelier than Palmar beach. This beach stretches for hundreds of meters or almost a mile or two. Trust me, you will hardly find anyone on the beach. Parched with beach-front hotels, this beach is as lonely as the whisper of the winds. I walked on the beach for almost an hours and the only living thing that I met was a stray dog.

A stray puppy on Trou De Douce Beach

The beaches have a lot of life. You see a lot of things brought on the beach by sea waves. The waves are mightier; the weather is windier. Beaches are also more interesting because of things that are brought from the sea. I saw a lot of things lying on the beach which I could not have seen otherwise.

sea grapes

sea grapes

sea weed


Pointe Du Diable

Pointe Du diable is the battleground where English and French people fought. You can still see the cast iron cannon at this place. The view is nice from here.

Pointe Du Diable

Dutch first Landing

Dutch first landing a location where the Dutch people landed first on the island of Mauritius. You can still see the 19th-century houses that were built by the Dutch people here.


I would see in terms of curiosity, the drive just before entering the town of Mahebourg is the best drive. The coastal road runs almost parallel to the shore. In the far, you can see the old Mahebourg lighthouse standing in the middle of the sea. As the car inches closer, the curiosity keeps on multiplying.

Coastal road of North Mauritius - Mahebourg in the background

Mahebourg in the background

Mahebourg light house

Mahebourg lighthouse

Mahebourg is one of the oldest towns of Mauritius. You will see a lot of Hindus in Mahebourg. The look and feel of old Mauritius are still preserved in this town. There is a lot to see in Mahebourg. There is a promenade area where a lot of people would be sitting and enjoying the view. This promenade reminded me of the Pondicherry beaches in India.

Mahebourg view point

There is a mountain in the background. You can see a lot of people practicing windsurfing on the sea. Ask me not and look at their speed. They just fly on the surface of the waves like a shooting star.

Wind surfing

Blue Bay Beach

Blue Bay has the real deal for you. If you have a penchant for the marine life, just take a glass bottom boat tour and get lost in the world of the corals and reef. Even more, you can do snorkeling and see the marine life in a different way. Blue Bay beach is a part of the blue bay marine park which is a protected area.

Blue Bay Beach

Ask the boat guy to take you nearer to the big waves. The big waves get broken by the corals and reefs before entering the bay area. The waves are as high as 20 feet.

Blue Bay Snorkeling

Blue Bay Snorkeling

Pointe Jerome

Pointe Jerome is an embarkation point from where you can board a boat to the Ile Aux Aigrettes. From the embarkation point, you get a view of the Ile Aux Aigrettes island. This island is another protected island. Though there is not much to see the view is another thing which you cannot afford to lose.

Ile Aux Aigrettes island view from Pointe Jerome

Ile Aux Aigrettes island view from Pointe Jerome

Ile Aux Cerfs

Ile Aux Cerfs is one of the coveted islands in the Mauritius where everyone wants to go and you should also go. The Ile Aux Cerfs island is a little heaven in its own.

Ile Aux Cerfs Beach

The journey to Ile Aux Cerfs starts from Trou De Douce by a speedboat. The speedboat literally flies on the water. If the waves are rough then you can also feel the jerk. Still, that is fun. Later, the speedboat enters a lagoon and there, speedboats are not allowed to drive in speed.

salt water lagoons and mangroves near Ile Aux Cerfs

Saltwater lagoon

The lagoon reminded me of the Sundarbans full of mangrove trees. Once the lagoon the crossed, the speedboat catches the speed again until you reach the island. The island looks more like Atlantis – a secret place where speedboat drops off the tourists.

A boat parked at Ile Aux Cerfs

You can see a small creek originating from the sea and joining the lagoon feeding the sea water. During low tide, you can walk across the creek which is around 100 meters. During high tide, usually in the afternoon, the creek gets filled with the water. It seems as if the creek is sucking some color from the sea water and feeding into the main lagoon. The dry creek becomes a natural swimming pool filled with water up to three to four feet.

Ile Aux Cerfs Creek

Later, you will be taken to the Ilot Mangenie island for the barbecue just like you have on a regular Catamaran cruise in Mauritius. The journey from Ile Aux Cerfs to this island is completely through Mangroves but you would love it.

Speed boat through the mangroves to Ilot Mangenie island

Speed boat through the mangroves to Ilot Mangenie island

GRSE Waterfalls

GRSE waterfalls stand for the Great River South East Waterfalls. This is one of the biggest sweet water waterfalls in the Mauritius. GRSE waterfalls trip is usually included in the Ile Aux Cerfs trip. From the Ile Aux Cerfs when you head ahead towards the waterfalls, you can literally see the changing color of the sea from dark blue to the muddy red color of the waterfalls.

The speedboat takes you almost under the falls which are as close as possible. On both sides of the river, there are trees and while the boat runs in the valley on the water. The view is nice.

GRSE waterfalls mangroves

The journey beyond GRSE waterfalls is full of amazement if you are going towards the airport. We saw autumn coming on the mountains, then sugarcane plantation on the hills. This side of the sea is murky but it gives more seafood than any other part of the Mauritius. GRSE waterfalls look almost like Hogenakkal falls near Bangalore.

Mauritius road trip near GRSE waterfalls

Autumn in Mauritius

Our driver told us that during the construction people took out a lot of sand from the sea to build their house. Now, the government has imposed a ban on the digging out the sand from the sea now.

I hope you enjoyed the list of the Beaches & Places to See Along Mauritius Coastal Road (North). If you think this list helped you somehow or even if I missed some pointers, please feel free to comment below. Read the complete Mauritius Travel Guide here.

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