Best Road Trips from Bangalore

Here is a list of the road trips from Bangalore within many ranges such as within 100 Kms, within 200 Km, within 300 Km and even 400 Km.

Galibore fishing camp & Bheemeshwari from BangaloreBheemeshwari

  • Spend the day along the river Kaveri with your valentine
  • Do Bird-watching and Photography
  • Go for rafting and fishing
  • Drive through the lush green reserve forests to Bheemeshwari
  • Take Coracle ride and do small trekking
  • 110 Kms from Bangalore

Dubare Elephant Camprafting in Kaveri at Dubare

  • Cross river Kaveri to see the elephant training camp
  • Do white water rafting
  • Couple’s stay in the coffee plantation
  • 250 Kms from Bangalore
  • Spend a day in nature with your loved on this Valentine
  • Cover other places around like Golden Temple, Bylakuppe, Nisargadhama etc.

Bandipur National Park

Bandipur highway view

  • Romantic drive through the reserve forest and even to Mudumalai National Park.
  • the couple stay in the jungle lodges and feel like belonging a part of the amidst wildlife.
  • Go for wildlife safari
  • Do a lot of lover’s photography
  • 220 Kms from Bangalore

Mekedatu fallsmekedatu falls from Bangalore

  • Magnificent view of falls and gorges
  • crossing river Kaveri and you can take a dip also
  • last part drive through reserve forest
  • perfect place for photography
  • 100 km from Bangalore

Chunchi Falls

Chunchi falls

  • You have to walk little offbeat
  • very high waterfall and gushing waters
  • Near by famous temple of Lord Vishnu
  • Still not known to many people
  • Take dip in the wild, no one cares
  • 100 km from Bangalore

Bilikal Rangaswamy bettaBilakal forest from rangaswamy betta peak

  • Scenic drive to the top
  • Driving through complete wilderness to the top
  • Panoramic view from the top
  • Cool vegetation at the top
  • 70 km from Bangalore

Savanadurga & Manchanbele damfrom savanadurga to manchanbele dam

  • From Savanadurga to Manchanbele, the ride is through reserve forest
  • magnificent view of the Manchanbele dam
  • Bird watching on the dam
  • Nice sunset and sunrise point
  • 70 Kms from Bangalore

Nandi HillsOn the way to Nandi Hills

  • Full highway drive from Bangalore
  • Last one hour drive through the total hilly road
  • cloud formation in the morning
  • Sunrise point
  • Grape vines on the way
  • Park and florals at the top
  • 70 Kms from Bangalore

Ramadevara BettaRamadevara hill temple

  • Drive along Mysore highway and then through reserve forest
  • Nice panoramic view from the top
  • peaceful and serene place
  • 60 Kms from Bangalore

DevrayanadurgaDevarayanadurga temple and Mantapa in the right as seen while approaching

  • Nice drive through complete reserve forest to the temple
  • Nice view from the top
  • 360 degree view from the top
  • Many places on the way
  • Other places to cover near by: Nammada Chillume (A deer park)
  • 70 Kms from Bangalore

Bylakuppe Golden TempleMonastery at the golden temple

  • A complete different Buddhist culture at this small city
  • Drive along highway
  • A lot of places to see
  • Paintings and Monasteries
  • Good place to explore Buddhist culture
  • 200 Kms from Bangalore

Hogenakkal Road Trip From Bangaloretrekking places and trips around chennai (2)

  • Fresh fish fries
  • Coracle ride
  • Magnificent view during/ after monsoon
  • Photography location
  • drive through ruralSouthh India
  • 150 km from Bangalore

Madhugiri Road trip from Bangalore

Madhugiri fort top view

Madhugiri fort top view

  • A lot of rural visit area
  • A lot of small hills and treks
  • A lot of temples and all
  • A lot of small treks like Shiv Gange, Siddarra Betta, Madhu giri fort trek etc.
  • 125 Kms from Bangalore

Nandi Hills road trip from BangaloreOn the way to Nandi Hills

  • Nandi Hills is one of the most favorite spots which makes road trips from Bangalore. You can think Nandi hills as Lonavala for Mumbai and Pune people
  • There are a lot of places to see on the top of Fort, origin points of the river like Arkavathi, ponds etc
  • There is also a resort at the top
  • People mostly drive to Nandi hills on weekends and it is usually very crowded on the weekends in the morning because people go there to watch the sunrise.
  • Be aware of the opening and entrance timing of the Nandi hills.
  • You can also trek to the Nandi Hills

Nice Road Road TripNice office, Nice road

  • The Nice Road trip is famous for restaurants along the Nice road on the way to Mysore from Bangalore.
  • There are also a lot of places to see like Innovative film city, Wonder la etc.

Ooty Road Trip from Bangalore

Tea gardens, Ooty

Munnar Tea Gardens

  • Ooty road trip is a scenic drive which covers Nice Road, Bandipur National Park and then Hairpin drive to Ooty after you cross the Mudumalai National Park.
  • While entering Ooty, you can also see a lot of viewpoints along with tea estates and pine forests.

Yercaud Road Trip From Bangalore

Yercaud hills just before the sunrise

Yercaud hills just before the sunrise

  • Yercaud Road trip mostly drives along with Salem highway. That means you have a scenic highway drive from Bangalore crossing Hosur, Krishnagiri, and Dharmapuri until Selam.
  • From Selam, there is a nice drive up the hill to Yercaud which hairpin bends.
  • There are also multiple viewpoints along the way. So, if you are planning to leave from Bangalore leave around midnight and reach very early morning so that you can watch the sunrise.
  • There is also a lake and a waterfall that can be covered there. Also, this place is not much crowded.

Wayanad Road Trip from Bangalore

Wayanad Motobiking from Bangalore

Wayanad Motorbiking from Bangalore

  • Road trip to Wayanad is also very beautiful in its last part. From Mysore towards, Wayanad the road condition is good.
  • You also get to cross the Muthunga National Park.
  • Once you reach Wayanad, there are a lot of places to cover and see around. It feels good to drive in the Hilly region.

Yelagiri Road Trip from Bangalore

View of Vaniyamvadi from Yelagiri

  • Yelagiri has recently got into the list of Road Trip around Bangalore.
  • If you start early, while driving up to the Yelagiri, you can also see the sleepy view of the Vaniyamvadi town in the early morning.
  • Yelagiri is also very famous among the bikers from Bangalore.
  • There is also a lake at the top along with a garden. There you can enjoy.
  • They also sell fruits and honey directly from the forest. You must taste that too.

Hampi Road Trip from Bangalore

Tunnel after Hospet before Hampi

  • Hampi needs no explanation if you want to travel there. The road condition is good until Chitradurga but beyond that, you might have to drive slow.
  • There are windmills and a tunnel on the way along with bare mountains and beautiful big lakes on the way.
  • Start early from Bangalore so that you can reach Hampi in the early morning.
  • Forget not to cover so many things in Hampi and immerse yourself in the glory of Vijayanagaram.
  • Also, take bath in the river there.

BR hill road trip from Bangalore


  • If you want to enjoy loneliness and go up to the peak of the hill via a reserve forest, BR Hills drive would be the perfect for you.
  • This place is not much crowded and the main advantage is that from this place, you can also cover the famous ShivaSamudram falls.

Kanva Dam from Bangalore

Kanva dam at the sunset

  • If you want to travel a short distance from Bangalore and enjoy an evening, Kanva dam drive would be a perfect for you.
  • Kanva dam is famous for sunset. You can drive there by your car. Watch the sunset and then have dinner along with NICE road while returning.

ShivaSamudram falls from Bangalore


Gaganachukki falls

  • Gaganchukki falls and Barachukki falls make Shivasamudram falls.
  • These falls are a feast for the eyes if you are going there during or after monsoon season.
  • You can also take bath in the river Kaveri not at the fall but before that. Refer the blog for the same.

South Goa trip from Bangalore

Russian girl Relaxing on Goan beach in winter

  • If you want to know about the real Goan culture and things to see in South Goa, this guide is for you.
  • It is a very long and interesting guide about Goa. If you are just planning to do something more than drinking beer then please refer the guide

Jog Fall Road Trip From Bangalore

Jog falls from bottom

  • Jog Falls is famous for being one of the highest and magnificent waterfalls in India.
  • If you were going there, you can also cover a lot of other places like Gokarna, Yana, Mirjan fort and even Sahastrlinga
  • The last part of the drive is very bad until you hit the Gokarna highway. Click on the link above to know more everything in details.

Shravanabelagola from Bangalore

temple entrance, shravanabelagola

  • Shravanabelagola is famous for being the religious pilgrimage for the Jains
  • If you want to see something really magnificent, go at this place and watch the Gomateshware statue, climb up the hill and see the city from there.

Gokarna Road trip from Bangalore

Gokarna Beaches

Gokarna Beaches

  • Gokarna is famous for its serene beaches and beer
  • Apart from that, it is also famous for beach trek especially during the full moon night.

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