St. Thomas Mount Church, Chennai Travel Guide

St. Thomas Mount is a small church located on a small hillock near Chennai international airport, behind OTA. It is the second most famous church in Chennai after Santhome basilica church in Adyar. More information on St. Thomas Mount church can be found below:

St. thomas mount, parangmilley chennaiSt. Thomas Mount Railway station

Although there are a lot of places to see in Chennai especially along the east coast road. However, within city St. Thomas Mount has earned his different reputation along with being one of the best photography places in Chennai.

How to Reach St. Thomas Mount?

St. Thomas Mount by car:

Just search on Google maps for a driving route to St. Thomas mount and Google maps will show you the road. There is a road which drives up to the top of the hill and using Auto or by car, one can reach to the top easily. 

St. Thomas Mount by Public transport:

Nearest Railway station: St. Thomas Mount and Guindy (2 Kms)

Auto can be hired from these stations (Fair around Rs. 40) for either till the church at the hill-top (Chances are lesser) or to the foothill of the hillock from where the stairs lead to the church. The walk-way is easier to walk and only take 5-10 minutes to reach the top. Most of the Auto-Guys would drop you here. Click here to find the train connectivity and timings

By Bus: Nearest Bus stops are Mount bus stop, Kathipaara, Jyothi theatre & Butt road bus stops. From all these bus stops, foot-hill is at the walking distance.  Click here to find the connectivity of the local bus

St. Thomas Mount Mass Timings: 

Everyday:  06:30, 12:00 & 18:00- all in Tamil

Sunday: 07:00 & 18:00 (in Tamil), 12:00 (in English)

For more details about timings, Telegu & Malayalam mass and other events like blood donation, a meal for poor, marriage and counselling……. click here for the full schedule..

Places to see at the top of st. thomas mount:

  •  St. Thomas Mount Church
  • Small Belltower
  • Cross-pillar
  • Old Banyan tree
  • Statue of Mother Teresa
  • View of Chennai city and the airport

St. thomas mount gate entry Walk-way Entrance with 160 steps to the Church

The walkway has 160 stairs and gives a more scenic view of Chennai and places around as you go up. The stairs are even and not so steep and it should not take more than 5-10 mins to reach to the top. 

Using walk way to St. thomas mount On the way to Church

The Church is almost 500 Years old and it is believed that sailors in the Bay of Bengal prayed to this Church before leaving for a voyage as it is also visible from the Bay of Bengal.

Inside St. thomas mount church Inside the Church

The Central altar is not as magniloquent as other churches but sitting inside the church and far from City life and at the top of the hill, gives different vibes and calmness. 

St. thomas mount cross At the cross

Adjoining and just behind the cross, the bell tower lies in black and white marbles.  

St. thomas mounts Mother Teresa,  Golden pillar, Banyan tree, Bell tower and the Church

The statue of Mother Teresa was added later in recent years. The golden pillar with a cross at the top is just to mark the presence of the church and people can see the golden cross from a distance. The Banyan tree is also believed to be very old behind the church. On a hot summer day of Chennai, people sit there in the shed. 

Panoramic view of Chennai from St. thomas mount


 Panoramic view of Chennai from the mount on a cloudy evening

The St. Thomas Mount hill top offers a 360 degree panoramic view of Chennai city. To the right from the Banyan tree, one can see the Kathipaara junction road crossing and from the entrance of the gate, one can see the awesome view of the Chennai airport too. 

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