Top 5 Tea Estates (Gardens) in India to Visit

Tea may be known by various names like chai, cha etc but it is widely known as the second most consumed drink next to water. Life without this drink is unimaginable for tea lovers. Yet, what makes some kind more special than others? A lot depends on where the plant is grown, and the season it is harvested in. India is famous for its Assam and Darjeeling teas which are of world-class quality and here we will list the top 5 gardens in India that produce the best tea.

Halmari Tea Estate

Located in the fertile plains of Moran Belts of Upper Assam, this estate belongs to the Daga family. Here the lush green estate sprawls across 534 hectares of land. Halmari is one of the top most ranked gardens of Assam. Recently Halmari has been in news for creating a new World Price Record of ?700/kg for its CTC grade at the Calcutta auction. A connoisseur’s favourite, this estate has been ranked by Harrods as one of the top 9 tea estates in the world. It is also a consistent winner at Global Tea Championships. With a legacy of more than 100 years, Halmari has been managed by the Daga household since 1913.

Top 5 Tea Estates (Gardens) in India to Visit

Kanan Devan Estate

Located in the Idukki district, Kerala this estate was given as lease to John Daniel Munroe during 1877 for tea & coffee plantation and today this estate is been known for its manicured gardens and unique biodiversity. The country’s first Tea Museum is also located here which showcases the rudimentary roller to the advanced fully automated factory at Madupatty.

Nilgiri Plantations

Known for its uniquely dark and strongly aromatic drink, the Nilgiri plantation is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Tea has been grown in these areas for more than 100 years and is one of the most common industry. Unlike Assam and Darjeeling where the plant grows but seasonally, here in the Nilgiri’s, the plant grows throughout the year. As mentioned earlier, the chai produced in this area offers a distinct and fine look.

Happy Valley Estate

This is the oldest tea estate in Darjeeling and was established in 1854. Located 3 kms north of Darjeeling, Happy Valley plantation spreads across 437 acres and is situated 6,800 feet above sea level and the plantation deputes more than 1500 people. David Wilson, an English man established the estate in 1854 is the original owner of the plantation.

Jorhat Tea Bungalows

This estate is situated in the largest tea producing region in India; the remotest parts of North-East India, Assam. Plants grown in the Brahmaputra Valley is known for its bright colour and this garden is located in the central part of the valley and Jorhat is known as the nerve centre of the chai industry. Tea from one of these highly awarded and prestigious estates is bound to leave you spellbound and wanting more.

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  1. Nik

    The places look amazing, will definitely try to visit whenever I am in India next time. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Manjulika Pramod

    If you ask anyone about the tea garden, The answer you’ll found will be Assam. Many peoples normally don’t know about other tea estates. This is a piece of perfect information for various tea estates around India. I’ll love to visit Happy Valley Estate once. Thanks for sharing this information.

  3. Karan Grewal

    Hi Trekkerp,
    I am really delighted to read your post. I am working in Norwood Green hotel as a manager. To me, travel is about experiencing, meeting with people along the way. Thanks for sharing “Tea Estates Gardens in India” post, Palampur tea garden is also a wonderful garden surrounded by mountains.

  4. Vivek Pathak

    That’s a great list of Indian tea Estates(garden) . Assam, Kerla, Darjeeling and Tamilnadu are even more beautiful places during all season for tourists.This list is very helpful in finding India’s best tea estates. We are planning to travel all these places.


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