Waterfalls in & Around Dehradun & Mussoorie

Waterfalls Around Dehradun & Mussoorie – Complete travel guide of waterfalls around Mussoorie & Dehradun. How to reach, Boating, Entry fee, the best time to visit & distance from Dehradun & Mussoorie.

There is nothing better than spending your quality time with your friends and family. So let’s choose the best waterfalls around Mussoorie for you and your family around Mussoorie & Dehradun.

Mussoorie lake

Mussoorie lake distance from Dehradun: 27 Km
Mussoorie lake distance from Mussoorie: 6 Km

I was on my way to Mussoorie with my brother Anand and his friends. After hunting Dehradun full day, we thought of taking a better look out of the city we hunted. Hence Mussoorie lake came on our radar.

Mussoorie lake, an artificial lake, is very much famous among the family and friends. Boating and para jumping are two things which most people stop on their Mussoorie or way back to Dehradun but what pulls the maximum crowd is the scenic beauty of doon valley from the foothills.

This artificial yet fascinating lake is always crowded but monsoon and this place combine to give you a serene experience of your lifetime. So monsoons are the best season to fall in love with this place.


How to reach Mussoorie lake from Dehradun or Mussoorie :

Located on the main highway of Dehradun -Mussoorie road. You can take a bus or taxi from the railway station in Dehradun or from Mussoorie bus stop. Both drop you at the entrance of the gate.

Mussoorie lake entry fee: 75-100 (changes according to the peak seasons)

Kempty Fall, Mussoorie

“oh damn!! It’s so cold in here man” said Dipesh. He just had his legs inside the water for 5 seconds. And trust me he was not wrong!! It was the coldest water I have ever been into.

Kempty falls distance from Mussoorie: 15 Km
Kempty falls distance from Dehradun: 50 Km

It was yet another trip for my friends but it’s always first for me. The mountains with the green cover all around, water fall, water dripping from all corners of the mountain,believe me, Kempty Fall has it all that would take your breath away.

I still remember the first dip in the water and imagined myself in a freezer. Having hot Tea and biscuit, shivering with cold and chatting with my friends. I would say you just be there and be me.

How to reach Kempty falls from Mussoorie & Dehradun:

You have the bus or hire a taxi from Dehradun railway station. But I would suggest you to have a two wheeler of your own or take it on rent as the ride you will take will be the ride of your life.

Bhatta Falls, Mussoorie

It was my friend’s birthday and we had decided to make the best of it as it way our reunion after a year. The destination was Bhatta Falls. Bhatta Fall is near Mussoorie located in Bhatta village. The water fall is very much famous among the locals and the tourist.

You take a dip inside, play with your friends, make maggie around it and then have it inside the water. Yeah, this is what I call fun and a day well spent. The best part of this place is that you will feel happy and fresh, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the water fall is still untouched by the urbanization.

Bhatta fall distance from Mussoorie: 10 Km
Bhatta fall distance from Dehradun: 27 Km

How to reach Bhatta falls from Mussoorie /Dehradun:

You take a bus or taxi which drop you on the main road and 2 km away from the waterfall and you reach by walking.
Scooty or bike are more suitable and suggested vehicle for the journey.

Jhari Pani, Mussoorie

I still remember it was Sunday morning, raining a bit and i had decided for a trek along with my friends to Jhari Pani which is around 30 km from Dehradun.

Jhari Pani is still a mystery to many people and unknown to local people, the water fall has one of the best locations in Uttarakhand. It is 6 km away from Mussoorie and 2 km away from the main road.

As i reached there everything was so beautiful and real that i forgot that I had just walked for around 30 km. Yeah, it was worth walking. The water fall is in the middle of the forest surrounded by mountains from all side, hardly you see sunlight there.


Far from busy and running life, such places give back your own self. You only hear the sound of water falling. I was sitting on the rock and my legs were in the water. It was so soothing and relaxing that I sat like that for hours. This place has nothing but you,water and mountains. Three of us makes the best company.

How to reach Jhari Pani from Dehradun /Mussoorie:

Jhari Pani distance from Dehradun: 26 Km
Jhari Pani distance from Mussoorie: 7 Km

Jhari Pani can only be reached by taxi or your private vehicles. And then you have to walk for at least 2 km inside the forest from the main road.

Sahastradhara waterfalls, Dehradun:

Sahastradhara waterfalls are one among of the beautiful waterfalls in Dehradun. It is very much popular among the localities and the tourists visiting Dehradun. Sahastradhara waterfalls are also known as the Sulpher Springs because of the warm water. The ecstatic beauty of caves, waterfalls and steppe farming by localities thrive the tourists visiting the place.

Sahastradhara ropeway:

A Ropeway is arranged near Sahastradhara waterfalls for the tourists to reach to top the hill where we have a beautiful and exotic garden and Shiva temple.

Sahastradhara ropeway charge: 120 -180/- (depends on the season).

How to reach Sahastradhara waterfalls, Dehradun?Railway station :- 15 km (approx 50 mins)

Railway station :- 15 km (approx 50 mins)
Airport :- 40 km (approx 120 mins)
Ghanta Ghar :- 14 km (approx 40 mins)

Note – local buses, taxis, autos, and cars are available which takes you directly to the Sahastradhara.

Robber’s cave (Guchhu Pani):

Robber's cave Dehradun

Robber’s cave which is commonly known as Guchhu Pani, is a natural river cave formation which is very much popular among the localities and tourist during the summers. Situated away from the hassle of the city in a remote village. The river cave formation is almost 2-2.5 km long. Nature’s beauty at its best and you along with your loved ones makes the perfect combination.

How to reach Gucchu Pani?

Railway station :- 10 km ( approx 30 minutes)
Airport :- 35 km (approx 70 minutes)
Ghanta ghar :- 8.3 km (approx 20 minutes)

Note :- all local buses, taxis and cars can reach up to the village – Anarwala. From there it is 1.5 km trek away.

Guchu Pani Charges

Rs.25/- per person for entry
Rs.10/- per pair of a slipper

Shikhar falls, Dehradun

A major tourist attraction, more famous with the adventurers and trekkers. Far away from the main city, a perfect picnic spot for families. A waterfall for refreshing bath surrounded by hills and dense forest from all the side. It is more famous spot among the youngsters.

How to reach Shikhar falls, Dehradun?

All major public transport is available, bus, taxis, autos and cars which take you up to ‘ SANSUI AASHRAM, RAJPUR ‘. After that 2 km trek to shikhar falls.

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