Air Mauritius flight cancelled? Know facilities you are entitled to at Holiday Inn

If a flight gets canceled due to any problem, most of the passengers are made to stay at Holiday Inn- a five-star hotel located near the SSR international airport, Mauritius. If you are in doubt when your flight gets canceled and what facilities that you are entitled to, this is the guide for you.

Mostly due to technical faults or bad weather, Air India/ Air Mauritius flight gets canceled. I was also stranded once in Mauritius when my flight to Delhi from Mauritius was canceled due to the technical faults. To make the condition worse, I got no SMS or Emails stating that my flight was canceled.

That was not because of the Airline’s negligence but that was because of my own negligence. While booking the ticket, I had not given my phone number or email ID for contact so I did not get any update when my flight was booked.

Air Mauritius flight cancelled

When my Air Mauritius Flight Got Cancelled

When I reached the airport, I saw that my flight was canceled. The very next moment, I headed to the Air Mauritius counter (Air Mauritius is the sister company to Air India in Mauritius). I stated them my problem. They asked for my ticket and in return, they gave me the next day ticket. Then I was asked to wait for the further procedure which would help me getting lodging and food.

Since my flight was around 9:15 PM. I had to wait until 6.15 PM (3 hours before the departure time) for the customer care counter to open. Customer care counter is on the B terminal at the last in the corner beside the heavy goods check-in area. If I remember correctly that’s counter number 24.

At 18.15, a lady came and sat at the counter. If you still do not know the counter ask some Airport staff. The airport staff at Mauritius are really helpful. I went to the counter. She asked me to show passport and old ticket. She matched the details.

Stay at Holiday Inn, Mauritius:

I was informed that I will be given a stay in the hotel called Holiday Inn which was just 10 minutes away from the Airport. Still, there was a doubt in the mind about the facilities that I was entitled to. Here is a guide for you. Just for information – All the expense is born by Air Mauritius.

Holiday Inn Mauritius

To & from the airport, there is a free pick up and drop shuttle service for the Holiday Inn guests. The customer care lady calls the hotel after finding out the number of stranded passengers. The hotel sends the shuttle to pick up the passengers. This process takes around 45 minutes because the customer care lady has to make sure that she can send most of the passengers in the shuttle at a time. Once the shuttle comes you are transferred to the hotel.

At the reception, you will be assigned a room and also briefed about the facilities that you can use. The free services that you are entitled to use are:

  • Buffet dinner along with a soft drink (Hard drinks not included)
  • Next day breakfast
  • Buffet lunch
  • Any other complimentary services such as boathouse tour.

Now coming to the room – Usually, you will see that the most of the hotels have check out at 11 or 12 in the morning but this was not the case with the Holiday Inn. Since my next flight was at the same time in the evening i.e. 9.15 PM, I was allowed to stay in my room until 6.30 PM.

There was a shuttle for the passengers again to the airport at 7 PM in the evening. Everyone had to come to the reception area 5 minutes before the shuttle leaves i.e. at 6.55 PM.

Buffet dinner at Holiday Inn:

During my Mauritius tour, I had stayed at two different hotels before too. One was Coral Azure hotel near Mont Choisy in the West and another one was Tropical Attitude hotel in Trou d’Douce in the East. Read the Coral Azur Review and Tropical Attitude Review.

I had the chance to taste the buffet dinner at those hotels also. But the buffet dinner at those two hotels was far superior to dinner at Holiday Inn. One thing I liked the most was the Pasta in white sauce.

Since Holiday Inn was a five-star hotel, I was expecting more in the dinner when compared to the hotels mentioned earlier those were only 3 & 4 stars. Anyway, for the dinner, you can have as much buffet food as you can want. Along with the dinner, you are allowed to take any soft drinks which can be one of the juices or tea or soft drinks such as Fanta or cola.

But the bar at the Holiday Inn was really nice. It was something which caught my attention. Maybe because Holiday Inn was more like a corporate hotel that a luxury hotel. During the dinner, I also bought beer and some hard drinks. The charges have to be paid then and there only.

Although I felt the charges were quite affordable. For example, the beer cost around 140 MUR and water around 90 MUR. I found the pricing reasonable looking at the standard of the hotel.

There is nothing much to see around the hotel and also the room is compact just like a corporate hotel. Every time, you go for a meal, you will have to tell your room number. So, that the manager can keep a track of it. If you order something extra, you will have to pay for it. In that case, you can also ask the waiter if you are supposed to pay for what you are ordering or that’s already included.

One facility which I liked the most was the visit to the boathouse. Since the hotel is situated far from the beach, they have a boathouse for the tourists. The boathouse for other hotels as well would usually be located beside a beach.

Holiday Inn Boat House beach Mauritius

Holiday Inn boathouse is located almost 15 minutes from the hotel beside the Blue bay beach. That’ another advantage. The boathouse is mostly like a villa where you can relax and drink. But the beach in front of the beach house is rocky, not fit for swimming or taking bath.

However, you have another beautiful option. The blue bay beach is another 5 minutes walk along the beach from the beach house. There is a very nice beach on the blue bay. You can relax and swim as well. On top of it, boats also organize glass bottom boat tours along with snorkeling trip in the blue bay marine park.

You can take the awesome glass bottom boat tour along with snorkeling. If you are not aware then Blue Bay is the name of a national marine park which is preserved for corals and reefs. The total time you get at the beach house is around 3-4 hours which is sufficient to enjoy there.

Next day, I had taken a tour of the beach house. By the time, we returned it was already 2รณ clock. Just make sure that you do not miss your lunch for the beach house tour. Just after the breakfast, we had taken the shuttle to the beach house and just before the lunch, we had taken the shuttle back to the hotel so that we do not miss the lunch.

After the lunch, we relaxed before leaving for the airport. Sometimes, missing a flight could also be awesome things to experience.

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