Yelagiri road Trip From Bangalore

Yelagiri is a hill station in Tamil Nadu, situated 160 Kms from Bangalore and 230 Kms from Chennai. Yelagiri is still not so famous hill station in South India.

About Yelagiri:

Yelagiri is situated at a height of 3643 feet above the mean sea level. It has recently become a famous place for the road trip from Bangalore and road trip from Chennai. The most interesting part about the Yelagiri road trip from Bangalore or Chennai is that most of the road drives are on Highways and you can really drive at a nice pace on the highway unlike the road trips in the Western Ghats from Bangalore.

Yelagiri road trip from Bangalore:

Reaching Yelagiri from Bangalore takes around 4 hours from Bangalore. You drive almost 125 Kms along the highway (Bangalore to Krishnagiri and then from Krishnagiri, on Chennai highway).

En route Yelagiri from Krishnagiri

Once you leave the Chennai highway, the road is in good condition thereafter as well. The final stretch is around 15 Kms of driving up the hill through 14 hairpin bends.

Yelagiri road trip from Chennai:

Yelagiri is around 250 Kms from Chennai and it takes around 6 hours to reach Yelagiri from Chennai.
For the road trip to Yelagiri, try to start in the night from Chennai or Bangalore, so that you can enjoy the sunrise.

Other attraction from Yelagiri trip:

Since the Yelagiri road trip that I have done is from Bangalore. So I would write about the attractions en route Yelagiri from Bangalore.


You can take a break in Krishnagiri and take a visit to the Krishnagiri dam. Also, in summer, Krishnagiri hosts Mango festival so you caan taste and buy a variety of mango at Krishnagiri.

View of Vaniyamvadi town en route Yelagiri:

While driving up to the Yelagiri, you get to see an awesome view of the Vaniyamvadi town. The road to the top is not so crowded even on the weekends, so you can stop on the side and have a nice view.

View of Vaniyamvadi from Yelagiri

Places to see in Yelagiri:

Yelagiri Lake park

Though an artificial lake, Yelagiri lake is one of the most popular places to see in Yelagiri. You can also do boating there. Or, you can just relax sitting on the benches on the side. It is advisable that you see the places around before 11 AM because Yelagiri turns hot after that.

Yelagiri lake

Jalagamparai Waterfalls

Jalagamparai waterfalls is situated on the opposite or the other side of the hill. Walk to Jalagamparai waterfalls could be a good option. Jalagamparai falls is around 5 Km from Yelagiri town downhill. So while returning you will have to climb back.

On the Google maps, you can also see a road leading to Jalagamparai falls from Yelagiri but this route is often closed.

Swami Malai Hills

Trekking to Swami Malai hills is a nice and easy option for people are like to hike or trek. It is a total of 6 Km of a trek (3 Km up + 3 Km down).

Swami Malai trek starts from a village named Mangalam which is on the other side of the Yelagiri hills. There is a small temple in the village where you can park your vehicle.

Telescope observatory

The telescope observatory in Yelagiri is closed now.

Yelagiri sunrise

Flower show:

Flower show happen around the first or second week of June almost every year in Yelagiri. If you are planning to go on the nearby dates, forget not to enjoy the flower show.

Paragliding in Yelagiri:

Paragliding in Yelagiri has now been closed.

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